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Had a great stay Comfort Inn in Green River Utah. Time for me and my '19 to wrap up this get home to !

We reviewed another Retro T.V. classic in Walker, Texas Ranger (1993). It has not aged particularly well but it is !

Want an excuse to watch more of ? In the latest blog, we bring you the top shows you can watch to learn English. Read here:

Kennan fun fact: because of this movie, I wanted to be a deputy . This came out in 1993. and I can go quote for quote. I’m watching this right now because every time it’s on I can’t switch the channel. 😂

Woke up in Idaho to my '19 first introduction to snow. Off to Fort Collins CO.

Bonjour :) j’ai si hâte de commencer les BG sur World of !! Ça fait un moment que j’attend ça !!! J’espère que vous êtes chaud on va envoyer du lourd en live jusqu’à la sortie de la 3.8 de SC !

The film “Scarface” was released in theaters 36yrs ago today. 🎥

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Today "A Charlie Brown Christmas" turns 54! The movie first aired on TV on this day way back in 1965. Do you watch this classic every year? #1965

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Allo? Vallée d'Alterac demain sur world of ? On en parle !!! GO ▶️ !

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