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Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside - Coco Chanel 💕 @chanelofficial
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Glimpses of a life almost forgotten for it was too fleeting to actually enjoy the raw beauty:

Peeling oranges as I walked with a Danish woman through southern Spain farmland.

Washing dishes as Scandinavian snow falls outside the kitchen door on the chickens and geese.

Cowering Moroccan street dogs looking at you pleadingly for any sliver of kindness.

Berlin “night” clubs lit up and busy at 11 AM on a Sunday morning.

Incredibly golden Polish autumn leaves scraping the brick walkways.

French schoolboys having a few pints and smokes together at the cafe before class.

Smiling elderly Scottish women pulling my hand into their country’s traditional New Years dance at 12:14 AM.

Ruby the dog running along the western Irish beach, disappearing and reappearing amongst the slippery rocks.

A tiny window where I slid a paper with Slovak written on it by a local so I could order the savory crepe I wanted.

Lying to a young Italian police officer and saying I was English only to be met with “You’re very beautiful”.

Funny young and new Austrian friends sliding off their tram seats after a few drinks, only resulting in more laughter.

English clubs that only play rock music until 4 AM, with floors that soak your Adidas with spilt beer.

Walks through tiny Slovenian streets late at night with the castle lit up high above us all.

Incredibly clear Welsh mountain water that was used to keep beers cold, to boil pasta in, and to refill water bottles the next brisk morning.