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commit log as a wordle. Notice anything?

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Today's brew recipes comes from Brew Bot! made this project to generate recipes with varying degrees of randomness. Cheers to the Mark III American Red Ale!

We're glad to have Magnus KvalevΓ₯g at ClojuTRE! He is a young it-professional from Oslo who works with . He will speak to us about stateful property testing in Clojure. We are looking forward to hearing about this and seeing real systems in action! Welcome Magnus!

I just spent 12 hours failing to set up emacs + lein + cider on w10. at the end of the day, i gave in and went with intellij idea + cursive. i didn't expect to get called out like this ; _ ; I miss linux.

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Code survival in java.jdbc -- 2016 was the big API rewrite (0.6.0 when the deprecated API was removed).

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Economy of Motion is a philosophy from Bruce Lee that focuses on directness and no wasted effort. I see another parallel in as Uncle Bob articulated the advantage of "Economy of Expression".

Today, finally successfully .. compiled Borkdude's cljtree to aarch64 (Raspberry pi 3b/3b+/4) with graalvm. Sound interesting, next tests and opportunities thanks to

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Didn’t realise this is the case. This is Not an issue created by but because regex Pattern class does NOT implement equals method. Is this a bug?

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If Clojure was a Google product

1) It would be renamed to Glojure to avoid confusion with Google Closure.

2) Consequently, Cursive would be renamed to Gursive.

3) core.async would be a new language, not a library.

4) MS Lisp would be a thing.

5) Apple Lisp would be a thing.

6) Atoms would get patented.

7) The official Glojure editor would display adwords.

8) Google Search would accept s-expressions.

9) Chrome would render hiccup and JIT GlojureScript natively.

10) There would be JavaScript-to-GlojureScript transpilers for migrating older websites.

Disclaimer: Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Every Clojure Talk Ever - Alex Engelberg and Derek Slager

Side-effects may include side-effects.

Syndicode Digest #65 – Modest genius

When you’re modest, nobody will know how much you do. But when people claiming too much, they’re not taken seriously as talented ones. Because talent comes with modesty and thoughts that your achievement will be evaluated sooner or later. Better sooner, of course. However, sometimes …

Backend development cheatsheet for 2018

It’s hard to keep in mind all the new tools and methods nowadays. So Syndicode decided to share with you this pretty backend development cheatsheet for 2018. Here you’ll find step by step visual guides demonstrating the bigger picture of what you should know as a frontend …