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By specifying the type of project, you can isolate your activities to the nature of your interactions with those contacts. search

When scheduling and overseeing interviews, you must be fully aware of what’s going on. You must “own” the process.

If you're not the one to manage candidate scheduling, you’re not fully executing on your recruiting expertise and you fail to uphold your end of the bargain.

Your clients are busy and often don't understand the business of recruiting. So it's incumbent for you as their consultant to be a consultant. Learn more in The Eight Stages of Successful Retained Search ebook.

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只今 届きましたー😆 レコードプレーヤー購入して聴きたいなー♪♪ IMMORTALITY

Some clients might push back against benchmarking. That’s when you as a qualified executive recruiter need to stand your ground. Learn more in The Eight Stages of Successful Retained Search ebook.

In a search project, you’re promising to lend clients your full consultative skills. And you’re promising, above all, to do everything you can to help them land a great candidate.

If you don’t present your client with benchmark profiles early on, you risk upsetting them by presenting candidates they’re not interested in. Learn more in The Eight Stages of Successful Retained Search ebook.

Scheduling Candidate Interviews Yourself Allows You To Leverage Your Firm's Expertise. This is ultimately what you’re promising to do when you sign on to work with a client.

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ibelieveinahappilyeverafter  asked:

Hey, CW! I love your blog and personally apologize that you were forced into making it (I feel that on many levels), but, uh, quick question... how bad are you at web design because this design is awful and I'm sorry. The body text is a poor font choice for readability, the tag color is the same as the background, everything blends in FAR too much, there's no visuals whatsoever which is fine, maybe, if the colors differed, but you NEED a background of #4d0066 and an off-white text and also

Danny waited patiently after explaining his plan clearly and concisely, giving his friends the time that they needed to think everything over before deciding. He gave them twelve seconds, which, really, that was plenty of time. “So? C’mon, let’s get to work! CW is only gonna be distracted so long.”

“No, no, no, back up here. You stole their laptop- They have a laptop?” Tucker looked some mixture of delighted and confused, Danny feeling a surge of empathy for the same exact feelings he had gone through when discovering the laptop and subsequently the blog that CW had actually made (an event shortly followed by Danny being forced to sit down and finish his homework). “And you want to… what do you want to do?”

“Change their blog, duh. I mean, look- Here, let me show you what it looks like right now.” Danny, still in his ghost form, flew over to Sam’s large and ridiculously extravagant bed before letting himself fall and bounce a couple times before settling, making sure he was stable before pulling the borrowed laptop out of his backpack.

Sam and Tucker were quick to settle on either side of him, both of them making similar noises of disgust and horror once Danny brought up the correct blog, which, thank you, honestly. CW finally made a blog and apparently knew nothing about design.

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anonymous asked:

If the CP and MH characters were Disney characters, which one would they be?

Slenderman - Scar

Splendorman - Anna

Trenderman - Jasmine 

Zalgo - Jafar 

Judge Angel - Yzma 

Jeff The Killer - Cheshire Cat

Homicidal Liu - Snow White 

Jane The Killer - Maleficent

Ben Drowned - Vanellope von Schweetz

Eyeless Jack - Elsa

Ticci Toby  - Megara 

Clockwork - Mulan 

Laughing Jack - Lotso The Bear

Dr.Smiley - Hans 

The Rake - Chernabog

Sonic.EXE - Gaston

The Puppeteer - Dr.Facilier 

Bloody Painter - Belle 

Kagekao - Bill Cypher

Marble Hornets

Tim Wright - Flynn Rider

Jay Merrick - Judy Hopps

Alex Kralie - Randall Boggs (Kind of??? There’s not a lot of characters that fit him)

Brian Thomas - Peter Pan 

Creepypasta Monster Apocolypse AU(Plus Masky and Hoodie):

All the pastas are normal and attending school/highschool/college, and then a virus gets out that can change you, appearance wise or by insanity and disorders. (These do not correlate to any of the pastas stories which makes this kind’ve unrealistic I guess, like Kagekao and Laughing Jack being human…but whatever)

Slenderman- Was already a monster in the first place.

Kagekao- Skin turned grey, teeth turned sharp(?), eyes completely silver/white. With disappearing and appearing claws now on his feet and hands.

Ben- Made his skin paler, pointed ears, iris’ turned red with the sclera turned black. His eyes will also sometimes leak blood.

