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Had to do a double zoom on the belt 😂😂🕺🏽

Me when my schedules a required senior-level during the time of an I was about to be offered...

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It’s a caffeine and fidget toys kind of day

Some college tips:

  1. Don’t take a 3.5 hour lecture if you can avoid it
  2. Start liking coffee. It’ll become a replacement for every piece of your soul the classes will take
  3. Invest in good hair products because my hair looks insane right now and it’s killing me
  4. Student spotify premium with Hulu is so worth it
Seniority in a Job

If there is anything you want to accomplish, you must have seniority. This is where my dilemma begins. When you crave to learn more, to know more, you must have seniority to get there. Being a year in this job, my seniority is low. My job is not that bad, except for the fact that I am bored to death. Everyday I must remind myself I have a job, and one day I will get where I want to be. As of right now, besides moving up in my company, I also want to start a business. I’ve always dreamed of being my own boss or a manager, problem is I don’t know of what. This is where my job gives me the support. I make money to save up, all while moving up in the company. I actually don’t mind my job, it may be boring but I get to work from home. Yes, it may suck to not have a high seniority, but this is where hobbies and learning come into play. I will not sit around and wait for things to fall into my lap. So while I wait to be told I can take a different position in my job, I will take a few classes from the local college and also work on hobbies. This is where the peace begins, knowing you are not stuck.

Homestuck: Classes: How the Knowlede and Manipulation Classes Use Powers

How I’ve always seen these active classes, in terms of powers:

The Mage’s knowledge of knowing the intricacies of their aspect allows them to “subtly manipulate” the branches/subsets of their aspect, unlike Witches who manipulate the general whole of their aspect and learn what broad knowledge comes from their directing.

For instance, let us compare a Witch of Breath with a Mage of Breath: While the Witch could grab hold of the air currents and whip them around to make a hurricane, the Mage would whip their arms around Avatar-style to change the flow of air in order to conjure a tornado.


As for Seers and Heirs, I’ve theorized that Seers strive to learn their aspect and how it responds in occurrence to a force, whereas Heirs straightout alter the aspect they are so in-tune with that they come to find out what they can naturally do from that experience.

Let us once again return to Heroes of Breath, with a Seer and Heir:

The Seer could have an Alchemized arm-mounted turbine, maybe like some high-tech wrist-blasters, that rotates to such a degree that it shoots concentrated blasts of wind-pressure; the Heir could lift a hand up and control the air itself, as if feeling every current in their vicinity like their own nervous system, swinging literal fists of air everywhere.

The Seer experiments on their aspect, the Mage’s aspect is used for experimenting; the Witch learns what their aspect can do, the Heir learns what they can do with their aspect

It fits in with the Seer-/Heir-passiveness matching the Witch-/Mage-activeness, too.

By advancing singularity, heterogeneity, anti-totality, and supplementarity, for instance, deconstruction has, among other things, demolished ‘history’ itself as an articulation of class relations. In doing so, it has constructed a cognitive environment in which the economic interests of capital are seen as natural and not the effect of a particular historical situation. Deconstruction continues to produce some of the most effective discourses to normalize capitalism and contribute to the construction of a capitalist-friendly common sense in which capitalism’s economics and economic practices (layoffs, reduction of pay and benefits, abolishing of pensions) are all received as matters of complexity, unpredictability, uncertainty, and the inability of reason to explain the uncanny workings of the social. Consequently, it places the subject of labor in a position where instead of becoming a militant against capital, he becomes a contemplative ethical subject grappling with the undecidable and mediating on his own responsibilities. If deconstruction seems 'exhausted’ and not as powerful in its naturalization of capitalism today as it was at the beginning of Neoliberal economics, this is not because capitalism has gone beyond itself and outdone deconstruction. It is because capitalism has become more itself in recent years: its class contradictions have increased.
—  Teresa L. Ebert and Mas’ud Zavarzadeh, Class in Culture, 9

anonymous asked:

Part 1)What would be the differences between how the Sylph & Seer of Mind support others? It seems the Sylph focuses on expanding on the ideas their teammates have and delve into the choices that expands on those ideas but since an open & clear minded Seer can See all the available choices of the others and themselves than won’t they just give the same kind of support as they know how to adjust themselves around others like the Sylph’s fronts and know how to expand on ideas in the same way?

Part 2) What would be the differences between how the Maid & Mage of Mind orients themselves? Maids seems to create ideas, plans, and masks for their benefit as to orient themselves in the most beneficial fashion but since a open & clear minded Mage can figure out how all their choices play out and how to best act around others to get the miracles done, then doesn’t that mean the Mage orients themselves just as well as the Maid? Where do these classes start diverging & specializing differently?

