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Today was not the day for the short skirt a tights...

¿Cómo llevas el invierno? ¿Y el frío? Para poder resistir a las bajas temperaturas en el descanso, el primer paso es aclimatar el dormitorio y la cama para combatirlas. ¡Lee nuestro Blog y te contamos más! ❄️☃️ 👉 . . . . .

2/2 rise signalled by models over next week takes hold towards However EC has high centred to our S keeping UK in W flow..not too GFS builds centre of gravity of high Scandinavia..interesting!!😲..cold E/NE'ly..too early for response SURELY?!

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There’s a cold front blowing in tonight 🥶 make sure your pets are warm and safe. Stop by for heated beds, mats, shelters, and water bowls.

outside? Heat Pumps offer the perfect solution for homes with no access to natural gas, or those looking to avoid fossil fuels.

Get ⚓️ on the awesome of the Fishhooks Senecio . This trailing 🌵 is aptly named for its “hooks” that can trail up to 4 ft long. Inside or outside, this plant is comfortable in the ❄️ or 🔥 !

Great first game of the year for our year 7’s . A Team unfortunately lost their match but the B’s came away with a victory! Special mention must go to Jessica and Orla who were chosen to be women of the match. #2020

Stay tuned as we're about to warm up your frosty outreach this winter with our Ultimate very soon...

Check out 8 of our favorite ways to naturally get flu and cold relief here: Don't let the flu season affect your life! 😍🤧

Cold cold on the N59 this morning installing environmental noise and vibration monitoring equipment for road upgrade works

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anonymous asked:

now which of the m!ros would snuggle with MC under their cloaks? :)

Blade: if he was DEEP in crushing stage, he’d sort of awkwardly and grumblingly offer MC to come under his cloak with him,,, or would hold her hands to warm them up or something!

Trouble: he’d take OFF his cloak and put it around MC’s shoulders and just pretend he wasn’t cold, but he wouldn’t automatically lift his cloak up unless they were already really close friends, at which point he would!

Riel: he would stop in a store and buy MC an additional cloak gfldkjgkfdlg 

Red: he’d definitely lift up his cloak and put it around MC, but he wouldn’t put his arm around them or anything! they would just be huddled together like conjoined twins!

Chase: he’d uh–he’d lift his cloak like–in a really goofy way, like this exact clip, just waggling his eyebrows and winking and doing the finger guns but in total silence


anonymous asked:

I saw that ask about the f!MC and f!!RO patrolling together... i was thinking how would be Lavinet (in crushing stage) reaction if it was a m!MC?

She’d play coy and kind of flirtatiously be like, “MC, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were flirting with me!” and would graciously accept but only because she has “no choice,” she’s going to freeze to death otherwise!

Winter hibernation

You can’t fight your instincts

For ages, non-equatorial people worked the land in spring, summer, and fall. Then when the Earth grew cold and dark they rested. 

Yes animals still needed some tending, wood stores may have depleted or food ran low and fasting was necessary, but winter was a time to just survive. A time to get through the harshest aspect to appreciate the light and the warmth when it returned. 

Modern conveniences make us forget that

Comforts and indulgences bury what we know deep down inside. 

Don’t forget where everything comes from. Don’t forget to stay wild.  

If your child doesn’t want to leave their room because they’re so accustomed to you giving them 20 million things to do around the house before you even say hi, you’re an asshole parent.

If your child gets anxious to the point of cold sweats and near vomiting because they failed a test, and are too anxious to ask the instructor for help due to your own interactions, you’re an asshole parent.

If your child is fearful to tell you anything, good or bad, not because of how you’ll react, but because of how your day’s going, you’re an asshole parent.

If you notice all of these things and more “quirks” your child has because of you, but don’t own up to it (or worse, treat them bad because of it) and don’t actively try to help your child while they try to help themselves, you failed. You failed your child, your family, and yourself.

Imagine Tfa Bumblebee and Tfp Starscream Having An S/O Who Get’s Cold Easily

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Characters For Ask:

  • Tfa Bumblebee/ Tfp Starscream


Tfa Bumblebee:

  • He gets it, he totally does, winter sucks, especially in Detroit so when you say things like wishing to be in Australia, he’s right there with you
  • The fact that you are also a person who gets easily cold doesn’t escape him either, and he tries to always keep comfy blankets around for you at the base
  • Bee feels kind of bad that he doesn’t have an actual ac system in his alt mode, so when traveling he doesn’t get frustrated when his cab is stuffed from your oversized coat and any comforters you managed to bring along
  • He will make fun of you for looking like a human marshmallow or burrito though
  • Movie nights are when you both huddle up, you in a ball of blankets and him wrapped up comfortably in tarps and other large sheets found around the base
  • On especially cold nights, he’ll take you into his lap and you will both be able to seek warmth from the double coverage that comes with soft cuddles

 Tfp Starscream:

  • He gets kind of annoyed by your constant bickering about how cold it is on the Nemesis; you’re human right? Aren’t humans supposed to be warm or something?
  • You have to explain to him that while, yes humans are typically warm, you easily get cold
  • At one point it’s so cold that you mumble about wishing to be in Australia or even back on the ground in Nevada where you can bask in the sun like the desert lizards and Starscream considers that perhaps it is rather cold on the Decepticon warship
  • You’ll find extra thick blankets in your room after that, but when you ask him about it he says he couldn’t take your constant, organic whining anymore, but you know that’s not entirely true
  • Letting him know that you still appreciate it brings him a bit of pride and if you’re paying attention, you’ll see his wings ever so slightly flutter at your thanks
  • You’ll soon start to find fluffy slippers, comfy socks, and warm coats added to your berthroom and it always brings a smile to your face knowing where they come from; you make sure to give Starscream a quick peck after each gift which depending on his mood he may or may not fuss about



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Morning temperatures North America - Major cities #USA #Canada (Temperaturile diminetii in America de Nord)

Morning temperatures North America – Major cities #USA #Canada (Temperaturile diminetii in America de Nord)

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Morning temperatures North America – Major cities #USA #Canada. Temperaturile diminetii in America de Nord.

Temperatures North America – Mexico, the United States and Canada. Major cities. Morning temperatures.

Find nearly real time temperature on Europe  here [maxbutton id=”1″ ]

Temperaturi in Mexic, Statele Unite si Canada. Orasele importante.

Morning temperatures North America Morning…

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