Jeff- Raised insanity, turned his skin white, his hair black(and longer), blue eyes lightened, insanity caused him to carve a smile into his face and also cut off his eyelids and shave the left side of his head. (I headcanon him as master_of_cringe_’s Jeff, Liu as well)

Liu- Developed Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Liu himself is actually the same but ‘Sully’ is a bit more insane and attacked himself which is why there’s now stitches on Liu’s face. (I don’t really like how this one came out, mostly bc I don’t headcanon Sully acting like that)

Toby- Already had Tourettes, virus gave him paler skin, CIPA, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia which has slightly raised his insanity.

LJ- Caused him to become like 2 ft taller, and pretty much turned him into a monochromatic emo clown.

EJ- Turned his skin grey, teeth turned sharp, made him cannibalistic, pointed ears, and sharper nails. A black tar started oozing from his eyes which infected them and caused them to be removed.

Natalie(Clockwork)- Went insane and cut stitches into her cheeks and replaced her left eye with a clock.

Jane- Turned her skin white and her hair black, like Jeff, but instead of the insanity, her entire eyes turned black. (Not accurate, I know)

Sally- An infinite flow of blood leaking down her forehead, neighbors with Ben.

Jonathan(Puppeteer)- His hair turned black, skin turned grey, his eyes and mouth now glow yellow and yellow strings now come out of his fingertips.

Helen- Wasn’t really affected by the virus. Maybe insanity slightly raised.

Robin(friend’s oc)- Turned more predatoristic/creature like. Turned her skin white, eyes turned red and whenever she makes eye contact with someone, she loses control and attacks them.

Violet(friend’s oc)- Her skin paled, her heart weakened, her iris’ turned green and her scleras turned black.

Tim Wright- Developed Schizophrenia and Photosensitive Epilepsy(disorder I headcanon him with)

Brian Thomas- Developed random, severe pain in his back. (That doesn’t make sense I’m sorry)

THIS IS SO TERRIBLE IM SORRY AHHH I HATE IT, and omg it’s so long..😅😓

Creepypasta Incorrect Quotes

Jeff: Don’t worry I have a few knives up my sleeve.

Liu: I think you mean cards.

Jeff *pulling knives out of his sleeves*: No I do not. 


Clockwork: How do you want your coffee?

Jane: I want my coffee as dark and bitter as my soul.

Clockwork: So….one white chocolate mocha with whip cream.


Splendorman: If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!


Laughing jack:



Splendorman: Well, that’s depressing.


Ben: Sometimes “brb” stands for “be ready bitch” so you have to be careful.


Jeff: I’m really into dark humor

Kagekao, turning off a light: Wanna hear a joke?


Kagekao: I think I will cause problems on purpose


Slenderman: Whenever you say you want to watch a 4 minutes video you end up watching 100 of them.

Ben: I am well aware by the fact that I have no self control but unlike you, I have accepted that about myself.


Puppeteer: At my age, do you know how I’m statistically most likely to die?

Helen: At the hands of a close friend?

Puppeteer: What? No, in an accident.

Helen: Well, that’s what I’ll make it look like


Eyeless Jack: When I die and you go through my search history, you’ll be disappointed to find mostly just definitions for very common words I wasn’t sure I was using correctly


Toby: ‘Honeymoon’ is an interesting term because an actual moon made of honey would imply space bees which is pretty horrifying

Clockwork: Go to sleep, I’m begging you

anonymous asked:

Hello jaschicken1 I am sorry if you are not doing requests at the moment, but I was wondering if I can see some head canons for the Creepypastas and a ( s/o ) that has autism and does something called stimming? And how they would stand up for them if they see someone making fun of ( s/o ) because of their stimming [ Stimminy is the repetition of physical movement , sounds , words , or moving objects ] I have a few friends that has this problem and I would always be like a protective puppy

(Creepypasta x Headcannon) Pastas with an S/o who has autism and does Stimming -


-  The Pastas would protect their S/o from negativity. Some people can be judgmental or cruel to people who are different and may mock or punish someone who appears visibly disabled. If anyone dares try to lay a hand on their S/o, the Creeps will be gone all night, hunting down that person and will give them a long painful death. 

