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There are a lot of solutions available for users than ever before, including and options. Here's a quick summary of tools:

As the becomes widely used across enterprise organizations, we have created a blog titled "How to Achieve Fast Uploads to Cloud Storage" that shows how can make the cloud even more useful and powerful.

VMware is emerging technology in virtualization and cloud -computing services for an organization. It’s a demanding IT job now and also in the future, the demand for this post will be high.

Now students don’t need to purchase external storage devices as there are plenty of companies, like Google, that offer free cloud-based storage.

Interested in ? Check out the top 3 solutions in the category on , reviewed by our tech users.

Assure your end-users with secured uninterrupted access to data and applications across locations with Identity Management services

Get 1TB of cloud storage for as many users as you like for free for a year!

Top 8 things that SMEs and large corporate clients must consider before choosing a business email solution.

Choosing your business email service

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Boxcryptor classic for Android replacement

TLDNR: Encrdroid

Three years ago I’ve used Boxcryptor classic by Secomba GmbH on my phone to store  files securely in the cloud. After upgrading to Android Oreo Boxcryptor classic failed to perform.

I installed new Boxcryptor just to find out it is  incompatible with encfs-based classic version.

Encdroid by Mark Pariente has been my next try and it just worked, allowing to access my encrypted data folder on  Dropbox using passphrase.


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