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New Episode! This week we're chatting with , a force of nature and all around amazing person! The tech sphere in Atlanta is lucky to have her, and we loved getting to know her. Enjoy!

New Episode! Meet ! Former journalist turned amazing dev, living in Germany. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing her story, and know you will, too. Enjoy!

New Ep Tuesday! This week we had the joy of having Ele Munjeli on, and spoiler alert: her closing life recommendation got a standing ovation from us! You need to hear this, and heed her wise advice.

New Episode Tuesday! This week and got to enjoy the company of , Sr. Developer Advocate and Queen of ! Join us to hear her cool journey, and amazing advice.

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New episode Tuesday! We were joined by Angie from the , the Crypto-Keeper of coolness, Ms. Angeleen Wilson. She. Is. Amazing. Join us!

There's time to catch up on previous episodes before tomorrow's new release! We had the distinct joy of getting to chat with and can't wait to share it with you tomorrow! Until then... enjoy the rest!

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How do you learn best? Join and as we discuss learning styles, and ways to accommodate your needs.

In the third episode of our new podcast, and were joined by the incomparable . Without her drive and vision, wouldn't be as magical a place.

We launched a week ago, and kicked off with the delightful ! She's smart, driven, and co-leads some incredible projects. Tune in and learn from her!

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