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I really love my ☕️in the morning with a side of ☀️😍 Physio also already done ✅ so let’s start this day and be all together 🏴‍☠️😎 Have a great pre-Friday ( 😏)🤩 And always watch out for #🌯 and #🧀 😂

Are you prepared? It's tomorrow - and I am stocked up on Scones and Tea - ready to embrace this British traditional with both hands. ☕️🍪(Sorry - no Scone emoji!)

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Its causes are not yet known but it surely is linked to levels, low levels, , , , and it can also get worse during . 2/5

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June 27th is National Day in ! The celebration brings together coffee growers, buyers, roasters, distributors and final consumers. Why not perk up your mid-week with a coffee made from Colombian beans?

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Perk yourself up this morning with one of our coffees. Whether it's a black Americano, an extra frothy Cappucino or a two sugared Latte, using 's Village Espresso ensures every coffee is a splendid one!

Sometimes my bus is so late I have to run to work from the bus stop... but when everything runs smoothly I have time for this...

remains supported and should extend higher as far as dips stay above 94.95. More commodity analysis at

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Coffee vibes. Join me. Fresh brew. #coffee #coffeeholic

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☕️ What’s your go-to coffee drink?

🍯 What’s you’re favorite way sweeten coffee?

🥛Favorite dairy alternative?

🥐 Best snack to have with your drink?

🕯What’s the coziest part about your favorite coffee shop?

🛵 Best coffee experience you’ve had while traveling?

⌛️How old were you when you started drinking coffee?

💡Whas the weirdest coffee drink you’ve enjoyed?

😘 Ever had a barista crush?

🌓 Light, dark, or medium roast?

🌧 Favorite way to brew?

🕰 What time of year is the best for coffee drinking?

📝 What do you like to work on in a coffee shop?

🎧 What’s a great song to listen to while at the coffee shop?

🌿 Where do you buy your coffee beans for home?

🏆 Describe your favorite mug!