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Astounding to me how few in the seem to have a spine. needs to step aside. Thank YOU Ms. Navarro for being a true conservative of conscience!! I'm af but it makes me happy to see conservatives that will clap back at this nonsense.

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This self righteous idiot Mike Davis is exactly what Charles Blow - speaking as a survivor of sexual abuse - was talking abt in defense on !

#1 for phone. Please do not vote for your party. VOTE FOR YOUR GENDER! This man will be in politics, affecting law potentially after we ARE DEAD. YOU & ME, is that responsible governing??? vote for YOUR GENDER- bottom line is Kav worry just like Com In Thief

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-CDMX DETUVO A 107 SOSPECHOSOS El titular de la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública de la , Raymundo Flores, informó las actividades realizadas durante este 18 de .

Big Thanks to Finning UK of Chesterfield who have done a refurbishment and respray job on this D9T, the machine is now back out working at East Midlands Gateway for

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Big Thanks to Finning UK of Chesterfield who have done a refurbishment and respray job on this D9T, the machine is now back out working at East Midlands Gateway for

Big Thanks to Finning UK of Chesterfield who have done a refurbishment and respray job on this D9T, the machine is now back out working at East Midlands Gateway for

1919 Michael Collins' Squad was officially established at 46 Rutland Square, . The or "Twelve Apostles" were ' hand-picked, full time, paid assassins. Although they had already been operational for two months &had killed before.

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Rare image of extremely rare disorder, informally known as "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY HANDS."

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Im laughing cause kelios seems to think that the only reason Misha is on the show is cause ages ago Apprently mark and Misha for offered a deal to stay on the show but as guest stars, only so Mark P and Alex Will go on.

When in fact if you check a cast list of any season 13 episode Misha is not counted as a guest star.

If you gonna spread a lie. Make ut so there can be no evidence pricing your lie is a lie

I swear some bibros on Twitter are just wanting to be laughed at😂😂😂


I feel like the left and right are being immature about the death of the 20 year old who was killed by the illegal immigrant and the golfer who was killed by the white guy. Obviously the illegal should have been arrested once they found out he was illegal before he went nuts and killed the woman. Then you have the left screeching because nobody is talking about the white guy that killed the golfer and how there is less complaints because he’s white and yadayadayada. He was in prison and shit and constant trouble. It’s not a race thing.

People should come into the country illegally and when they’re illegal and commit crimes it just causes more problems.

But I don’t think people should be making these issues into a political or feminist issue because it really isn’t any of those. It’s disrespectful (submission).


Matias: Happy Birthday, Bro!
Austin: Thanks, man! You remembered!
Matias: But of course!

Matias had no idea that this wasn’t so obvious to him. After so many years, it was still always surprising that date doesn’t pass by someone unnoticed. Something so simple, so important.

Matias: And are you okay?
Austin: I’m fine… And I enrolled! But, the course only starts in a few months.
Matias: That’s good, dude! You’ll like it.
Austin: We need to do some pictures in the city hall stairs.
Matias: Sure! I went there yesterday and had some ideas. Let me know when you can and I’ll be there.
Austin: Thanks! [pause] Hey, aaah, You saw Amber on Saturday, right?
Matias: Yep. Kai was finishing the chest tattoo. I went with him.
Austin: So… Rafael…
Matias: hmmmm
Austin: He was hitting on her?
Matias: The usual… I left soon. But… she didn’t stay there.
Austin: I know… She told me that you took her back home.
Matias:  Did something happen?
 I think so. I don’t know… It’s all so… weird.
Matias: She said she wasn’t feeling well.
Austin: Yeah. She told me that, too.

What was hard for him to understand was what she meant by that. He wanted to talk to Matias about it, he wanted to have someone to share it with. But the words just didn’t come.
Talking about his feelings was extremely difficult. Matias had patience, many times they spent the night talking to be able to arrive at a difficult subject, such as about his family.

What hurt at that moment was that for the first time he had been able to tell, but he did it with to Amber! Bad decision.
And everything went wrong, he felt that he had gotten into a mess he couldn’t get out of.  Why did it have to be so complicated and at the same time so good to be with her?

