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Does the modern aspirational Indian want their political leaders to dress well? Which present day politician is the most stylish & well dressed & who needs improvement?

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I thought we were better. Apparently not

I have seen the discussions and debates all over, about how girls in other countries are shamed about their bodies, and how they are told what to wear because some people find it inappropriate when a girl wears anything that shows her shoulders or kneecaps. I always thought to myself “hey, that is so sad for all the American, British, Mexican etc. girls that this happens to. But that could never happen in my country”. And yet, this last week. It happened.

Just some info. I live in Denmark, which is considered one of the most free-spirited countries on Earth. We have equal rights, equal pay so a man and a woman get paid the same for the same work. Girls can be in any profession they want and not get shamed. Boys can dress as Elsa for Halloween and be nurses when they grow up, and no one will shame you.

But then. This happened.

In Denmark, like in many other countries I imagine, we have the show X-Factor on TV, just this is the Danish version.

A 17-year old girl enters X-Factor with her friend, and she in not wearing a bra. Her shirt fully covers everything, and it is not see-through. But she doesn’t wear a bra underneath. The judges doesn’t comment, because a) either they don’t care. They’re there to judge music, not 17-year olds breasts b) they know that they have no place commenting on a woman’s body, and if they did, it would be gross seeing as she is only 17 and they would then admit that they were looking at her breasts.

But, this is a TV-show. And creeps and stupid people are watching this. So this girl has to go through a total SHITSTORM online, and gets comments everywhere she goes, about her having “banana boobs” and that she should cover up, or get a boob job, because her body isn’t normal. And this is not just men, it is women too who talk this shit to her. It even got the attention of some of our governing politicians.

This isn’t okay. This is a 17-year old girl, and first of you don’t have to compare her to some weird sexual ideal about how breasts should look. Second of she is only SEVENTEEN! What the fuck is people doing starring at her breasts and suggesting she get a boob job? Her body isn’t even fully developed! Third of, no one gets to tell her what she can wear and not wear. A bra is classified as a tool to support breasts in Denmark, and not as actual clothing. It is FULLY OPTIONAL! And not something that you can demand anyone wear.

I have never been more embarrassed about my country than I am today