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What do you understand by cloud computing?

Cloud Computing


In a nutshell, it’s nothing but  Renting resources for application development, application hosting etc. etc. and paying per use.

What kind of resources we can rent?

  • It can be server where you want to host your web application, REST APIs etc.
  • It can be file storage where you want to store your Product Catalogs, Images, Vedios and so on.
  • You may need some analytics on the application, that how is it performing in terms of request/response throughput, Exception insights etc.
  • The list will go on and on.

Now next question is, 

Who provides these resources?

It’s the “Cloud Providers” who provides various resources over cloud in various ways. Major Cloud Providers are as follows:

Microsoft’s cloud platform is “Azure”

Amazon’s   cloud platform is Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Google’s   cloud platform is Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Stay tuned for further basic principles of Cloud Computing.