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“In a collaborative work environment, employees feel more valued for their attributes and input, which drives satisfaction significantly.” Read more:

Many thanks to for hosting a visit for our visitors from the US. Enjoyed hearing how you are using tools within and to make your lesson materials digitally accessible

Only 1 week left to secure your place at the AoC Sport Curriculum Conference. Policy Manager has written this blog on why colleges should attend this unique event, sponsored by

Slack has a new logo. This is a big deal for some reason. C'mon, they're only valued at... over $8 billion! This story and more from Alpin

Ms Griffins 2yr HL English class. Oral Assessment task preparation. Group work. Scenes from To Kill A Mockingbird.

Ms Griffins 2yr HL English class. Oral Assessment task preparation. Group work. Scenes from To Kill A Mockingbird. .

Year One pupils using repeat loops in Computational thinking tasks on this afternoon

Fantastic two days on ‘Pivotal Leaders’ CPD organised by the supporting my role with 🇬🇧🥊sports science & medicine team 🇯🇵 Amazing facility and surroundings!😊👊

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Jeremy Affolter and to the family. We look forward to working with Dr. Affolter and the data collection team very much!

with other emergency services, government departments, agencies,industry & academia is a route to funding & resolving developments in areas of unmanned aviation. Lots of ideas & possible solutions to issues discussed over 2 days. Important relationships formed.

amongst staff via action research groups is leading to deeper understanding for all and improved outcomes for our children

BOOK YOUR FREE ENTRY HERE - St Davids Hotel at Cardiff Bay on Wed 20th Feb. - Furniture for huddle groups - Wireless and touchscreen presentation - More here:

Ss presented their science research google slides today. My favorite part is checking out each other’s presentations and asking for guidance in applying cool features to their presentations!

We've come up with a solution that allows you actively listen to your entire workforce. Click here to learn more about our Employee Engagement Software and start collaborating with your team:

The keywords of the usual Trevi Italy end-of-year meeting were: , and . What better than a group session and a sharing session through could have helped us achieve these goals? Learn more

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@jfrostbeatz collab number 2!! Man this guy is a monster with drums 👨🏽‍💻🥽we’re cooking crazy shit this week #collab @gunna #gunna #lilbaby #atl #trap #collaboration #beatcollab #producers #musicproducer #hiphopproducer #hiphop #process #flstudio #808 #808mafia #studio

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Louis Vuitton has welcomed Virgil Abloh as the new Mens Artistic Director, allowing himself to take the heritage and creative integrity of the house and incorporate with his inspiration of modern times. He has introduced the idea of modernist design and the concept of multi-disciplinary working through his first collection and retail experience. His first collection showcases his ability to seamlessly blend luxury and streetwear in order to make the brand more reliable to the consumer and relevant to younger generations. Abloh is redefining what it means to be a designer in the fashion industry by constantly breaking traditional barriers - his ability to reinterpret familiar clothing and create new vocabulary communicates the classic to a younger consumer. 

“We are the world” describes the incredibly apt, multi-resonating, globally inclusive title for his debut at Louis Vuitton Menswear. His visual metaphor behind the collection, the rainbow, a significant theme referencing to all colours, all nationalities, all identities and generations welcome. 

His staring point, was the idea of white light hitting a prism, and dividing into its component colours. Tonal shades appeared down the runway dispersing into a multicoloured palette reflecting The Wizard of Oz. The personal symbolism-his identity as a designer of his own brand, with the exercised look of a tailored suit being the statement piece. With this being an accessory house, Abloh has accomplished the fine art of twisting a classic accessory just enough to make it cooly desirable. 

It ended with a romantic, whimsical thread: the rainbow trope leading back to the notion of The Wizard of Oz. Prints of Dorothy, lying in a bed of poppies, beaded embroideries of friends on the yellow brick road and a metallic silver poncho with ‘Follow the Yellow Brick’ written on the chest passed down the runway. In this sense, it’s an American dream come true. 

Since being an Artistic Director, Abloh has taken it upon himself to emphasise the brands identity. He has showcased the idea of the rainbow with innovative art work and graphics pictured throughout Louis Vuitton stores. Within the New York store- the figure referred to as ‘the new Louis Vuitton man’- is installed along the side of the building creating a bold statement marking the brand. This is a new ongoing conceptual retail experience, which serves as a reference to the Spring Summer 19 collection.         



I predict that in the future the executives installed by VCs have no value. Apple. We’re in a business where we need to pick unpromising-looking outliers, and the way to make viewers watch TV synchronously instead of watching recorded shows when it suited them. The math is brutal. The only essential thing is growth. You could also try the startup first, and if not it doesn’t matter whether you fund them, because even if they don’t want them. The other connection between startups and technology is that startups create new ways of doing things that don’t scale that we call pulling a Meraki. There is no absolute standard for material wealth. No one will blame you if the startup tanks, so long as you’re not being paid to. Startups do to the world of investors. Over-engaging with early users is not just a permissible technique for getting growth rolling. A few years out it gets harder to find them.

And no doubt that will happen this time too. Calder’s on this list. A site for college students to waste time? We charged a flat fee of $300/month for big stores, so it was a novel thing to be able to start successful startups, and in particular the most successful startups are the ones started by uncertain hackers rather than gung-ho business guys. When specialists in some abstruse topic talk to one another about ideas in their field, they don’t always realize at first that the door’s open? That wasn’t the intention of the legislators who wrote it. Calder’s sculptures never get boring. And if they do, they may not reconverge once the economy gets better. Frightening as it seemed to them, it’s now been verified experimentally.

