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HRH The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip sporting our Hobbies Bookshelf Tie • We are inviting you to use every time you post a picture or video •

Mid week casual with yesterday’s outfit. . canvas Doyle jacket, missing a button but still going strong. @hussars_co polo, and house cotton trousers. . . .

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Famous and special tailors in Monte Carlo is just not only known for their best quality work and one of a kind style, yet additionally for their straightforwardness between the client and the business.

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Luxury Comfort at a Luxury Show. Walk around in Class at this years Motor show taking place from today to Sunday 19th May

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Linen/cotton on top, seersucker on bottom.

Linen/Cotton Jacket: Banana Republic, thrifted, $9.90

Shirt: The Savile Row Company, thrifted, $1.00

Tie: Brooks Brothers Makers, thrifted, $1.99

Seersucker Pants: J. Crew, thrifted, $5.99

Inspired by the thrifting powerhouse that is @johanmatsols.

Jacket: Belvest, Made in Italy Expressly for Scott & Co Los Angeles, thrifted, $9.99

Shirt: Vintage Natural Blend Oxford Shirt: E.L. Huntington, thrifted, $6.49

Pants: Brooks Brothers, thrifted, $6.49

Tie: Ben Silver, thrifted, $2.99

Pocket Square: No name, thrifted, free (came inside a thrifted jacket pocket)


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