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Good evening guys tonight's Weather it's another night for all with temperatures dropping below quite widely some high around aswell but should clear we have a light northerly

As we take a look into #2020, we can expect to see new developments when it comes to the . lists their expectations for the cloud wars, rise in edge computing and more:

NTT has aligned with Microsoft as its preferred cloud platform for modernizing its global IT infrastructure: 

¡La nube y la IA serán punta de lanza para ! Esta tecnología les permitirá hacer un análisis del impacto que podría tener la historia o incluso actores o actrices, y predecir su éxito de taquilla al ser estrenada

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雪化粧☃️ダイヤかなりいきたかった そう、みてるまわりの雪模様メインに😄 ただ国道までこうだと、その帰りの用事に間に合わないわ それでパス おはよう

雪化粧 そして 国道もこんな感じ 夜に除雪車うごいてるとおもうんだが もしそうならまたふった?? おはよう

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- # 023 - FLOVINE [Float + Ovine] (evolves at lv. 30 with Charge)

Type: Flying

The Sheep Fakemon

Ability: Speed Boost / Lightning Rod

Fakedex: Its fleece full of air allows it to take advantage of the wind to floar and take incredible leaps. Under the soft paws it has hidden claws that allow it to stay anchored to the ground for grazing.

- # 024 - GOASTORM [Goat + Storm]

Type: Flying / Electric

The Flock Fakemon

Ability: Static / Lightning Rod

Fakedex: The static electricity accumulated due to the wind, in addition to uniting the bodies of several FLOVINEs, has also united their minds, and the commanding head is the one with the horns. The increase in weight now prevents GOASTORM from taking advantage of the wind, but it can still float thanks to its ability to move electrons in its fleece at will. If two specimens were to meet, due to their impetuous nature, they would give rise to a dangerous and electric duel.

Flames of the Sky - Primary Types

Just some of my ideas for what makes people a certain flame.  Please keep in mind that these come from my own research and that, as with all things in the world, there are always some looseness and exceptions to the rules.



Have the ability to relate or at least understand other people outside of their social group and typically have a strong intuition (whether for battle or people or situations), makes the ultimate and/or big decisions, tend to have an instinct for what to do next

In battle they tend to be one of the last combatants.  Going back to making the ultimate decision, they will typically be the one to end things or give the final push as needed.



Will not back down and tend to be drawn into fights rather than instigating them, retaliators to a perceived threat or challenge - but will let other things slide, more than any other flame they are selective about when and what they fight

In battle they tend to be more focused on slowing down the enemy and/or giving others more time.  They are typically calm in battle situations.



Typically leading the charge or as a rallying point (whether physically, emotionally, etc), do not hide from a fight, tend to be critical of themselves and others (for better or for worse)

In battle they are a destructive force or rallying the troops, much like they can be in day to day life.  There focus is usually on doing as much damage as possible.



Tend to rely on strength and speed above all else (whether physical or mental), typically straightforward and find it difficult to hide their emotions, tend to have an inability or extremely hard to time in being able to portray themselves as different from who they are

In battle the physical combatants will tend to go exactly where they’re needed.  They can usually be distinguished by their reliance on speed and/or strength.  Mostly a support role, but can be inclined for both offense and defense.



The most impulsive of the flame types (some are better at controlling this than others), users tend to be overly defensive of themselves, usually fairly adaptable

In battle they tend to hold their own.  While they can support others, it’s mainly through defense.  They typically have an aggressive style of doing this.



Tend to be extremely stubborn and may have a hard time adapting, usually love routine and are creatures of comfort, it’s their way or the highway, frequently have a hard time changing their beliefs

They are typically active in combat and fight on their own terms.  They usually have a very distinct fighting style.  They are frequently destructive.



Resourceful/adaptable - tend to be most accepting of change, can be highly secretive, typically some sort of psychic, have the potential to be very deceptive or manipulative with a natural talent for lying and/or diversion

In battle, these are the flame most likely to not be on the field.  They are typically strategists or doing other behind-the-scenes work (such as espionage).  When they do fight, they are typically creative and able to adapt to changes quickly.

Note: When referring to battle tendencies, these are typical behaviors.  KHR has some well-known exceptions, such as Mukuro’s tendency to hand-to-hand combat or Genkishi’s reputation as the Phantom Knight can attest to.  These are included because I feel that flame type can influence how someone fights, though it should not be used as the main determiner.  


Cowgirls of the South Pacific by Peter Kurdulija
Via Flickr:
Waipiata, Otago, New Zealand

Des bandes de floconneux petits nuages blancs étaient répandus dans le ciel, semblables à des troupeaux dans les pâturages des dieux. Un vent plus fort se leva et les coursiers de Poséidon accouraient, cabrés, et de-ci, de-là les taureaux du dieu marin à la chevelure azurée se lançaient en avant, cornes baissées, en rugissant.
—  Thomas Mann (La Mort à Venise)
Morning temperatures North America - Major cities #USA #Canada (Temperaturile diminetii in America de Nord)

Morning temperatures North America – Major cities #USA #Canada (Temperaturile diminetii in America de Nord)

External image

Morning temperatures North America – Major cities #USA #Canada. Temperaturile diminetii in America de Nord.

Temperatures North America – Mexico, the United States and Canada. Major cities. Morning temperatures.

Find nearly real time temperature on Europe  here [maxbutton id=”1″ ]

Temperaturi in Mexic, Statele Unite si Canada. Orasele importante.

Morning temperatures North America Morning…

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