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(Not for everyone) - I find my brain in the morning (although tired) likes and retains info more easily. Take that time to read a coding article backlogged in your mail system that you signed up to.

Début d’une série d’une formations sur l’utilisation de la en élémentaire . On commence par l’école de la Condamine!

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When you watch the first generation of your genetic algorithm

When Not to use #javascript arrow functions?
Although for the most part, arrow functions bring a lot of new features to #js, there are always two sides to the medal.
When defining methods on an object prototype, you have to watch for the scope of “this” keyword. -
When using an arrow function in such instance, the “this” is scoped to the window object. Therefore, making your method on an object seem as “undefined”.
In this case, it is better to use good ol’ function expression.
What questions do you have about javascript/html/css?


Series | SnapCode 4 - 10

Medium: Graphite, Pigment Liner, and Alcohol Ink Markers

Dates Completed: Dec 24 - Dec 31, 2018

These are the last seven drawings to the SnapCode Series. The series is based off of the constant usage of snapchat and other social medias in our lives. The increase is difficultness in viewing the image idicates the more influence we have been by tech. Our trueself becoming glitched and clouded by other people’s oppinions.

The use of Red, green, and blue further links the technology aspect to the pieces. These colours are refered to as the RGB spectrum. The RGB spectrum is mainly used in all technology, yet it mainly relates to anything with a screen. It is used to obtain any colour, basically allowing our screens to opperate. Aditionally, I added binary codeing as well as some static to the drawings, increasing as the series progressed. This linked to technolgy as well, and indicates a growing fault in ‘reality’.