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says national plans shouldn't just permit international but encourage it. I can't agree more. We all stand to benefit from connecting the good and hard work happening across borders.

There is an identifiable theme here: International and standardization aimed at decreasing friction in trade across borders is a genuine opportunity for the sector moving forward.

Up to £1.5m for UK businesses to develop & demonstrate innovation to automate the examination of tunnels, from SBRI via See for details

Rail team working with our Specialist Piling staff on the installation of test ground anchors on the Kirkconnel embankment project. Clear demonstration of cross divisional skills utilisation! Great work! 👏👏 Find out more:

Help customers experience the industry leader in without long-term commitment. Trial customers get all the features of , including advanced admin controls, enhanced security settings, ample storage, and more. Learn more:

Legacy systems and thinking have been the biggest roadblocks to in the sector as the institutions opted for stability over . But the winds are changing. Read more for insight on catching the wave... 🌬️🌊

. So much history. Peace Bridge in background & high rates. Let's do all we can to help.

Enhance the performance of your people all the while developing efficient workplace practise, saving time and leveraging corporate sponsorship opportunities. Get in touch to learn more.

Great day in Leeds with colleagues from our People Group, testing customer centric service and exploring what we need to do more of to continue to be successful and improve along the way!

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Written by JordantheCat11 and Paimania Galaxia

(Note: This takes place before the events of “Hunted.”)

Summary: One day, while Kitty is painting with her new paint set she got as a wedding gift, Joey Drew comes in to examine and critique her work.  Irked by his uninvited presence, she confronts him about his misdeeds and warns him to stay away from her and Asriel.  As a rebuttal, Joey leaves behind something of his past, which leaves Kitty curious and makes her see a different side of him that questions if he truly is evil or not.


Simple, Pure, Minimal
For English Subtitle, please go Mont Kiji Youtube channel
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(at Paris St Germain)

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Title: “Gravity Falls’ The Pines Twins in: Sasquatch Sanctuary ‘or’ Bigfoot Steps Out” (1945) - vintage cover"

I LOVE HOW THESE CAME OUT!!! My best bud and bro, Guillaume Babey, did these colors for me and they look freaking amazing. I really feel that he’s actually done my artwork a lot more Justice than I have over the years XD if you guys want to check out his page, go to and


Thankyou @sonymusic_south for this collaboration ❤
This track is super duper energetic🔥



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My clients always ask me where they can buy the leather shoes suitable for creating the Patina? Today I want to talk about my personal choice. I consider this choice not only best value for money, but above all a shape and style of shoes absolutely suitable for any type of foot. It is the shoes created by my great friends from Carmina @carminashoemaker For years I continue to talk very well about their shoes. I have their shoes in my collection and I use them with a pleasure, always receiving a lot of compliments. Now you can buy Carmina’s shoes in crust leather and this is the best opportunity that you can have the quality of skin and absolutely excellent. For me, as for an artist, it is very important to have the high quality of leather. This allows me to create any shade, any color and all kinds of nuances. I have these beautiful double monks for long time in my lab. I’m thinking what kind of color I can create… I need your help my friends . Write in comments please what you would like to see: what kind of color, what technique and what drawing. Stay with us to find out the final result The last information I want to add is that every one of you who will buy a pair of shoes in crust leather directly from Carmina will have not only a beautiful Patina created by me at a special price, but also a beautiful gift. You can buy your pair directly from the site

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so i was thinking about making a proper and cool story, but i honestly can’t write good in english bc that’s not my mother language! so i need two simblr who wants to collab w me!:))

so if u think u have talent for writing, editing or anything what we can use for story creating pls contact me!

if u r really interested write a comment or dm me!!

have a good day!💞


Kitty Meets Autumn

Written by JordantheCat11 and Trinity-XP

Summary: While working at the Lil’ Haven Theater, Kitty meets another cat-toon named Autumn Andelle, who is fellow business partners with the Daemonium family. They decide to get to know each other by sharing similar backstories and interests and immediately become close friends.

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Collab art with @chubby-art-blog

They worked on the sketch and artline, and I finished with the colours and shading.

Thanks Chubby for collaboring with me, I had a wonderful time working on this cutie with you ! >u< Just look at that baby face, I just wanna hug him and protect him !!