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Since the weather is cooling down, the bugs will be seeking refuge in your home. Keep them out by disposing of your fruit scraps promptly.

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Sanitizing the basin is the first step for kitchen sinks in the right manner.

Have you spotted our team of cleaners and supervisors busy cleaning away Portsmouth University student accommodation this week?

TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY 👏🏼 So this bad boy I’m going to go ahead and say was my best oven yet....the job satisfaction I got off this was second to none 👌🏼 Happy Tuesday 💜 (Please no negative comments they will be removed)

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once again just wanna make a plug for @unfuckyourhabitat. As someone who–because of executive function issues due to disability–has a really hard time cleaning and organizing, and who is trying to build healthy and sustainable cleaning habits. Rachel Hoffman’s book is simultaneously super helpful and super validating.

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In response to hoarding anon, and the anon that replied with shelter advice. Make sure it is a no kill shelter. And maybe see if it is possible that a friend could take care of them. There are also animal therapy organizations that may take them. They usually need shot records and such, but most are willing to work with you.

@ hoarding anon. my parents have the same problem and just after talking 2 times to social workers they are already throwing things away and starting to clean things up etc! it was pretty bad too the neighbours started to complain about the yard. dont give up you can get over this 💕     

Good tips!– Mimi


51/100 Days of Productivity 

Spring cleaning!  

I am a generally organized and clean person in my actual living space; but I tend to sort of let closets and other unseen things get messy and disordered.  But, I’m done with my dissertation proposal, I’ve finished this week’s homework, I’ve lesson planned, I’ve submitted an article…so I had nothing else to do.  May as well tackle all four of my house’s closets and go at the giant tub of papers I accumulated this past year.  (Does anyone else save paper?  I have course documents, handouts, mail, student papers, etc.)

Tomorrow’s goal is to tackle rearranging books/bookshelves as necessary.  Sigh. 


100 days of productivity / day 9 (March 3rd 2018)

Featuring my ever so adorable cat named Storm, whom decided to explore my newly cleaned room while I was retaking some previously failed pictures

Today I cleaned my room! And man was it needed. I cleaned the floor, organized my desk and shelves, and also just put my sheets in the laundry (in one picture there’s 3 laundry baskets visable, they’re going in the laundry over the course of tomorrow cause the sheets took too long). I even put my books in rainbow order in the small tv stand bookshelf

Next week after my last exam I’m going to a gardening store to get a nice medium sized houseplant for the table on the top picture, as well as getting a small potted plant for my desk as it feels way too empty at the moment

(My luggage case is also gonna be moved into the attic’s storage space so I can’t wait to move that out of my room)