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Check out our latest pairing video - "Storybook implementation walkthrough - LeanJS React project"

Being a top-notch programmer is not just about knowing how to code. In case you were wondering what else you need to have to be successful? Read:

passionate · 40k-100k salary · 10K · Min. 3 yrs. of C# experience · Design, develop & implement enterprise-level, n-tier, web-based, software solutions Apply at

Morning I know you don’t sleep because of this you couldn’t write yesterday. Here it is the same.

Need a change? Acquire or get involved with a great domain name. I have many. Look them over & get in touch. . My email:

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Part 2: Object Oriented Programming in #javascript.
If you want to assign methods to a constructor in #js ES5 syntax, you can add it like so, and every new instance will have direct access to the assigned method. We will discuss other ways of adding methods in the next post. Stay tuned.👍
What is one thing you are currently learning?

I’m back with another skin I’m making. This one’s a light skin so far custom user links, pop outs for a description of the site, staff, links, and credits. Also toggle cbox and this is going to be a fully custom skin, so please hit me up if your interested in purchasing this at, my ask box, or discord at Nothing,matters#9161

Most coders think that debugging is fixing the mistake. But that’s bullshit! Debugging is actually all about finding the bug, about understanding why the bug was there, to begin with. About knowing that its existence was no accident. It came to you to deliver a mesage, like an unconscious bubble floating to the surface, popping with a revelation you’ve secretly known all along.

Elliot Alderson, Mr. Robot

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