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IN Name= Mega Approved By= Location= Plot = 780/- Sq Ft Plot = 1000, 1250 , Bank And

』 □ CAP WOOL CHECK/blue ウール素材のチェックを仕様したネオ東京キャップ。 小さなブリムと内側のメッシュアイが特徴です。 ベロクロにて微調整可能です。               

✔ 도라와 잃어버린 황금의 도시 비하인드 영상 잉카 문명의 비밀을 풀어헤쳐나가는 어드벤쳐 영화 🔪 알고 보면 더 재미있는 영화에 숨겨진 뒷이야기. 출처 :

La noche es cálida, la noche es larga, la noche es magnífica para escuchar historias.

Read about my recent trip to the 'Miami of Central America' - Panama City is a cultural combination of old and new. Its a modern metropolis and also a vision of old world charm

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(The Tennessean) decides not to reopen emergency shelters this winter : The decision was officially announced at a meeting on Monday night. Officials cited a lack of funding and resources.              ..

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Don’t know how to label this but yeah, sticker tag.


Sunset People - Hudson Yards, New York City by Andreas Komodromos
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View from the High Line of the dramatic sunset over the Hudson.

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#Bogota #Bogotá #timelapse #sunday #domingo #puente #destination #visitbogota #sunny #city #day #driving (at Nuestro Hogar)

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I’m doing an art project in my school and we have to choose the theme. And my theme is how the time passes.

So!!! I painted my countries most FAMOUS old city!!! Its the Ancient City of Palmyra in Syria!!

Most of you know that I came from Syria and there in Syria is a war going on. A civilian war. Yet I wanted to make this for my country, my home and where I came from.


Hope you like it!!!