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Where do you like to fill up your coffee cup? ☕ Tag your favorite place!

Diesen klugen Rat habe ich leider erst zum Feierabend gefunden. (via tumblr)

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Word of the week: Focus. Focus: To pay particular attention to. When you fix your thoughts on God, God fixes your thoughts. -Buddy Owens

Dark Roast - coming in hot! 🔥Makes a killer pour over, note: if you're into pour overs, think about investing in a stainless filter! #☕

is in its second year of a mental health challenge that encourages us to lower the screens and share time with a friend! Let’s continue here in the US and invite a friend to coffee today!

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Excelente lunes a todos!!!...puedes solicitar estos productos vía inbox ...te los mandamos a tu casa 📦📦 o entra a y pude tu café ☕️

I'm having a . I didn't want to get out of bed today. Grateful for hot ☕ and showers 🚿 to get my butt moving.

Most of us can't live without our morning cup of coffee, but which brand has the most loyal customers? Download the full Speciality Coffee Report today

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Wake me up _______

a) when september ends
b) wake me up inside
c) I don’t remember the song but you get the point
#owengrady #owengradyrp #jurassicworld #jurassicworldrp #chrispratt #morning #coffee

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