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What we do for our partners

We’re ready for day 2 of Our Principal Design Engineer Ian Beavors is supporting the stand S29. Come and say hi!

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At , every function contributes to the success.... and at HR, we make sure they are jubilant about their work. Thank you Swati for your , its always good to hear kind words and people participation 😊🙏🏻

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[💡INSPIRATION AMBIANCE] Réinventer l’espace ouvert pour favoriser la concentration et la motivation des équipes. La ligne de canapé Atrium transforme une allée centrale de co-working… ➡️ -working

Prof Jenni visited the Centre of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research, Olomouc, Czech Republic, to discuss research collaboration. Thanks Prof Ivo Frebort, Prof Jeff Cole and Michaela for your hospitality!

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Last local group meeting before the summer break was hosted by the cosy Me-talo & in . Our themes were spaces and funding. Thank you for the great conversation!

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Close up into these blooms

is merely your eye so perceptive

these branches so eagering of light

your touch renews us between dark

these changes of moods into an extra

world among species and humans

your eye again, concentrating

these white petals, these seeds

once roots underground

now these beauties

captured in a matter

of seconds

now life

Poem: © Kyrah Forest
photo: © HJSphoto

Angels who Cut their Wings - a preview

Haven’t really spoken about it here yet, but @thedisposablevillain has created an amazing world build, and was kind enough to let me collaborate with him on the work. We’ve consolidated it into a feudal-style AU - think Game of Thrones with elemental powers - and I’d like to bring to you a snippet of my contribution to Chapter 29.


Malik was brought back to the present by Isis’ gentle hands touching his cheeks. She had moved so quietly he hadn’t noticed her. “Memorising my features?” he joked weakly.

She sighed. “Perhaps.”

“I hope this won’t be the last time you look upon my face, sister.”

“And such a beautiful face it is, too.” Isis brushed her fingers over Malik’s lips, across his jaw, scraping over a day’s worth of sand-toned stubble. “You have always been the very soul of Luxein,” she whispered, “bright like the sun and as golden as the shining sand of our beaches. You never were meant to dwell in darkness, little brother. It has pained me to see you hide these last few years.”

Malik pulled Isis close for a tight embrace. “I love you,” he murmured into her thick, black hair. “Don’t let Father walk over you. Even if he orders you and Rishid to marry, stand your ground. You’ve always been stronger than him, always.”

Isis muffled a quiet sob against Malik’s shoulder. “Oh, Malik…my precious baby brother. I love you so much.” She pulled back, dabbing tears from her clouded eyes. “I have watched you grow from a spirited child to the proud and confident young man you are now, and every day as your sister has brought me untold joy. And yet…I am not frightened of your leaving us, but that when next we meet, my world will be as dark as the moonless night…and I might never again look into your eyes and read your thoughts, as I have done so many times before…”

Hiding her face, a harsh shudder trembled through Isis’ body. Then the moment was gone, and she drew herself up straight. “But what are eyes, compared to the love and pride I hold in my heart? Even without my sight, I will know you, and love you. So go, Malik - go with my blessing, and with the knowledge that wherever you are in this world, no matter how long our family is apart…we will come together again. That I can promise.”

Summary: Five years ago, their love was everything. It was quick and intense, restless and wanton. But their desire for one another led them down a path they never thought they’d travel–the loss of their last bits of innocence were consumed by the last lick of their burning love.

Despite everything, Betty is in a good place. She has everything she’s ever wanted. But a phone call and a slap from reality changes everything and sends her catapulting back to her former life. Back to the man she once loved. Back to the only man who could help her. Forced together by fate, Jughead and Betty team up and take on their painful history to find what they once thought was lost forever.

Sneak Peak:

On Monday morning though, when she wakes up, something feels off. When she goes to the living room, she sees that the sea outside is restless and angry. The waves seem to swallow the sand. Betty guesses this is the reason for her bad mood — more than one person had told her that living too close to the sea can affect one’s emotions sometimes— but all in all, she has no reason to be feeling down. Today is just another day.

She’s in the middle of a meeting, discussing upcoming articles for the the website, when one of the interns, Jenny, enters the room despite the Do Not Disturb warning on the door. Her boss starts to reprimand the girl, but she just shakes her head.

“It’s a call for Miss Cooper.” Turning to Betty, the girl continues. “It’s your sister. She says it’s urgent.”

What Once Was Lost (Will Soon Be Found)

Coming the first week of July to Ao3

A collaborative effort by myself and @shrugheadjonesthethird.


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I did an art collaboration with my wonderful friend @sumomosketches! We did summer and winter themed photos! I drew the summer line work and colored the winter themed line work that Sumomo did!

The original characters with used are Ike Maran (belongs to @aoi42), Tala Strange (belongs to @sumomosocs) and my baby werewolf Luca “Fontaine”

Please go and see the other pieces @sumomosketches ! We had a ton of fun working together on this collab!