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Il del 1969 parte dal centro Kennedy Space Center, in , la missione che porterà l’uomo sulla luna. A bordo del razzo decollano gli astronauti , e raggiungendo poi la Luna, 4 giorni dopo, il .

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Street, Melbourne, 'Paris' End: Collins St Baptist Church, Melbourne, c.1870, via State Library

Hacé click aquí: y conocé todos los beneficios que te ofrecen los nuevos créditos UVA para que puedas llegar a tu Chevrolet 0km de la forma más rápida

GIVEAWAY - Volvo Operator pack on our Facebook page, head over to 'Collins Earthworks ltd Recent Projects' to get involved!

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This week started a job at East Midlands Gateway for we have been given the job of demolishing the redundant bridge that carried the old A50 road

¿Qué tienen en común y el icónico cóctel ? Que ambos han viajado desde Reino Unido a Nueva York y viceversa

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jenmish op story:

HDKSJDK okay first of all they were already forty minutes behind but me n my friend went in and we kept trying to go to the back of the line bc we were so freaking nervous so anyway eventually we got in the room and they take like two ops n all of a sudden the music stops and jensen and misha go talk to the olympic lady who was at the con?? we literally saw them all laughing and talking together for a whole three minutes bc chris had to take a phone call. so then he comes back in and line starts moving again and we get up to the creation worker and show her my friend’s phone so they know what to do and she was like “you know they cant actually leap frog right?” and we just nodded our heads lol. so we get up and jensen is like “so what do you want us to do?” so we try to explain and also they look at the picture and jensen goes “stand here” and points to this place for us to stand and he gets down on the ground and misha FULLY JUMPS OVER THIS MAN!!! and then chris is like “we need to take another one.” so we take another and they do the same sorta thing except this time misha decides to be on the bottom and after that jensen looked misha in the face and starts laughing and says “i almost missed you!” literally the best experience of my life.

LoveHacker Episode 6

Word Count: 2658

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Ben Park, a California-based comic book artist, hunches over the desk in his studio, muttering to himself as he quickly sketches out the first few panels of his new comic: LoveHacker. “Six friends endowed with super abilities face love, laughter, and wild shenanigans all while fighting the good fight and trying to keep the city of San Francisco safe from dangers seen and unseen.”

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Episode 6: All That Glitters 

Horatio sits across from Arielle, eyes closed, and palms spread flat against his crossed legs. Arielle mimics his position, mouth in a tight frown. “Now…even your breathing. Deep inhale, slow exhale…” Horatio demonstrates, and Arielle tries her best. Her restless mind flits from thought to thought, and she frantically tries to reel them all in, lest her abilities get the upper hand. She refuses to let them. Arielle is hardly recognizable from the scrawny, scuffed up teen the League took in over a month ago. With the help of Serena, her hair is completely midnight blue, a short pixie cut that falls into her eyes.

“Your…hair!” Brooke had nearly dropped the bag of groceries in her arms when Serena showed off her handiwork, daring anyone to say anything. “She wanted a change,” Serena jutted her chin at Arielle who’d already felt slightly self-conscious with most of her hair gone. She couldn’t imagine it being any other length now.

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