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More ring spam ~ currently photographing and editing a huge batch of new rings ~ can’t stop trying them on!!! What do you think of this new coffin poison ring? ✨ Shop at 🕸 We Ship Worldwide . . . . . …

What's the difference between a coffin and a casket? A coffin has 6 sides whereas a casket is rectangular and has 4 sides. Coffins are typically more popular in the UK however both are available and your choice is down to personal preference. 

🖤 Excited to share this item from my shop: Gothic Black Handmade Festive Christmas Gift Coffin Jewellery Box with Black Heart Pendant Choker Necklace Stocking Filler

I have put every ounce of my 🖤 and soul into this vanity for almost 2 yrs. she’s almost ready y’all.

First coffin jewellery box came out great! The colour combination works lovely giving a good contrast and the speckled white came out gorgeous 😍

We've just finished this beautiful willow coffin which has been customised with natural dyed green willow bands & handles.

Did you know that in Ghana, people aspire to be buried in coffins that represent their work or something they really loved in life. These can range from cars and buses to fish, pigs and chicken shapes.

We offer a wide variety of coffin furniture this is available to purchase from our online shop or over the phone. Head over to to order now!!

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September 13, 2018.


That’s what @isabelledoll1927 gets for trying to push her best friend Drucilla into a #coffin ! ⚰️📚#handbookforhotwitches #magic #manifestation #spells #witchcraft #dolls #baddolls #illustration #cemetery #comics #graphicnovel #howto for #ladies and #girls #damedarcy @damedarcy .com (at Bonaventure Cemetery)

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