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Em tempos de correria e muito trabalho não podemos estar mais felizes de estar rodeados de amigos e aquele cheiro de café ☕.

Coffee grounds work great as a natural, eco-friendly way to mask odours in the kitchen or most areas of your home. To freshen up the fridge, put the grounds in a bowl and place them close to the middle of the fridge. Replace the grounds every 10 weeks.

My latte art is cooler than yours - Hong Kong🇭🇰 How brilliant is this tea latte ☕️ For more info on where to get good coffee in Hong Kong, see our blog up now 👏👌🇭🇰

"Gory Details Emerge About Missing Woman's Suspected Demise" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT

Calling all lovers! You can have your and eat it too with Eli's Tira Mi Su! Shop now >

Caterest offer bespoke coffee solutions to the education and B&I sectors. Why not have Starbucks at your place of work. Contact us for more information. . . . .

Esta tarde teníamos en la facultad una charla sobre el lenguaje inclusivo en la empresa. Yo siempre prepuntual y bien acompañada ☕📖

How much coffee do you drink? Vividata’s Winter 2019 Study finds that Canadians consume as much coffee per month as the weight of 103 Blue Whales! That’s a lot of coffee.

Have you seen our more comfortable dining area? Complete with coffee bar, free wifi, great music and USB charging stations.

Did you know you can save money by making your own ? We also have a combo grind and !!! Swing by the in to pick them up!!!

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2.20.19 // Where has February gone?? Feeling super far behind but just finished my ochem 2 exam and it wasn’t too bad so there’s a little win for the day!

There’s a blizzard outside and I’m LIVING for it. My next two classes are canceled because the profs can’t make it to campus so now my day is completely free to catch up on things that I put on the back burner to study for exams. Working on my personal Spotify study playlist to share so come back for that because who doesn’t like finding new music they love?


Happiness Is Having Mumma Ki Haath Ki Coffee After A Tiring Day!!
P.S… The BEST COFFEE Till Date!!
#mummmamade #coffee #coffeelover #honor8xphotography #boomerang #luvurslf_alwyz (at Mumbai, Maharashtra)

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Barista Tips


I have an interview at a barista stand this next week! It’s my favorite stand in my small town! I need help with tips that may be able to help me stick out in the interview or that the owner would like. I have 4+ years in the restaurant business but 0% about being a barista! I really want this job, the money would help my financial situation so well too. Thanks. SOS