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"You don’t have to start from scratch to do something interesting." - Jack Dorsey

Guest speaker for our 4th graders to spark excitment about . Thanks for making it easy to connect with professionals in the field.

Well kids, the Certificate Fairy cannot visit everyone's Friday Folder because she ran out of cyan ink at 9:49pm. But we're celebrating some massive achievements across all grades, and I'm kvelling pretty hard! 🤖🧚‍♀️👩‍💻

2nd grade they were so into the coding today and making their avatar dance!! Loved it!!

VR Logo + is a new generation of logo program that uses virtual reality to enable a better insight of turtle graphics. VR Logo + combines a simulated virtual reality on-screen turtle with all the usual logo commands.

There is a distinction between using someone else’s code for inspiration and using open source directly without understanding the legal framework. for

1st grade scholars are coding with their new coding mice. It was an amazing experience to watch Mrs. Mcarthy’s young scholars master the various tasks presented. We were TC proud of these scholars. .

Day 49 // 😃 Jumped the gun and decided to conduct an impromptu practice interview on . I knew I had a lot more to learn, but I was very pleased with how well I communicated my thought process 👌

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So C Programming is finished! My final was yesterday. I really don’t know whether or not I passed 😥 I’m gonna go write down what study habits I think I nailed and what I think I still lack in. For now, it’s continuing to study calculus and c language. Gotta make a schedule for that


This is the #timelapse of my today’s C++ practice. What do you think? This is what people talk about when they talk about #vim and #linux and related stuff.
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#javascript loop explained 📕
is a method for iterating over “enumerable” properties of an object. Iteration happens in an arbitrary order. Therefore, it should not be used if things need to happen in their defined sequence.

1) and Objects is the most straightforward way to loop over Object keys and values, since Objects do not have access to “forEach”.
2) and Arrays - possible but not advised
The “key” for values in an Array are the numerical indexes, so you could loop over all values. But not advised because it’s not guaranteed that it happens in sequence.
3) and Strings - possible but not advised
Each character in a string has an index, so you could loop over these enumerable properties.
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Working on the story manager when suddenly…is that a hot dog vendor in the detectives’ offices? 😂🌭

This week I’ve been working on what I call the “story manager.” Essentially, it keeps track of your main mission and other side stories that you may have found. Whenever an action is performed, it checks to see if it applies to any of the missions. If it does, it triggers an action, such as begin a conversation, add an NPC to a map, or begin playing music. The visual representation of this is the Notes app, where Erik can check on the progress of each story.

Back to solving code problems with my favorite long feller!!!

I’m mostly solving stuff on paper, but I finally figured out if I fixed one issue I wouldn’t have to change some other stuff that I needed to modify for reprocessing using my collaborator’s cool af tools! we’ll just keep making this longer n more powerful!

This is the longest program I’ve ever written, and it’s really exciting to just keep it growing!

When Not to use #javascript arrow functions?
Although for the most part, arrow functions bring a lot of new features to #js, there are always two sides to the medal.
When defining methods on an object prototype, you have to watch for the scope of “this” keyword. -
When using an arrow function in such instance, the “this” is scoped to the window object. Therefore, making your method on an object seem as “undefined”.
In this case, it is better to use good ol’ function expression.
What questions do you have about javascript/html/css?