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Before adding a sealer we always prep the surface first. For this job we prepped the driveway before adding the sealer.

A little something I wrote recently: How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

Day two at the RESTA 2019 Vilnius exhibition in Lithuania for SpaceVac International 🙋🏽‍♂️

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Are those humans

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Hello! I have a slight problem: I recently started using rubber gloves for washing dishes, and apparently my hands are pretty small because even the smallest size is too big for me. It's very uncomfortable to use them and more than once I nearly dropped the dishes :( Any idea what to do? Thanks in advance!

Oh no! Rubber gloves are generally oversized, I think? Maybe you could find extra-small ones online?

If you have a dishwasher, that’ll save your hands, too!– Mimi

Day 49 (4/23/19):

  • Started rearranging my room (broke my vanity mirror in the process)
  • Worked on my final projects for English and Math

Day 50 (4/24/19):

  • Finished rearranging my room
  • Did laundry
  • Put away already clean clothes
  • Exercised for 30 minutes
  • Read my book for English

I didn’t get any before pictures for my room but I did get some during and after.

I’m halfway done with this challenge! Woop woop!

Tips for cleaning makeup brushes/tools

Here are some tips for cleaning makeup brushes and beauty blenders :)

~Clean your brushes more often than you think you should. ESPECIALLY if you use the brush/blender for liquid/creme products. Bacteria can and will grow on those brushes and beauty blenders and can cause your skin to breakout. Brushes used with powder products don’t need to be washed AS MUCH but definitely still need to be cleaned regularly. 

~Clean brushes/blenders used with liquids and cremes once a week.

~Clean brushes used with powders once every 1-2 weeks. 

~When cleaning brushes, use warm, not hot, water and a face safe soap. I personally use Dawn dish soap because it is gentle on the skin and is often anti-bacterial, but I know some people use a specially made brush cleaning soap or even a facial cleanser. Whatever works for you. 

~Be gentle with brushes and don’t scrub them any harder how you use them on your face. 

~Make sure to rinse thoroughly.

~If you don’t have a brush cleaning glove or board you can always use your hand in place of one.

~Be gently when drying your brushes and place them on an even surface when you set them out to dry. You don’t want water going into where the bristles are attached to the handle because the water could mess with the glue and make your bristles fall out. 

~When cleaning beauty blenders, again, use warm but not hot water and a face safe soap. What I like to do with beauty blenders is to take a measuring cup and fill it with warm water and soap. Get the soap frothy, then place your beauty blender(s) in the mixture and give it a couple of good squeezes to get the soapy water worked into it. Then let it sit for 5-10 minutes before you take it out and rinse it thoroughly. 

That’s all I have for now! I hope this is helpful!

Things To Consider When Seeking Wet Carpet Cleaning Company

Total Flood Damage Melbourne is set up to give an extensive water and fire damage crisis and fiasco reclamation and cleaning services crosswise over Melbourne and adjacent zones.


Hygienically cleaned a bedroom carpet for a disabled boy today. Making it clean & germ free. #whitediskcleaning #cleaningservices #hygenic #carpet #cleaning #royton #germfree #oldham
via @RiplApp (at Royton)

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