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Data: Local search trends from 2017-2018: We talk a lot about local search and local search trends here at SEW and in the industry as a whole. ... How have consumers changed the way they interact with local businesses? Ho

Get started with WTF, a dashboard for the terminal: There seems to be a mad rush at the beginning of every year to find ways to be more productive. New Year's resolutions, the itch to start... There seems to be a mad rush

Arizona is the eighth state to get approval from for its work requirements As states continue to consider Medicaid expansion and introduce their own work requirements, keep up with our Medicaid expansion tracker:

Verizon to roll out free robocoll spam protection to all customers: Verizon announced today plans to roll out its spam and robocall detection and screening feature to all customers for free. ... The feature will be made a

Poppinโ€™ bottles!๐Ÿพ Join us in congratulating C2โ€™s Full Stack Developer Nate Lentz for becoming a certified developer! We couldnโ€™t think of a more perfect way to begin the weekend... to you!๐Ÿฅ‚

(.) is asking for feedback in its latest Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters about how it could best handle โ€œsilver loadingโ€ by plans, according to a FierceHealthcare report. |

ACO Newsstand Weekly: "CMS Released the 2019 ACO Application Deadlines" & more!

Content-management systems are going to be crucial for the media world -- and beyond -- in the future. What you need to know:

The at Stoney Creek Elementary are almost ready for the start of their coat drive in with !!! As you can see, these young guys are working hard! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

Here's how , a manufacturer of laboratory equipment cuts down web maintenance time by 70% with the help of Pimcore solution Partner RIO Digital Solutions. ๐Ÿ”— /MDM

openSUSE Announces Three New Tumbleweed Snapshots for 2019, Malware in Google Play Using Motion Sensors to Avoid Detection, Leaked Android Q Features, deepen 5.9 Released and ZFS On Linux 0.8 Coming Soon: News briefs for

BREAKING: CMS Releases Value-Based Insurance Design Model (VBID) CY 2020 that includes interventions and more!

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Trump wants to bypass Congress on Medicaid plan
Block grants for states would achieve conservative dream on health program for poor.
Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. January, 9

Welcome to 2019! The new year has just started but promises to be as awesome as can be. Particularly because we have some great new open source Rails repositories aimed to make your life better and happier. In this monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories from the 9th of January 2019…

Kirby - Content Management System (CMS)

Kyle introduced us to a new way of creating websites using a Content Management System also known as a CMS. A CMS is a program that allows you design, edit and push content to your website.  A CMS is more useful as anyone can edit and make changes to a website once the website is running. Common CMS programs such as WordPress, Jekyll and Kirby are just some of the different CMS programs out there.

We were then told to do a step by step guide to understand how to use a CMS. Firstly I had to download Kirby and install it on my computer. I also had to download a local host to run Kirby on as it is a PHP file. I then downloaded and ran the program Mamp, a local host. 

After following the instruction I then set up the kirby document ready to use by switching off the stylesheet. I also changed the css file to the new one provided by Kyle.

I then edited some of the text and snippet files changing the code to suit the new css which was provided in the tutorial. I then made three different templates for each page, Home, About and Contact page.

I then explored the different fields of KIrby and how a PHP file works when organising content. I do agree once set up a CMS is more effective for all types of users to maintain compared to that of CSS and Javascript.

Having followed the tutorial provided and explored Kirby, I now have a better understanding of CMS and how they are used with businesses. Below are some of the screen shots from the process and the changes made through.


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