I’m sorry that this is likely not going to be the answer you were looking for, but you can really not start to delve more into the similitudes and differences of two Classpects when you specify something they have in common without going for an example of those two Classpects.

What I mean is that, Sylphs and Maids are oriented towards ‘Creation’, and Seers and Mages towards ‘Knowing’, and they both have certain differences that distance one from the other- But you can’t solidly separate them as concepts if you’re talking about something they could handle similarly, because the difference comes precisely from the unique ways every individual parses their Classpect.

It’s why I usually don’t answer questions asking about differences or similitudes between two Classpects- Because I can provide a general explanation of what each Classpect COULD do, but if you start bringing up more specific stuff, it’s going to come down entirely to the specific case and context. A Maid and Mage of Mind could be extremely similar, or they could be completely different entirely, and it really depends on how you work with what you have, and that is a very… Unique thing to every one character or person.

Frankly I have no idea what are the most likely occupations for classes and aspects oops.

Here’s my take on the likelihood of classes/aspects being a teacher:

Aspects, from most to least: blood, light, mind, time, space, life, hope, rage, heart, breath, doom, void

Classes, from most to least: seer, mage, rogue, knight, slyph, witch, muse, maid, heir, bard, page, lord, thief, prince

An Inside Joke

Nothing important, just smth crazy I made at 2 am (ft. Sir Aizadad) - MICHELLE I KNOW YOU’RE SEEING THIS HAHAHAH

It was a typical Tuesday at BINUS, where most of the people in L4BD are late even when class starts at 16.30.

Hanny is never sure why people come late. Maybe they overslept? But that’s impossible. No one outsleeps her, and besides, its a class way after midday, so surely, everyone should be awake.

Michelle soon comes, pulling a seat beside Hanny, who is busy on her phone.

“Hi bitch,” Michelle greets her friend, “hm.. sir Will isn’t here yet. So is ci Steph..”

“Yes,” Hanny replies with a grin, “more time for me! I gotta finish this chapter soon!”

Michelle sighs, sitting down beside her friend, “still on that fanfic? How do you have the time?”

“Not sure either.”

Before the two can continue speaking, however, the door is flung open and in walks a man of average height, wearing all black and a grey scarf around his neck- wait what?

Hanny and Michelle are silent, staring at the man who is supposed to be their teacher. Everyone in class soon fell silent as well.

Mr. Will is dressed… Differently.

He has his usual black colours, but this time a scarf of grey material, not wool, is wrapped around his neck. And a silver belt ran through the waistline of his loosely fitted black pants, tucked into his ankle high boots.

He is not wearing his usual tinted glasses, but in its place, a pair of yellow goggles are on display. A very familiar pair of yellow goggles.

Holy shit-

“Han that’s-”

“I know!” Hanny answers, her laughter barely contained as the two watches their supposed teacher place his bag on his chair and go to stand in front of the class.

“Regardless of my appearance,” he drones, his voice is laced with a different tone, more lazy and missing its usual intimidation and snarkiness, “class will still go on today.”

For a moment, the class was silent, no one dare ask what happened to him.

Hanny then timidly raises her hand, as if about to ask a question.

“Yes, Hanny?”

“Sir why are you dressed like that?”

He pauses, contemplating whether or mot he should answer, but decided to answer her question in the end.

“Honestly, I have no idea. It was like a spell had hit me or shit. At least its all black.”

“Sir your goggles are yellow,” Michelle pointed out.

He sighed, “at least the bars prevents eye contact.”

Hanny wanted to laugh as she raises her hand once again. Mr. Will nodded at her and she says, “You’re dressed up as Aizawa-sensei, sir.”

He was silent at first, “like who?”

“Aizawa-sensei. From Boku no Hero Academia,” Hanny replies. Is this for real right now? She had been talking about him as sir Aizadad with her friends but she never thought this would happen.

“I have no idea who that is.” Mr. Will turns to the whole class, “but anyway, if you guys want to consult, I’ll be at my desk.”

With that, he turns and strides back to his desk, sitting down and waiting for anyone who wants to consult or pitch ideas to him.

Hanny and Michelle goes batshit crazy internally.

“Holy shit he’s literally sir Aizadad now,” Michelle whispers, laughing silently.

Hanny laughed along, “at least something stays the same.”

“What stays the same?” Michelle asks, looking at Mr. Will and trying to see what her friend had meant.

“His nose.”