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The best sale you can make is one you don't have to make...because you already made it. Retention eats acquisition for breakfast.

Finding text evidence to support and answer text dependent questions before we share out with our classmates.

2nd graders jumping in to Beebot coding & creating challenges for each other using activity mats. Love listening to their thinking & problem solving! 🐝🤖➡️⬇️⬆️⬅️

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Hoje, na , aprendemos com Paulo Azevedo sobre , e . Ótimo exemplo de superação! Today, at in Avintes, we learned from Paulo Azevedo about , and . Great example of overcoming adversity!

It really does feel like this is just the beginning of what the DEAR group can achieve, and heartwarming to hear the benefits of being involved. More to come!

Harnessing energy isn’t about where you are. It’s about the people you're with. We think is key to a successful outcome. Like if you agree.

Information security and air transport are inextricably linked, especially given the industry’s growing dependency on data sharing and . Learn more about SITA’s approach to data security in this new blog post.

Don't forget to make your way to the Collaboration stage at this Thursday for the An Post Challenge at 12:00pm... through with & Enable Research

Struggling with & w/ multiple repositories? Without anywhere/ anytime access, & legacy systems weren't built for today's user. Let's fix that. Free April 18: Strategies of a Register:

Emmanuel Sabonnadiere du ⁦⁩ poursuit : "les équipes du CEA-Leti ont amené tout le moteur d’agrégation des données et sommes heureux de cette "

A great performance tonight with a collaborative effort by our MYP and DP students with the “Midsummer nights dream”!

🚨 Out NOW🚨 EP 7 of w/ the multi-talented 1/2 of Hear Jay share his philosophy on , and the importance of raising the voices of others 💯 Link 👉

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Collaboration with my beautiful GritBat ♥♥♥
We’ll be accepting commissions of this type soon :)

[Collaboration Works]バカな妹を利口にするのは俺の××だけな件について 子猫も大好き!! 御津井 芭華にゃんこな姿でぺろぺろしちゃうぞ編

[Collaboration Works]バカな妹を利口にするのは俺の××だけな件について 子猫も大好き!! 御津井 芭華にゃんこな姿でぺろぺろしちゃうぞ編

Matrix cat turnaround

Though this isn’t for the final sequence, it seemed important to at least know what a standard turnaround of the character would look like.

Re: the above gif - I’ve had to slow it down just a little bit as the original still didn’t have enough frames.

These are the main standard turn angles, though I added in a couple of extra ones so that it animated more smoothly (but evidently still not smooth enough).

However, I don’t want to get caught up adding more frames pointlessly, as the whole aim is to use this as a rough base to test out shading styles - like Take on Me or anything else I can come up with. For the other agent cat, I can just use this base design as reference, especially as it isn’t as important in frame so I don’t want to waste time redrawing things unnecessarily.

I might start on the actual sequence first, though it depends on if the shading style heavily alters the lines or not. I will definitely try to animate the matrix shot on 1s as it is inherently necessary to get the slow-mo effect as smooth as possible.

Modern Times Unlike Birds This Is Real (Collaboration with Other Half) on tap at their North Park Tasting Room. A 4 of 4. Like most of Modern Times’ offerings, this is big, juicy, and hazy. Smells of a ton of tropical fruit, but a bit more citrus-dominant than others. The body has a ton of sweet fruity juice qualities and some nice firm bitterness that carries through to the finish. Sweeter than some of the others, but simply great.


Check out this amazing collaboration with @gengarcade and @alondarich
#beautifulmusic 😮🎶🔥💯
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After taking a much needed break, I just finished a new collab with the enchanting @alondarich ! I’m back to the grind so I should have a flood of new content dropping in the following weeks. Also, we’re coming up on 10k followers! You guys are insane with the support and I genuinely can not thank you enough. Link to the full song in my bio.

