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Why is resilience so important in terms of tackling climate change?

Let us keep the struggle of . This world belongs to us and the generations to come. It's our duty now to make difference and avoid

HSR DOES add up!Powered by it'll be far more cost effective than PLANES!& the cost of is something we simply can't ignore! didn't you say that yourself?

Capturing carbon, once a fringe idea, may be key to fighting climate change

Under-resourced populations, indigenous peoples, children, pregnant women, persons w/ disabilities are most at risk with

Contest Shoutout! Cheers to & on Instagram. Your chance! Tag your favorite photo of w/ a theme & you could win a free $100-value May ticket. Winner announced on .


Flying economy expends the same amount of jet fuel as flying first class. Complete BS! She should have rode a donkey there if she really supported "fake" climate change. is NOT real! Just another tool Democrats dreamed up to tax you! Scientists admitted it!

provide us with insights into how is likely to change in the future, but how do they work? Find out in this Climate Change Scenario Primer by the project: | weADAPT

Ooh - pleased with these @sutton_seeds for the veg bed! First pots i've found so far. Love them! Doing my bit for and trying

Our petition calling on UK Government to restore on a massive scale to help stop has just received its 30,000th signature. Amazing stuff! Can we get to 100k and force a debate in parliament? Please keep signing!

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protestors in front of buses 10 years after democracy protestors in front of tanks in Tiananmen Square. Time for to talk about changing policy on not just policing

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With all the amazing climate action taking place at the moment, it's a good time to share a blog post I started writing a while ago. A growing list of all the little things I am doing to reduce my footprint, here:

La España que viene está aquí: envuelta en plástico y sin ninguna idea de lo que cuestan estas cartas al medio ambiente. Vuestros envelopes se van a la basura, y quién paga el coste ambiental de vuestro Ego? Humanos..

First aim of Metropolitan Police Service is to "Make London the safest global city." Air quality deaths: 9,400 (2010) Road Traffic fatalities: 131 (2017) Homicides: 135 (2018) Police must be torn on as politician inaction is problem not protests

I’ve had so much fun the couple of days hanging out with you guys, it’s good to know I’m on the right side of history, I’ll keep going for as long as I can

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🚨WARNING: Distressing images 🚨@netflix’s show @ourplanet captures the heartbreaking reality walruses face in the era of climate change
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The last 48h have been Insane🔥🙌🏽
When will Humanity and Nature have the collective attention and love Notre Dame did?! Millions of kids have been protesting in the streets for our planet and health, there is the most worst humanitarian crisis happening right Now in Yemen, and I havnt seen anywhere near as many posts and $. Do we have to wait until the coral reefs, rainforests, endangered animals and glaciers become monuments to start acting collectively to save them?
What about the 65m displaced humans?
Child sex trafficking?
Etc… Etc.. Etc..
I find it beautiful that the world acted in solidarity to preserve and restore history 🙏🏽
But WE make history! And our place of worship in this PLANET! 🌍
Let’s TAG organisations and people who you think are on the forefront of preserving LIFE, and let’s start giving them the same attention. We are BURNING. -
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Thank you, @washingtonpostmag for a great opportunity to contribute to your unprecedented issue on climate change. 24 different covers were created for this edition and feel lucky to be asked to create a photo-illustration for a story on rising sea levels. And, be among the other great artists and photographers who contributed their talents towards a great cause. People like @craigcutlerstudio (big fan) , @aidamuluneh @jessrotter Isabelle Cardinal, @blobbybloherty and @king_marvino Great stuff, all the way around! #earthday #earthday2019 #climatechange

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This Is How Human Extinction Could Play Out
Food-system collapse, sea-level rise, disease. In his new book “Falter,” Bill McKibben asks, “Is it Too Late?”
By Bill McKibben

“But let’s try to occupy ourselves with the most likely scenarios, because they are more than disturbing enough. Long before we get to tidal waves or smallpox, long before we choke to death or stop thinking clearly, we will need to concentrate on the most mundane and basic facts: everyone needs to eat every day, and an awful lot of us live near the ocean.”


🌹👁🌹🧐😳👀 Coral reefs are the rainforests of the ocean—25% of all marine life will live on a coral reef at some point. But warming ocean temperatures are causing massive bleaching events in reefs around the world, and dead reefs don’t reproduce.

To see how you can help protect our oceans, join our friends at#AWorldWorthFightingFor #climatechange 😳🧐🌹👁🌹🙏🏽💯🧐😳👀

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62 degrees yesterday and snowing today…….
#climatechange #climatechangeisreal #stopclimatechange (at Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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#mothernature - feat @emskiartuk 🌎 🏭 ☀️ - #climatechange #pollution #polarbears #rubberrings #planet #earth #illustration #detail #drawing #darkart #darkartist #timlordart #design #contemporaryart #gothicart (at Shrewsbury, Shropshire)

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