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Unable to get kotlin pom from jcenter with new android studio project

When physics collab with programming 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ("someone get help ... please 😭");

Learn to Code – Create a Game By building the game, you learn the rules and grammar of the programming language as a by-product. Creating a game is fun. You get an interesting result.

Getting back on the horse this week thanks to the good people at . Enjoying their Full Stack Diploma programme so far... Finding the LMS very user-friendly and the lesson units easy to digest. Building from the bottom up with some to start!

Day 2 of the meeting: shares his experience and underlines the need for more , computer science and logical thinking in schools. Closer cooperation with EU regions can help – at European Commission - DG Education and Culture

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You know a professor is old school when he shows code on an overhead projector instead of using a laptop 😂

List of things I still need to do for the minigame
  • Find a way to integrate python in html without breaking down the code
    • If that isn’t possible switch everything to JavaScript (aka a pain)
  • Making all the images (I already know the layout but I haven’t drawn a single image digitally ever)
  • ‘Programming’ the html part of the game
    • I still need to finish the course of html I’m making  (there’s still 5 days left and I can only do two classes a week at best)
  • Finding a way to post everything (how am I going to do this? I have no idea)

There’s still so much to do but I won’t give up. I gave myself a whole year to make this because I knew my college would be in the way.


Excellents conseil,
La seule erreur est dans le titre; on les enseigne.
8-Bits of Advice for New Programmers (The stuff they don’t teach you in …

Hello all! 

After much delay I am back!

Last I posted I was elated to announce my decision to attend WGU, but days after that post I arrived upon a major speed bump in my road to get my bachelor’s degree. While trying to send my transcripts I was flabbergasted to learn that they were put on hold because I owed my previous university almost $5000  and they said they would not release them unless the balance was paid in full.

Luckily I was able to pay off my balance  last week also I brought a new drawing tablet so I can keep up with this blog better. Woot! Woot!

So now I am back on track to attend WGU for May 1st.

Week 7 Assignment Refinement 

Exploring merging and changing codes to perform different functions.

With Sayjel’s help (big thanks), I manage to change PoseNet code allowing the viewer to see their face while the snowflakes fall and accumulates on the detected face(s).

*Thanks to my beautiful model  @DaniaAbdulkarim

Updated Code#

let video;
let poseNet;
let poses = [];
let skeletons = [];
let snowflakes = [];
var faceX, faceY

function setup() {
 createCanvas(innerWidth, innerHeight);

 video = createCapture(VIDEO);
 video.size(width, height);

 poseNet = ml5.poseNet(video, modelReady);

 poseNet.on(‘pose’, function (results) {
   poses = results;

 faceX = width/2
 faceY = height/2


function modelReady() {
 select(’#status’).html('Model Loaded’);

var count = 0
var r = 0.22414
var g = 0.1234124
var b = 0.623623

function drawKeypoints()  {

     if (poses.length > 0){
       let keypoint = poses[0].pose.keypoints[0];

       if (keypoint.score > 0.2) {
         fill(255, 0, 0);

         faceX = keypoint.position.x
         faceY = keypoint.position.y


function bearFace(x,y){


function draw() {

 image(video, 0, 0, width, height);

 let t = frameCount / 60;

 for (let i = 0; i < random(5); i++) {
   snowflakes.push(new snowflake());
var diameter = 200

 for (let flake of snowflakes) {
   if (dist(flake.posX,flake.posY,faceX,faceY)>diameter/2){



function snowflake() {

 this.posX = 0;
 this.posY = random(-50, 0);
 this.initialangle = random(0, 2 * PI);
 this.size = random(2, 5);

 this.radius = sqrt(random(pow(width / 2, 2)));

 this.update = function(time) {

   let w = 0.6;
   let angle = w * time + this.initialangle;
   this.posX = width / 2 + this.radius * sin(angle);

   this.posY += pow(this.size, 0.5);

   if (this.posY > height) {
     let index = snowflakes.indexOf(this);
     snowflakes.splice(index, 1);

 this.display = function() {
   ellipse(this.posX, this.posY, this.size);

function drawSkeleton() {

 for (let i = 0; i < poses.length; i++) {

   for (let j = 0; j < poses[i].skeleton.length; j++) {
     let partA = poses[i].skeleton[j][0];
     let partB = poses[i].skeleton[j][1];
     stroke(255, 0, 0);
     line(partA.position.x, partA.position.y, partB.position.x, partB.position.y);


Il ciclo while in Python - Corso di coding e programmazione - Video 65

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm trying to use tumblr's default like and reblog buttons, but I'm having trouble while making them small? Could you please help me find the divs of it to make it look good??


First, add this id to your posts selector:


if your post selector is .post, find its div and it should be like this:

 <div class="post" id="{PostID}">

Now, add the buttons in the post part you want to:

<!-- like and reblog buttons -->
<div class="buttons">
 {LikeButton color="grey"}

Button color="grey"} </div> <!-- like and reblog buttons end here -->

The css is:

/* buttons wrapper */ 
justify-content:flex-end; /* alignment, flex-end to align at the right, flex-start to align at the left */
/* unset reblog default height*/
/* like button size */
.like_button iframe{
 --size:15px; /* variable, to make it always square */
blah-right:.3em; /* positioning, to always have a space between them */
 /* reblog button size */
.reblog_button svg{
 --size:15px; ; /* variable, to make it always square */

Don’t delete any other code, Just change the size in –size. And since is a default iframe, the color (fill) of the like button cannot be changed. You could change the reblog button svg using fill, but who wants the reblog button with a color and the like button without? LOL
I hope this help you. 


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