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DE_CON 01 Material Sorting

Building off of the previous post, I wanted to discuss a bit about what went into the collection and sorting of the material harvested through the DE_CON 01 project and what we learned from this process. Back in December, the UDBS met at PROJECT RE_ to begin sorting through and quantifying the materials that had been deconstructed, transported, and stored there during DE_CON 01. Tasks varied throughout the day and an effort was made to begin imagining ways in which the materials could be reused in RE_CON 01 & 02. In order to catalog all of the materials, students were broken up into groups which were assigned to pallets and gaylords to sort. Materials were sorted for what was useful; de-nailed; cataloged in terms of size, quality, finish, and quantity; wrapped; then organized by material type into gaylords for storage. The gaylords and pallets were marked with ID numbers so that the material can be quickly located in the future. In order to begin understanding the quantity of material and its possible uses, it was crucial to go through the material and begin understanding not only what materials could be repurposed and where they could find a home in RE_CON, but also to comprehend the amount of labor that repurposing materials requires. Some material has to be lost based on its condition and how it was used previous to deconstruction. From wooden members that were part of joinery systems or had been firmly laminated, to unequal lengths of members and fractured pieces, these imperfections ultimately have a significant impact on the useful yield of the deconstruction and have been cataloged taking these factors into account so as to not overestimate the quantity of material that can be applied and designed with. This process has served to not only better understand what the process of deconstruction entails with more accurate data of how the material breakdowns turned out, but also to inform the design work on RE_CON 01 & 02.

““Pretty much everything will come to him who hustles while he waits.” @emoczo 👄🧠🔎✂️®️ Digital collage 2019 Emoczo™️🕊«🕳#surreal #art #digitalart #vscoart #emoczo #poland #thuglife #420 #artcollective #collage_expo #future #collage #collages #collage_art #collagework #collageartwork #digitalcollage #collageartist #collageoftheday #sztuka #kolaż #collagecollectiveco #collagemaker #contemporarycollage #instacollage #vscoart #vscocam #vsco #remix #photocollage #c_expo


So excited to be teaming up with @theartofascending and @lifeandstyletravelagency to bring you this co-ed #empowerment retreat July 12-15! See you there #collaboration #supportsmallbusiness #retreat #liveyourbestlife #yolo #linkinbio 😎⛱️🌄🌊💫 (at Dominican Republic)

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Celtic Patterns in “Brave”

To reflect the time in which the movie is set and some of the imagery that appears in it’s scenes, I have decided to incorporate som3 kind of Celtic scroll pattern in to my section of the visual essay. The images below shows one of my sketches and a Celtic shield featuring similar spiral patterns. My design features curled horns to reflect the film’s traditional Scottish style music and will incorporate my groups arrow motif with an arrow entering the horn on the left and exiting the one on the right.


The Sims 4| Modern Farmhouse| Speed Build Collab w/ MaKaveli😱😀

AHFES Feature: Exploring the Universe at National Geographic Society

Submitted by Elisabeth Orengo, Program Intern

March 20, 2019

Did you ever wonder why telescopes are located in remote, high and dry lands? Could you imagine the feeling of seeing the sky from inside a telescope wider than a school bus? Do you know that exoplanets remain invisible to us?

Through “Exploring the Universe”, a field trip presented by the National Geographic Society, Munazza Alam engaged students in thinking about tools and strategies that enable scientists to “read the light” crossing the Universe. We can, for instance, learn about exoplanets when they partially hide their sun for us. Although now a renowned researcher in astrophysics, Munazza Alam has not forgotten the beginnings of her passion for studying planets outside of our solar system. On Thursday, March 14 (Pi day!), she successfully caught the attention of middle school students by sharing her personal journey. Using daily objects to provide size comparisons, she made her fascinating study accessible to everyone. 

Does any extraterrestrial life exist? Is there a Twin Earth into the Universe?Behind the computer screen of a telescope, Munazza Alam asks questions and tries to figure out the answers. Though she warns students that research is similar to a puzzle with a missing box: everyone own some pieces, and solutions are always the result of collaboration. 

For a quick taste of this program, you can see Munazza Alam helping stimulate students curiosity on Youtube!

Gochi + Late night conversations  

Thanks to the wonderful @omggochichi for drawing her Chichi for my Goku in this collaboration, and fine-tuning the entire piece! We are excited to share this 90s-inspired au, just two people from different worlds connecting hearts and more 😉😏😉