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2019 AUTUMN WINTER Collection 『PUNK METAL BASTARD』‼︎ 立ち上がり第一弾、好評発売中です‼︎ アイテム詳細はコチラをご覧下さい‼︎ GREED Online Shop「CYBER SHOP」からもご購入頂けます‼︎

if anyone is able to help, or arrange a at work, or if any would be so kind and help us with that would be wonderful and very much appreciated ❤️❤️❤️ LCP is then able to help the and anyone who is struggling with everyday basics

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Putting every button u own on 1 jacket is valid ok

Miss Scarlett is back!!

After months of procrastinating I finally took on Scarlett’s wobbly neck problem. Turns out I didn’t have to reinforce the midsection, just the neck! Some craft foam for the peg and some string on the outside for the gap (I need some Teflon tape) and my gal is back to her sweet self:)

Niche Board Requests

For a while I’m going to be taking requests for Niche boards (aka mood boards) like this


All I need is for you guys to send me a ask with a color, a aesthetic (combinations are fine!),a caption, and any other details you might want incorporated (gender,sexuality,dude, give me your whole life story and I’ll make a niche board based on it) please send a ask if you want one don’t be shy!🐸🌱🐸