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In Case You Miss It!!! A look at... Cloud Storage Services -- --

Nearly 60% of in 2018 use for at least some of their backup. Here's a look at how the cloud is reshaping :

What are you waiting for? Learn everything you need to know about cloud WORM and SnapLock. Register for this free webinar:

is known be one of the most way of storing client data but even this method has its pros and cons. With cloud storage, lawyers must understand the concept of - how it works and why it is important.

Anunta helps in mitigating infrastructure anomalies to enhance end user performance and productivity. Learn more

Pay only for what you use. Storage is fully managed by us 24/7. In other words, Zadara can do everything your legacy storage can do, just a whole lot cheaper and easier.

Over the years, firms have implemented large-scale migrations to the cloud to drive agility. NetApp and were alongside them during this journey. Learn more in this webinar. Sign up here:

Get 1TB of cloud storage for as many users as you like for free for a year!

Sometimes computers fail...often when we least expect it! Having a backup plan before anything goes wrong is important. Let Thames Computer Consulting set up your backup, cloud storage, network, and new configuration!

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Learn how to upload, download & manage your files using cloud storage next week! Call 780-538-2727 to register.


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