- They will try to address their S/o’s emotions. If they’re stimming because of their feelings, the Pastas will try to identify that feeling and respond to it appropriately. “You look happy, are you flapping because you get to see me after a long day?” 

- The Pastas will learn their S/o’s own unique stimming patterns. Stims are not universal and can mean different things for different people. Maybe their S/o bites their fingers because they’re nervous or maybe they flap their hands when excited. Whatever it is, the Pastas will try to help them. 

- The Pastas will make, or find, their S/o some stim toys to enhance concentration and calm them down. The Creeps will always have a backup just in case one of their toys break. 

- If the Pastas go into public with their S/o, they’ll encourage stimming before leaving the house, especially if they know there’s an event that’s going to be difficult. They will give their S/o some tight hugs, weighted blankets, massages, etc. 

- Overall, the Pastas find it cute and will kill anyone that dares to look at their S/o in the wrong way or insults them. 


Originally posted by ripvanwaffles


After quite a few annoying messages, and some long conversations, I have been… convinced, I suppose, to actually post more on this blog. Starting with an introduction apparently.

I have not been convinced to put any truly personal details on the internet, which that at least was met with understanding. 

In some attempt at compromise, I’ll be going by my initials as I used on that first post. Daniel, who I’ve mentioned previously, is my mentee and no doubt one of the only people that is going to read this, and if it wasn’t for him annoying me about this I wouldn’t be writing this post as if talking to multiple unaware parties. He also gave me a list of questions to put on an introduction, some of which I elected not to answer, and this is already rather long, so I better get on with it. 

What is your full name?
For the purposes of this blog, CW.

Where and when were you born?
A rather long time ago in an area no one is familiar with.

Who are/were your parents?
I’m not answering this question.

Do you have any siblings? What are/were they like?
Nor this one.

Where do you live now, and with whom? Describe the place and the person/people. 
I live alone in on old brick building on the outskirts of the major activity center of my area. I live alone, but do have frequent company. I suppose I can mention I did build the building myself with help in my youth, and haven’t truly lived anywhere else.

What is your occupation?
Being annoyed by the people who think they are my bosses, much like many others. Really, you could call my ‘job’… general management and oversight, that fits well enough.

To which social class do you belong?
Insofar as the concept exists in the place I live in, I suppose upper class? It’s hard to define here. I was not raised that way.

Are you right- or left-handed?
Ambidextrous, but mostly right.

What does your voice sound like?
I have a rather deep voice and, to be honest, been told I have a small lisp.

What words and/or phrases do you use very frequently?
Reading over my previous answers, ‘I suppose’ and ‘rather’ pops up a bit more than I realized they would.

What do you have in your pockets?
Nothing, currently.

Do you have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?
I’ve been told many times that I explain things in an annoyingly vague way fairly often. I also admit that I have a sarcastic streak that has gotten me in trouble more times than I can remember, I’m sure. As I’m writing this I’m also being told I apparently sigh a lot, which I admit is accurate now that I think about it. It’s mostly when the people around me do something incredibly stupid, though, so I don’t much think that’s entirely my fault.

I’m almost surprised he didn’t include questions like my favorite food or color on this list. That is not an invitation. Either way, I’ve spent too much time going over this already, and have other things to do, so that will be all for now. I’m sure I’ll be pestered for ‘updates’ soon enough.


annoying-alien  asked:

Hey, if it's not too much of a problem. I have a question. You have said on numerous occasions that you dislike/hate Clockwork. If so, why do you draw her in such an appealing and nice way? I only ask because you are one of my favorite artists, and I have seen other creepypasta artists purposely screw over Clockwork and make her seem mean and ugly because of their hate for her. I understand your dislike for her, don't get me wrong, but I just wanted to understand a bit better.

I guess it’s just my art style? I don’t know, I never thought about purposely making her ugly. It’s weird cause I hate her in the context of her story, but I’ve warmed up to my version of Clockwork because I made her a chill and cool person all around…so I basically made her the opposite of her canon character. I just realized that I literally had to take this fucking character and change her entire personality for me to like her…fuck Clockwork.

Point is, I just never thought about it

-Mod Haven

anonymous asked:

do any of the pastas have a really cute quirk?

that depends on what your opinion of ‘cute’ is, Anon…

♦️ Sally has a tendency to chew on her hair when she’s stressed or upseti spaghetti.

