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The days are becoming brighter and now is the time to start and dusting other areas of the home. This is an interesting - it makes cleaning a blind a little easier.

Cleaning the big boy 15m linings the week getting them ready for the season ahead

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Don't be fooled by the of our newest addition Rufus. I've just found a little gift he left us in thr washing basket 😡😭

Available sizes ready for bulk order are specified as follows: 50g*200pcs, 200g*40pcs, 300g*30pcs, 500g*24pcs, 1kg*12pcs & 2kg*pcs.

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Angela Brown’s Top 10 Toilet Brushes & Toilet Cleaning Systems

Angela Brown’s Top 10 Toilet Brushes introduce you to some amazing bathroom products. Toilet brushes to make the #Top10 are the Clorox ToiletWand, and the #SquattyPotty Invisibrush. 

Other toilet cleaning system favorites are: Libman toilet brush and Peppy Brush.  And the simplehuman toilet brush and eco toilet brush are also in the mix. If you have a commode, you will at some time buy a toilet brush. Now you’re informed. Yay!

When I originally planned to clean house back in November, I ambitiously wanted to take care of roughly half a room per day, so in a nine day stint off work I could complete everything and finally be content with my home.

So far, I’ve spent three days on my bedroom, cried every day, and been in so much emotional and physical pain, part of me wishes I never started in the first place.

I had a full breakdown earlier - my brain broke when found a bag of foreign/old coins and bills my husband and I have collected over the years and I couldn’t fathom why I’d want them anymore because I have absolutely no reason to, but simulatenously couldn’t comprehend why I’d ever want to let them go.

I knew this would be difficult, but damn.

Hey! I could use some advice on a type of bug, bc i cant find it. And/Or how to clean them n some cobwebs out of a antique skull (coyote) bc he still has his nose bits and i dont wanna ruin them. And the whole inside of his head is cobwebs and theyre very gross.

They are this little shimmer looking golden bugs. With wings and like long antennas. Theyre also super small so i cant really get a photo.

Staying balanced


During my visit with my therapist last week we got into some heavy stuff. We started talking about a friend of mine that i have a very long history with. This person was at one point in time, my soul mate. (Btw, soulmates WILL come and go in life and you CAN have more than one) thats just something ive learned the hard way in life. I wont get into the whole story behind him and I because it does still make me sad to know that this chapter of friendship and love is over. But what i want to talk about is what happened after my therapy session. I left the office looking a mess from crying my eyes out after my therapist and i spent an hour of going over my memories and regrets from my friendship with him. She gave me an assignment as i left to write him a letter (but dont send it). My mind was racing with thoughts of him and i found myself driving to his apartment. Instead of turning in I drove passed and went home. When i got home i was so worked up and emotional so i started writing my letter. I finished after having penned 8 pages. I read the letter over out loud and started to feel extremely anxious because i knew this wasnt all i wanted to say or how i wanted to say it. So i wrote another letter that ended at 7 pages. I read it, and again, was unhappy with how it turned out. But this time i decided to just leave it be and tried to go on with the rest of my day. But i couldnt. All i kept thinking about all day was him and what i wanted to say to him.

This went on for the next few days.. writing letter after letter, my mind racing all day and night, i couldnt sleep, i had to talk myself into NOT showing up at his apartment a couple times. Then finally I was driving myself to crazy that i ended up going to his apartment. At first i passed it up and parked in a neighborhood nearby and sat for 45 minutes crying and going over what i was going to say to him. Finally i got the courage to go there and when i knocked on the door… no one was home. I turned around and scanned the parking lot and realized his truck wasnt there. So i sighed in relief and went back home.

As i drove home i had this sense like a weight was starting to lift off of my shoulders. And i started to feel okay again for the first time in days. I started to feel acceptance and closure.

I realized that becoming unraveled or unbalanced like i did was necessary (for me) in order to heal and grow and move on. I needed to purge all of those unresolved feelings and emotions i had about our relationship one last time. And once i went to his apartment and saw that he wasnt home, i felt closure because, if him and i were supposed to talk and try to heal our friendship right this moment… he would have been there. But because he wasnt there, it clearly wasnt the right time or place. All of my actions and all of his actions resulted in where we both are right now. Every choice we made has led to this very moment… And that is something that i can accept and learn from. In therapy we talk about radical acceptance. And for the first time i finally understand what it truly means and feels like to practice radical acceptance. I’ve found that there is beauty in accepting loss and pain. With every loss, there is peace and through all pain there is growth.

In order for me to allow myself to grow, i needed to make some more changes.

One way that people can cope with stressful situations is by distracting themselves. And in this situation I decided to distract myself by going to the gym and exercising. I have been going to the gym every morning since the night I went to his apartment. I made a routine for myself and allow myself to get lost in the music while I work through my emotions and sweat out all the bad energy I might be holding onto.

I’ve also been cleaning out and organizing my room. I find that the clutter makes my mood go down drastically. I literally got rid of 3 bins and 3 garbage bags full of clothes and books. Now i just have to dust and I’ll feel 10 times better! Cleaning is also a way for me to distract myself from stressful situations. I find that washing the dishes instead of throwing them in the dish washer, folding or hanging up my clothes instead of throwing them anywhere, organizing my makeup table and drawers, throwing away things i dont need or use… all of these things take my mind off of stress. And if they dont, they at least distract me long enough to where I’m removed from the situation and can think about it in an unbiased way and come up with healthy solutions versus staying in the situation and getting worked up and reacting quickly without thinking.

These are just a few ways that ive learned that help me stay focused and balanced

Im sorry my posts are so long! Please feel free to comment or message me if any of my posts speak to you! I am NOT a licensed therapist but i am always here to listen and help people any way i can! I want my experiences to help people to better understand themselves and others and i want to help people learn to love and accept themselves!

I want to know… whats YOUR way of distracting yourself?

What was a moment of redical acceptance for you and how did it make you feel?

Peace and love😘


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  • Me, cleaning my room for the first time in months: Never again. How did I live like this? I'm such a pig. I won't ever let my room return to a state such as this ever again. Marie Kondo is our savior.
  • Also me, dropping laundry on the floor the very next day: Sounds like a problem for future me.

Major clearout part II.

I need to clear out the entire cupboard in the first picture to make room for my shoe rack. All these clothes fit so I’ve taken out clothes from the other side of my cupboard that are too small. My cupboard has three sections with sliding doors so it’s pretty big.

I’m excited to have a shoe rack as all my shoes are under my bed in boxes so sometimes I have to crawl under the bed to get them out lol.

Usually I would donate all of this to charity but I’m going to do a car boot sale instead as I need the extra cash. My cousin made £150 from 2 days of selling her clothes!