He tried to pay attention to what Matias was saying, but she took over his mind.
He remembered now why he was happy to have met Greta when she left him the last time. He had forgotten that feeling of not controlling his heart, his head.
Amber was definitely not good for him.
But… she was exactly what he wanted.

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          As the recording turned on, the view was of Conrad sitting between Connor and Collin on the bed. The omega and epsilon were shirtless, even then it was difficult to tell them apart at first glance.Their warm skin tone, even down to the blemishes and freckles, they appeared almost identical. Conrad had lighter skin, less blemishes and no freckles, he stood out a bit more from the 800’s with even his build. Connor looked a little uncomfortable with his shirt off in front of the camera, Collin just looked like his usual annoyed self at having to put up with Conrad’s demands. The first one to speak was Conrad, his steel gray eyes idly observing Connor and Collin as he seemed all too pleased to talk about them.

          “Upon first inspection, one might think Connor and Collin are identical. However, if you spend as much time as I have with their minds and bodies, you start to see even the smallest of differences.” Conrad lifted a hand up to cup Connor’s jaw, guiding his head to look at the camera, one finger brushing just beneath one of Connor’s eyes. “As you can see with Connor, his eyes are a dark brown color. they look almost black in low light but in the sun you can properly see their beauty, like warm chocolate.” Conrad leaned down to place a kiss over each one of Connor’s closed eyes to show his adoration for them. Connor’s cheeks seemed to warm, but he didn’t pull away as he enjoyed the affection.

          Conrad’s hand left Connor’s jaw, moving to grab Collin’s, who was a little more resistant to Conrad’s guiding touch but eventually turned his gaze to the camera as instructed. “Now, you can see with Collin’s eyes, they’re a light brown in low light, but when the sun hits them just right, its like looking into a jar of fresh honey. Though the golden hue can be somewhat intimidating.” Conrad soothed when he noticed Collin about to protest being called anything sweet. Conrad had no intentions on hurting Collin’s pride, at least not at the moment. Like he did with Connor, Conrad leaned in, holding Collin’s jaw with a bit more firm grasp so Collin couldn’t escape receiving a kiss over each of his closed eyes.

          Conrad didn’t let go of Collin though, instead moving his hands to pry open Collin’s mouth, peeling the lips back to reveal the epsilon’s teeth. Collin resisted at first but when he realized he was getting to show off his teeth again, he complied, all too willing to show them off. “Collin’s teeth have been replaced with more dominant teeth. Usually more dominant traits have four upper canines, two on each side and have two sharp canines on the lower jaw. This is for making decent claiming marks, though they are not as thick or large as a typical alpha’s, they are still impressive for a beta-based dynamic.” Conrad released Collin who worked his jaw and mouth a little, able to taste traces of Conrad on his lips and teeth.

          When Conrad turned to Connor, the eldest android already had his head angled, waiting for Conrad as the alpha gently encouraged Connor’s mouth open. “With omegas, they only have two upper canines, one on each side, they’re small but tend to be sharper than other dynamics. Most tend to either have very small lower canines or none at all, Connor has them as he is still a hunter after all.” Conrad rubbed the pad of his thumb against one of those upper canines, feeling how sharp they were. Connor playfully brushed his tongue over Conrad’s thumb, causing the alpha to momentarily get distracted, watching Connor with a warmer look. Collin let out a growling huff to get Conrad back on track.

          Conrad pulled his hand back before he could let Connor pull him into something not fit for film. Instead, he slipped his hand up into Connor’s hair, lightly massaging his fingertips into Connor’s scalp, knowing how to get Connor to relax against him. “The next notable trait is their hair, while both are soft and silken. Connor has darker brown hair and usually keeps his in proper order. On the other hand…” Conrad turned his head, sliding his other hand up into Collin’s hair, pulling the epsilon back to lean against him as well. He kept the two resting against his shoulders, massaging their scalps gently to help relax them. “Collin’s is a touch lighter and tends to be messier if Connor isn’t constantly grooming him. Those are just the visual differences, their personalities and scents are widely different as well.”

          Conrad bowed his head, placing himself between the to so he could close his eyes and inhale the comforting scents of the two that held a special place within him. “Despite these differences, I love both of them equally.”