♦️ Whenever someone looks him in the eyes, Brian will blink exactly three times, every single time.

♦️ When Kagekao gets flustered (which isn’t very often), he slips back into a heavy Japanese accent even when he’s speaking in English. It mimics that of a more rural dialect.

♦️ This is more of something that was developed via awkwardness than a quirk per se, but once when Tim was young someone told him that he had a weird laugh. Nowadays, when he means to laugh he coughs. Well, to be fair it’s a cough-laugh, but it’s 80% coughing and 20% laughing.

♦️ Whenever Toby focuses on something, he becomes detached from the rest of the world and only focuses on that particular thing. It’s cute until you realize he can’t hear anything or see anything happening in his peripheral vision, then it just becomes scary.

♦️ Whenever she reads, Clockwork has a habit or following along with the words with her finger or a pencil or something along those lines.

♦️ Sometimes Dr.Smiley switches between accents to be fun (he likes to study the movements of the mouth and the makeup of languages), but because of that they blend together sometimes. When they blend together, it can create a little bit of confusion while talking with him. At this point it’s not even voluntary, it just sometimes happens.


Originally posted by shattered-realm


Okay I’m running out of headcanons and stuff to post so it’ll be appreciated if you send some ideas/headcanons which are happy, cute, sad, angsty or spooky and i’ll make some headcanons out of them and even some little stories!!


James “Jem” Carstairs

“I can offer you my life, but it is a short life. I can offer you my heart, though I have no idea how many more beats it shall sustain.”

anonymous asked:

Hey trender, how do you feel about the rest of the creeps and mh, as well as their fashion taste?

Slenderman - He’s my brother so I tolerate him. I don’t agree with his murderous actions in the slightest. He has a wonderful fashion taste regardless!! Other then me of course, he’s the most stylish creep. 

Splendorman - His fashion taste is good in suits and hats but his style uses far to many random bright colors. I love Splendor very much and I’m glad he’s my brother. He’s a great sibling who’s always their for me when I need them. 

Zalgo - I love his cape! It’s perfect for making a grand entrance! I’ve never met him, I’m afraid of him. He’s always trying to kill Slender, I don’t want him to target me.

Judge Angel - She has an interesting fashionable taste that I enjoy. It wouldn’t hurt to add more color to her wardrobe but that’s my only complaint. II mostly like her. She’s a bright girl who I’m shocked is a killer. I could do without her pranks…..

Jeff The Killer - Ugh. I can’t even bring myself to talk about his fashion tastes they’re so terrible. I don’t like him at all! He cut up my new Gucci belt for no reason!

Homicidal Liu - I lllooovvveee his style!!!! I love his scarf and how he matches the colors of his clothes to his stunning green eyes. I like and feel bad for him. He hasn’t done anything wrong and he’s lost his entire family for no reason. 

Jane The Killer - Her sense of style is stunning! I love her gothic aesthetic. She could be a queen and it wouldn’t surprise me at all. I love her personality! Again, she’s a queen and a great friend. We help each other pick out outfits. 

Ben Drowned - I like his tunic and the shades of green’s he wears but that’s about it. He’s strange. Who cares about video games more then clothing! He’s very childish. 

Eyeless Jack - His style is both ugly and decent? He only wears torn up jeans and stained hoodies but his clothes always match with his mask which is a plus. He’s odd. He never wants to party, or debate fashion, get a makeover, or anything fun. 

Ticci Toby  - Toby is an odd little duck. He’s very quiet and refuses to acknowledge my existence. My appearance is probably to similar to Slender for him to be comfortable. His fashion taste would be fine if it didn’t always smell like smoke and gasoline. 

Clockwork - I like her jacket, shoes, and pants, but she needs a more stylish shirt. I don’t know what I think about her. We never talk. 

Laughing Jack - I enjoy his fashion tastes other then his insistence of wearing only monochrome clothing. I don’t like him being around much. He’s unsettling and kills children for some reason. 

Dr.Smiley - His fashion taste is fine but he wears far to many accessories. He’s charming and that’s what scares him about him. He’s a sociopath but if I met him on the street I would never use it.

The Rake - HE DOESNT WEAR CLOTHES FOR SOME DISTURBING REASON!!! I don’t like him just for the fact he refuses to wear clothes. 

