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Vocabulary: Clothing (옷)

안녕! Hey, everyone! In this vocab list, we’re going to learn how to say different articles of clothing in Korean. In Korean, however, there are different words to mean “to wear” or “to put on” depending on what article of clothing you’re referring to (I’ll elaborate in a bit). Let’s get started!


입다 is one of the words that means “to put on” or “to wear.” You might hear this one most frequently as it is used for most basic clothing items. This includes the following:

  • 셔츠 = shirt 
  • 바지 = pants
  • 치마 = skirt
  • 스커트 = skirt (another word for it)
  • 속옷 = underwear 
  • 재킷 = jacket
  • 드레스 = dress (refers more to fancier dresses such as a wedding dress (웨딩드레스))
  • 원피스 = dress
  • 반바지 = shorts
  • 블라우스 = blouse
  • 티셔츠 = t-shirt
  • 수영복 = bathing suit
  • 스웨터 = sweater
  • 외투 = coat
  • 카디건 = cardigan
  • 양복 = suit
  • 교복 = school uniform
  • 블레이저 = blazer

If you want to say you put one of these items on or wear one of these items, use the verb 입다 (this is list not exhaustive, so there are probably other items that would be paired with this verb as well!). For example:

  • 저는 티셔츠를 입어요. = I wear a t-shirt / I put on a t-shirt


쓰다 is another verb that means “to wear” or “to put on.” But 쓰다 is used for the items that you wear around your face/head. For instance:

  • 안경 = glasses 
  • 선글라스 = sunglasses 
  • 모자 = hat

For example:

  • 안경을 쓰면 더 잘 봐요. = I see better if I wear my glasses.


신다, likewise, means “to wear” or “to put on.” It is used only, however, for things you wear on your feet. For instance:

  • 신발 = shoes 
  • 구두 = shoes (I believe this refers to more formal/fancier shoes. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong!) 
  • 부츠 = boots 
  • 샌들 = sandals 
  • 스니커 = sneakers 
  • 운동화 = sneakers (I don’t believe there’s any difference between 운동화 and 스니커. You might hear 운동화 more frequently.) 
  • 양말 = socks 
  • 하이힐 = high heels 
  • 플랫 슈즈 = flats 
  • 스타킹 = stockings

Here’s how you can use 신다 in a sentence:

  • 이 운동화를 많이 신어서 다시 살게요. = I wear these sneakers a lot, so I will buy them again.


We know that the verb 하다 means “to do,” but it can also mean “to wear/put on.” This mainly applies to jewelry, such as:

  • 목걸이 =  necklace 
  • 팔찌 = bracelet (you can also use the word 차다 for this one) 
  • 귀걸이 = earrings

You can say:

  • 어제는 예쁜 목걸이를 했어요. = I wore a pretty necklace yesterday. 


끼다 isn’t used for too many items to mean “to wear/put on” (to my knowledge). I’ve actually only found three things that it might be used for, so if anyone has any more examples, please let me know and I’ll add them! 

  • 반지 = ring 
  • 보청기 = hearing aid 
  • 장갑 = gloves

For example:

  • 내일은 그 비싼 반지를 낄거예요. = I will wear that expensive ring tomorrow.


두르다 literally means “to put [something] around” according to Naver Dictionary. Thus, I’ve only seen it used for this word so far (but perhaps there’s more out there lol):

  • 스카프 / 목도리 = scarf

For example:

  • 날씨가 정말 추우니까 목도리를 두르세요. = It is very cold outside, so please wear a scarf.

벗다 = To take off

The verb 벗다 can be used to mean “to take off” for many different clothing items. Let’s look at some examples:

  • 셔츠를 벗어요. = I take off my shirt. 
  • 신발을 벗었어요.  = I took off my shoes 
  • 장갑을 벗을거예요. = I will take off my gloves.

That’s about it for this lesson! If you have any questions, please ask away!! See you in the next lesson! 안녕!

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