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11/11/11 Tag Game

Tagged by @sodaliteskull. Thank you and sorry it took so long!!

Tagging (absolutely no pressure): @dissevr @yueshens @blueberrypoptart @crypticsx @illiteracy-is-for-woozles @fruzsiwrites @drist-n-dither @fiama-l-hernandez and whoever wants to join!

1. Do you prefer to have antagonists who are actual people (someone your protags can physically fight in the parking lot of a Denny’s at 3am), or more of a concept (a natural disaster, a corrupt government, the heat death of the universe, etc)?

I have antagonists that are actual people but also the product of a concept. They’re usually influenced largely by the concept (which is usually society).

2. Who among your OCs is the biggest fashion disaster?

WiFi and Bubbles tie in the fashion disaster department. Both prefer eye-bleeding colors and clothes that simply Do Not Go Together.

3. Are there any tropes that you write with the sole intent of subverting them (for example, the damsel in distress trope, but you have the damsel save herself)?

I write the quiet insecure person a lot of the time, and I also have a good deal of flirtatious, bordering-on-sleazy characters, but I can guarantee that romantic love never changes a personality in any of my WIPs.

4. Do any of your OCs have a voiceclaim different from their faceclaim?

I don’t have voiceclaims, or faceclaims for that matter.

5. Let’s say your WIP is getting developed into a Hollywood blockbuster. Who do you absolutely, 100% DO NOT want directing the film?

I don’t know any by name, but I absolutely do not want anyone who casts the wrong race/ethnicity, anyone who erases LGBTQ+ identities, or anyone who forces romantic subplots.

6. If you could design your ideal writing setup, what would it look like?

It would actually have a lot of easily manipulated outside distraction, all the better to ignore. It’s also slightly uncomfortable in terms of temperature, to add to the feeling of pressure. In contrast, it would also have as many snacks and drinks as possible, and a nest of pillows and blankets.

7. Out of all your OCs, who would be the most likely to become a professional YouTuber?

Sparkles would most likely have a channel, where they give scathing fashion critiques, laugh from a safe distance at the havoc they wreck on the city, and vent about their parentage while rambling on and on about their love for their grandma.

8. Another hypothetical adaptation question: If you got to choose what medium your WIP would get adapted to (movie, tv show, cartoon, video game, graphic novel, play, etc), what medium would you choose?

An interactive graphic novel or open-world video game version of Hero Not Hero would be the coolest thing ever. Ever.

9. List your OCs from least to most likely to do something illegal
















Doctor Von Appetit


10. Is there a trope/cliche that you wish people would stop using?

I really really wish people would stop acting like romantic love is the best thing in the world, all-curing, bringing people back from the brink of death.

11. Would you be willing to live in the settings of any of your WIPs? Or on the flip side, one you would refuse to live in?

I already live in Ramblings’ setting, without the magic and with maybe a slightly better population of classmates. I’d love to go to Hero Not Hero, though.


1. Which OC do you most identify with?

2. Given the chance, which of your WIPs/OCs would you want to have merchandise of?

3. What are some common background characters that you use in your writing?

4. What camera angle best suits your WIP and why?

5. Do your OCs have similar tastes to you? Why or why not?

6. What trope do you absolutely refuse to include in your WIP?

7. Which of your OCs would complain the most during a long journey?

8. Which of your WIP settings would you recommend to a tourist?

9. Do you dream about your writing?

10. Describe the aesthetic of your dream book cover.

11. Do you put symbolism in your character names?


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stephrawlingwrites  asked:

Do any of your OCs have a favorite flower? What is it? - Which of your OCs would be voted “most likely to succeed?” Who would be voted “least likely to succeed?” - What’s one thing your OC wishes they could change about themselves? Why?

Thank you so much!!

Do any of your OCs have a favorite flower? What is it?

Fanta enjoys lilies and the paler varieties of rose. Grave flowers give her an inordinate sense of pleasure.

Which of your OCs would be voted “most likely to succeed?” Who would be voted “least likely to succeed?”

In school, Gelato would probably have been voted “most likely to succeed,” for her sheer energy and work ethic. People would have also voted for Sparkles, if only because they fear inviting their wrath. “Least likely to succeed” would be WiFi. They don’t do much of anything, and live with their head buried in conspiracy theories.

What’s one thing your OC wishes they could change about themselves? Why?      

Coffeemaker wishes that she didn’t have powers. It was not worth what she went through to get them, and they were forced upon her in the first place.