Sonic.EXE - His style is disgusting. He only ever wears old jeans and stained band t shirts. I can’t even talk about it, it’s so upsetting. He’s an ass. He burned one of my sweaters because I refused to make a fashion line based on him. 

The Puppeteer - He actually has a good taste in fashion but he’s so greasy where he refuses to shower it doesn’t matter. He’s far to sulky for my tastes. 

Bloody Painter - His fashion taste is decent compared to the others. It could be more out there but his jacket is fashionable. Unlike the other creep’s he even accessories! Much like Puppeteer, he’s to sulky for my tastes.

Kagekao - He has a unique and bold fashion taste that I actually admire! He’s annoying as hell. He stole my clothes and tried to walkdown a runway with them on.

Marble Hornets

Tim Wright - His style is fine when he wears flannels but WHAT WAS HE THINKING WEARING THAT UGLY ASS ORANGE SHIRT??????? I really like his personality when he’s not wearing that orange shirt. He’s kind and brave. I admire him for trying to make things right, even if he failed. 

Jay Merrick - He wears the same clothes for weeks straight and their somehow almost ugly. I feel the most pity for him out of everyone. He just wanted to help and he was killed for it. 

Alex Kralie - I don’t like Alex’s style. He wears the same things and it’s always dirty. He’s an asshole. I get that my brother can be very damaging to the mind but it doesn’t excuse his actions. 

Brian Thomas - I don’t like his style. The only thing he’s ever worn that was fashionable is his black petite coat. He should wear things like that more often. I like his personality! He’s a very bright and joyful person! He reminds me of Splendor but with his personality wayyyyyyy turned down.

anonymous asked:

Hey idk if this was done yet, but how about some headcanons about the Pastas sexualities? Maybe how they figure themselves out if any of them happen to be LGBTQ+? I know it doesn't really matter but I'd love to hear your thoughts.

(Creepypasta x Headcannon) The Pastas Sexualities -


*Yes! And please don’t shove what you think their sexuality is down my throat. This is my opinion. Thank you :)*


Straight (Heterosexual) -

Dr.Smiley, Pinkamena, Killing Kate, Jason The Toymaker, Lulu, Glitchy Red, Darkness, Bloody Painter.

Bisexual -

Nemesis, Masky, Nina The Killer, Zero, Laughing Jill, Rouge, Eyeless Jack, Scarecrow, Clockwork, Emra, Suicide Sadie.

Pansexual -

Heartful Lou, Hoodie, Splendorman, Judge Angel, Sexual Offender, Candy Cane, BEN Drowned, Ticci Toby, Nathan The Nobody.

Demisexual -

April Fools, Hobo Heart, Candy Pop, Vailly Evans, Lulu, Kate The Chaser, Clockwork.

Transgender -

I don’t see any of them being Trans. Sorry >~

Asexual -

Nurse Ann, Dr.Smiley, The DollMaker, Hoodie, Masky, Rouge, Puppeteer, Jason The Toymaker, Bloody Painter.

Lesbian/Gay -

The Chessmaster, Trenderman, Kagekao, Nick Vanill, Rainbow Factory, Jane The Killer.

Questioning -

The DollMaker, Jeff The Killer, Dark Link, Homicidal Liu, Alice Madness.

Doesn’t care about their sexuality -

Lazari, Sonic.exe, Lost Silver, Laughing Jack, Sally, Nightmare Ally, Slenderman.



- Most of them found out they’re not straight over the years of questioning it or learning about the LGBT on the internet. Or maybe one day, they just felt different and they asked one of the Pastas, they’re close to, about it.

- If any of the Pastas are struggling with their sexuality, everyone else tries to cheer them up. No one pressures them or assumes anything about them. Once they do figure out their sexuality, everyone is happy for them and will have like a mini party. 

- Jane was the first one to come out, and after that, slowly by slowly the other did too, seeing that no one was making fun of each other’s sexuality. Slender honestly really didn’t care because he couldn’t do anything about it. 

- Many didn’t care about their sexuality and pushed it away. When BEN found out he was Pan, he just tried to ignore it after he felt weird around EJ and Jeff. 

- The Pastas may hate each other, yes, but if anyone talks crap about the LGBT, all hell breaks loose. Jane is like the mother of the community for them. Many of the Pastas will go to her when they’re having a problem or are trying to figure out their sexuality. 


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