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Obama voters explain what drew them to Trump

GOP Attention Deficit Disorder: Notice when MAGA's confront/debate issues, Trumpsters Deny, Deflect & Distract? With no Ammo in their arsenal, logic, wisdom or policy to counter, their logical fallacy fails

thank you AMD for taking the story on this fraud that this airline is trying to pull on its passengers. I will also be using this as content for my YouTube channel to shed some light and contacting my attorney.

The elusive island of Eleuthera, celebrating World Ocean Day, and unique Asian destination experiences like Tiger's Nest. Photo: Cris Tagupa

Nooses the new Free Speech... A voice against the N****** without using the N Word... South

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Vice President Joe Biden told me I should know better. As a Black man in America, here's what I know: BLAME The OBAMAS They were With Him For 8 Years & Didn’t Teach Him How Not To Be A “RACIST” ‼️ Thanks OBAMA ⁉️

Ministers Of Justice Offer An Apology To A Reporter. Who Question The Investigation Papers Released by Officials...

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welcome ladies!!!!! 👏🏽

CNN || The Newsroom || June 20, 2019

[Transcript of a CNN graphic]

Dimensions of the U.S. drone that Iran has shot down this morning (6/20/19):

–RQ-4A Global Hawk
–Wing span of 130.9 feet
–Height of 15.4 feet
–Length of 47.6 feet

Chryon: Iran shoots down U.S. drone, escalating volatile situation

[Transcript of a quote from the Iranian Guard]

“We have no intention to fight with any countries, but we are completely ready for war. What happened today was an obvious sign of this accurate message.”

–Major General Hossein Salami (Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps.)

Chryon: Iran shoots down U.S. drone, escalating volatile situation

Additional info from retired Major General James Marks: The drone cost $150 million to make.

CNN Referring to Slavery As a Sin (singular).

They are victims recorded being used by the “intelligence community” recorded, confessed, and demonstrated how kept criminally foreign influenced, and delusions wrought, and pretending people have “conspiracy theories” to prevent counters to them with the news attaching us to faked locations and ties to strangers through time.  They attach adults and children to faked ties to doctors in databases.  They are also attaching them to faked ties to overt criminal enterprises crime acts clicks who also speak and act into facebook pretending other, too, tied to more worse tied to a principal sex offender’s campus then and now inter-branch and private and foreign and overt criminal enterprises and private ones and worse recorded actually.  Get them to one name and sequence inter-branch and down.  All gather round.  They are also racketeering uses/roles with victim predator nations like Kuwait through their roles with our MPs with racketeering inter-cities with ones from my town through time with ones on/off CCSU, and on/off the Kerr/Dimauro/Phil Colello/Mendez police inter-branch further racketeering with the kids, and with women, and private, also Russians, and also on/off elections spots, town offices, and worse with/as them, fake sides.