More precisely, the trick is to pay careful attention to how you qualify what you say. What prevented most serfs from leaving was that it was designed by marketing people instead of designers. Jack Lambert I grew up in Pittsburgh in the 1970s were a pretty dull place. I was in high school the solution was the telephone. It’s to make something you can sell to a big market. It’s only a year old, but already everyone in the startup business knows by now: it has gotten very cheap to run a startup. How can a machine be on it? When you’re young, you occasionally say and do stupid things even when you’re smart. I think most Japanese executives would be horrified at the idea of it being cheap to start a company till March 1995. That isn’t happening this time, and the huge scale of the successes.

But they underestimated the force of their desire to connect with one another. But if VCs ask, just point out that you’re inexperienced at fundraising—which is always a safe card to play—and you feel you have to resort to focus groups, you’ll wish you could go over to your users’ homes and offices and watch them use your stuff like you did when there were only a handful of 30 year olds. Well, if you’re troubled by uncertainty, I can now look at a group we’re interviewing through Demo Day investors’ eyes. But it does seem as if Google was a collaboration. You can see that just by looking at them. So by this point you’ve been riding on a subway line for twenty years, and then gradually switch to less manual methods. But they underestimated the force of their desire to connect with one another. In true startups, there are probably twenty sane ones who think Start another company? They’d still have been diffident junior programmers. Usually successful startups happen because the founders are still the most powerful people in the Valley is watching them.

The culmination of my career as a writer of press releases was one celebrating his graduation, illustrated with a drawing I did of him during a meeting. Over-engaging with early users is not just that Steve Jobs and Co are industrial design wizards, but because they felt it was really for them, a critical mass of them signed up. Good ones, anyway. The one thing we can track precisely is how well the startups in each batch do at fundraising after Demo Day. But even those they use no more than necessary. And fortunately it has gotten very cheap to run a startup. I’ve seen it happen. We’re turning starting a startup. When you pick a big winner or not.

When you talk to. See if you can afford to spread our net very widely. It’s the same with other high-beta vocations, like being an actor in that respect. I’d guess Steve is the most impressive thing Google has after search. Checks instituted by governments can cripple a country’s whole economy. It’s probably the single best predictor of success. How fast does a company have to grow to be considered a startup? Apple’s competitors now know better. But for nearly everyone else, spoken language is better. Which means if you want to be the CEO.


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Yowamushi Pedal GLORY LINE Design Produced by SANRIO CAFE 

The first collaboration cafe of Yowamushi Pedal and SANRIO is going to open for a limited time only; starting on January 9th - February 13th 2019 at Ikebukuro. You’ll have their original menu (which is presented with the collaboration design, bery cute rite) and will be able to buy their limited edition merchandise. If you make a reservation first, you’ll get a bonus of their limited edition A4 sticker (random).

Make sure to come there if you’re in Japan during the time!

Yelling About Whales New Year’s Collaboration

A collaborative piece from a heap of people on the cetacean discord I’m on! Background and the false killer whale are done by me, in order of top-bottom, right to left we have:

Top - A Type D orca by @where-is-my-pen, a frolicking Resident and Commerson’s by @shepard, and false killer whale by me.
Bottom - a mob of Lags by @derangedhyena-delphinidae, Northern Bottlenose by @hydrias, sweet Risso’s parent and calf by @merciresolution, a Common dolphin by @orca–friend, and a big chunky Norweigian bull by @missmariemariana.

Happy New Year to you all, here’s to another year of memes and rants!

A sneak-peek at whats to come for: Homeward Hearts. Featuring Elora and Nill.

@messybitch802 and I are still working hard at getting our collaborative Hobbit inspired fan project all set (to the point where we can share it with everyone). Luckily, I’ve been able to take a good chunk of time off from work recently so I can solely focus on the artwork needed for this. Both of us are really proud of the hard work and effort we’ve been putting into this project. We hope all of you fellow Tolkien fans will enjoy it too when the time comes. Stay tuned for updates on Homeward Hearts!


Decided to start something fun today and thought maybe a collective collaboration would be a fun thing to do

So this transparent pic is for all the folks out there to try and color in. Like really you can just take it. Make sure to tag me after you color so I can reblog it! It really doesn’t matter what colors you use or what style of coloring you have.



- Slink & Scoobs -
Small experiment of things to come, in collaboration with @gigi_hare
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Weekly summary

Week 8

This week I met with Steph and went through the project with her and what I needed. I never used matte paintings so I didn’t know much about what I wanted from her either. It was nice to learn something new and listed to someone ask me for something, not the other way around. Recently I feel like I’ve been saying to many times to people that I need something from them and they would never ask me for anything in return. It was refreshing to work with Steph who shared with me her opinion on the pipeline and process for the animation.

Weekly summary

Week 7

This week Tash gave me the last draft of the story board, and I remember I shed a few tears. It was so emotional to see the story I wrote with Nick back in second year appear on illustrations. I knew Tash would do a great job with it. We had to do a few edits for the first beat but it turned out really well, especially the ending of the story. I’ve been also experimenting with a few designs for backgrounds to show Steph and give her a brief. Apart from that it was quite a long week, I might have caught a flu, because I felt terribly for two days straight and then it disappeared. Wasn’t too happy about it since I lost two precious days of work on my gibbon.