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Morning all hope that everyone has a great or just a bonus day off filled with a dangerous amount of chocolate eggs! Right before anything though I need some as my or more accurately am basically a full blown 🧟‍♂️☕️

Happy everyone! Now it's time to enjoy a Sunday without stressing about Monday! 🎉☕❤

Keurig Coffee Mat, Sliding Coffee Mat, "Coffee Because Adulting Is Hard". PERSONALIZED Machine W/D

Happy Easter Sunday 🐰 Another beautiful day forecast. My suggestion is a pot of coffee and pancakes al fresco Find a birdhouse for your soul 🦋💛🦋

Do you really need an excuse to party? How about a night full of different kinds of gins? 🕛

The big day is finally here! Why not pop along to Coffee1 for your chocolate fix or to get some much needed caffeine so you can keep up with the kids!

Happy Easter from all the team at Clayhill Vineyard. There is a little something extra with your orders this Bank Holiday Weekend. What would you choose or ?

Lord of the (coffee) rings - caffeine with real altitude at The Hermitage Hotel, Aoraki village by Mount Cook (alas we could only afford to stay at the nearby YHA but maybe next time...)

🍵 Did someone say tea? I do so love but I do also drink . Both green tea & Kombuchka™ black tea ferment appear in our ingredient list, as does bergamot - which gives tea that distinctive flavour:

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Do you have a different coffee routine on weekends vs. weekdays?

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Cafflano® Kompresso - Handheld Authentic Espresso Maker!  @CafflanoKompresso .
📽 - -
새로운 원두에 마지막 바닐라시럽
즐겁게 금요일을 시작 할 수있어요오~
ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ ♡(끔요일 너무 쪼아!!!)
모두 기분좋은 주말 시작하세요 ღ .
부드럽고 달콤한 향, 묵직한 바디감, 고소하고 부드러운 맛
오일감이 느껴지고 생각보다 다크하지 않았다. .
Its hydraulic compression design (Pascal’s Principle) amplifies the pressing force 3 times and the squeezing handles maximise the compression force twice (overcome reaction force) to achieve human-powered authentic espresso shot being extracted by consistent 9 bar-pressure!
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مِنَ الناسِ مَنْ هو جميلُ الروح ، خفيف الأثر ، لطيف الودّ ، لا يُعاتِبُ مهملًا ، ولا يُهملُ معاتِبًا ، إن رأيتَه روَى عينيك ، وإن إشتقتَ إليه روَى قلبك ، لا يتكلَّف في السؤال ، ولا يجيبُ على مضَض .. نوعٌ من الناس تحبُّ أن تطَمئنَه ، وتطمئنُّ بحبِه لك ، حريصٌ في كلامه لئلا يجْرح أحـد 💜🧡


Black Coffee #foodporn #coffeetable #coffee #coffeeporn (at Baker’s Cottage - LCCT)

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