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⚖️ Can you determine which weight goes where on the scale? . 🙌 Thanks thedndarling(ig) for the awesome scale idea! ____________________________________

If you want to see where your is weak, you can compare your against the and 's IPMC using the beta version of our new interactive ! It's free!

Get Now : Hi, every ! Today I have a special tutorial that relating codes. You actually know codes are very useful to use instead of gift . how to get with easy .

Checkout the deals in "Inside My Bag @ Thee Bag Lady they all end tonight! Get your Mother's Day orders in today!

The key to my BOMB NINE AKA BM solve. A= A E= E N= N (Zodiac Symbol)= I (Taurus Symbols)= B K= K M= M (Anchor Symbol) = O Key says - ONE KIA BM

49 years on this day, s code arrived. Might it's secret have finally be revealed? Worked like a substitution/ scramble puzzle. My name is ----- BOMB NINE AKA BM

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He writes too so watch out might be the next dog he references on Twitter. Just saying...

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Satisfaction survey web app I made at work uses sql

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1, 42?

How did you choose your name?

every jonathan i’ve ever met irl is a stupid jock highschool boy and they suck so i figured the name looked better on me, a stupid prep baby man who cries too much . also some baby names list. 

Do you interact with other trans people IRL?

i always try to make lots of trans friends!! being surrounded by cis/straight ppl is exhausting and unrelatable.

I can hear your heart beating.

Oh, I can hear your breathing, too.

Your bones are very loud, you all move too much when I’m with you.

Your muscles sound kinda squishy.

I can see your blood moving, and your bruises and broken bones are like highlighted words in a book.

If you’re bleeding, I can taste it.

If you’re scared, I can smell it.

I can make you blind, or deaf, or steal your voice, or all three!

I can paralyze you, make your heart stop, suffocate you. I don’t even have to touch you.

I can do many things, I have loads of party tricks.

Want me to show you?

I promise, they won’t hurt a bit.



ZIP Codes - Postal Codes

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Did you post trading card codes on Reddit? If not, someone did but a lot of people are begging the person who posted them for free pet codes as well.

I wasn’t the one who posted it, but I did see it yesterday shortly after it was put up. I feel bad for the person who did! That’s not fair that they give something away generously and are now expected/asked/guilted into giving away more :/

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💫- what makes you lose your train of thought?

god literally everything. i went to speak with a counsellor today and her office has a window looking out into a road & everytime a car went past my eyes would follow it & i’d forget what i was saying lmao

💐- what is something you think of as a romantic gesture?

gifts and sugarcubes