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dear people who think we shouldn’t support kpop groups because their companies are shitty:

WE KNOW THEY’RE SHITTY. i don’t think there’s a single stray kids or twice fan out there who thinks that the crap jyp pulled with eliminating members only to bring them back was okay. no ikon/winner/blackpink stan is happy with the number of comebacks those groups get & the level of attention the members receive from yg. nobody thinks that these companies are good, that they deserve our money. they don’t.

but consider, for a minute, the idols. this is their job, and probably also their dream. how would you feel if you got your dream job, only to learn that you were going to earn less than 40,000 USD dollars a year? the average salary of an idol is ~43000 USD but that’s taking into account all idols, including the super-popular ones like BTS, and there’s no way that a small group from a small company earns that much.

also, trainees don’t get paid. they get a weekly allowance so they can, yknow, eat and stuff, but they don’t get paid. they also often forego getting a full education in order to become an idol.

so basically, when a group debuts? they have no money, maybe a bit of fame, and they have to work their way up and hope to god that enough people buy albums and concert tickets and all that.

and all this has to be done under that shitty company.

but if we support the artists, knowing that the company will inevitably get most of the money, eventually they can leave their shitty company and go be happy.

(also, like, rescue nct from sm’s constant mismanagement)

happy birthday to the man who means the most to me in the entire world.

happy birthday to the man who has saved my life more times than i can count and for which i’m extremely grateful. i honestly don’t know where i’d be if he hadn’t come into my life last year.

happy birthday to the man that taught me that pain can be a good thing. that you become stronger through the pain you suffer, may it be mentally, physically or both

happy birthday to the man that deserves everything good in the world and even SO much more than that.

i hope 38 will bring you as much joy, love, happiness and success as 37 did.

happy birthday to you, ermal meta. ✨

i love you to the moon and back and then some more. i hope to hug you one day soon and tell you what you (and your music) mean to me in person. ✨

                      jean uses the rules. as a crutch to prove to herself the artemis is safe.the rules have a lot to do with her agoraphobia, and ptsd / anxieties. the artemis rules are non-negotiatable. they are set in stone by the wolf king of la, who jean believes can / will protect his investments ( her / everest. ) her reliance on the rules is unhealthy to the point she’s almost obsessive over them, because the rules are what makes the artemis safe. she can’t be hurt while in the hotel, no one would dare hurt her because that would piss off orian, and anyone who would do that just wouldn’t last long in the crime world. jean can’t stand the thought of going outside, she hasn’t been outside in over six years, and never planned to change that. she is under the protection of the wolf king, she is well taken care of in the artemis, unlike in the outside world. where people are rioting in the streets for water, where they’re killing each other, and fighting for something that jean knew to be a human right. not just a privilege for the rich.

Aveces me siento tan coherente y correcta al lado de un ser que no entiende lo que es el espacio personal, no sabe empatizar con el otro ser, ni sabe reformular lo que está a punto de expresar. Piensan que sus ideales son irrefutabilidades no efimeras. Por lo tanto, sus mentes ciegas no les permiten el acceso a la tan notable “empatía”. Son seres que nunca podrán ver más allá de sus ideales erróneos, ni ser los más acordes para debatir sobre las difíciles situaciones de otros seres.

“Sometimes I feel so coherent and correct next to a being that does not understand what personal space is, does not know how to empathize with the other being, nor does he know how to reformulate what he is about to express. They think that their ideals are non-ephemeral irrefutabilities. Therefore, their blind minds do not allow them access to such remarkable "empathy.” They are beings who can never see beyond their erroneous ideals, nor be the most appropriate to discuss the difficult situations of other beings".

chubbyglimmer  asked:

hhhhhhhhhhhh it's sad girl hours. why do people dislike fat characters so much?

i’m sorry you’re feeling so sad! but honestly i have no idea why people do that. they’re probably afraid of the power that fat people hold, so they discourage y’all from rising up against society’s shitty standards and taking back the world that you deserve

I talk a lot of shit on here and mostly its just me over thinking but I am getting better

The reality is that He is not the best person, but thats not cos hes cruel, hes got issues. Its not my job to fix them and I should stay away if it genuinely brings me down but I love him or at least I think I do, I’ve described it as addiction in the past and I think that still holds true. I’m getting better at seeing when hes being irrational and overreacting to me, I need to make sure im not trapped in that bubble where I think hes completely rational and capable of being kind to me, I need to just focus on being his friend rather than expecting him to want me in a way he can’t

I see it going two ways because I don’t think I can handle this long term unless something changes; either one of us adapts to the other, most likely I’ll adapt to him and balance where I spend my energy and attention; or I move away and dont come back, I dont talk to him I dont fuck him I dont do anything and just let the memory of him fade.

I feel like I could do that second option more easily than I could do the first, but the first is getting more and more viable as the years go by, especially now that I’m not at school anymore and that worries me but also makes me happy

My thing is that I crave attention right, but I only really crave his attention and that comes from not balancing my friendships and spending time on people that actually love me. It hurts more that he used to say he loved me, that he used to pretend we were close, than not getting anything from him now does

I dont regret being friends with him, I’m sad that it’ll never be more and thats what causes me to hate myself because I KNOW almost for a fact that if I looked different he would be way more interested in me

Is it bad that I know that and still want him? Maybe so, but when it counts he does say the right things even though I know he feels differently

I’m just figuring out how to work with him, maybe it’ll be ok if I just keep changing myself

Long post: introspection on love

I love stories about deep ancient love, love thats complicated and full of history and unexplainable.

She loved a dragon, an untameable monster, I deamon from another world, they loved deeply and endlessly because how could they not

Love thats not tender or beautiful or based on some kind of debt but something deeper, a soul connection, an understanding of eachother that nothing else could ever compare to

You know how history builds up and never quite goes away, your track record with someone just cant be matched by another person no matter how compatable you are, its the reason people stay with abusers and people who hurt them, almost stockholm but too complicated to just be a syndrome

You know you’re loved back and they know you love them too, to build that up with someone new is impossible

I keep circling back and I want this to be why but I know you dont love me and whats worse is that you can’t, you weren’t made to be like that. History tells me that I let go of good things for the possibility of you, but the way I love you is so deep I can’t even explain it to myself. I dont like you at all I’m not sure we should even have anything to do with eachother but that love… god you know so much about me you’re the only one I can tell things without having to explain it all, you understand me…

Am I just too scared to find that in someone else? What am I scared of?

I’m scared that nobody will want me and I’m scared that nobody will understand me like you do because I need that security, I need someone to run to when theres nothing else holding me together

I’m scared of falling apart again

But I shouldnt pin that on you and I shouldn’t have my safety net be made of only one string

I just dont know how to move past this