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« Si vos yeux sont aveuglés par vos soucis, vous ne pouvez pas voir la beauté d’un coucher de soleil. » (Krishnamurti)

Some of the best views and lunch spots alike are just down 55th street. We never get tired of stretching our own legs and taking in a bit of during lunch. This never fails to impress.

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🔵Fab City Summit. 🔵 Very happy to announce as a speaker of . He's in charge of urban planning, greater Paris projects. You can still book your tickets here ! 👉

: ‘Good ’ can not only help solve employment, economic & environmental issues, but can also boost a ’s ability to attract investment from property firms. Learn more in new + Coalitioin paper:

Possibly the greatest place to be a kid on earth 🌏💛 .... the including 3🦖, a huge 🌲 and best with scenes from favourite 🎥. 💯worth a visit 🔜!

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A means time for a break too so ditch the and call in the local for a bit of private thinking time

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Married At First Sight continues to be an overall success of a show as well as a social experiment. Individuals currently living in and near the San Francisco/Bay Area have been propositioned to participate in a 6 month-long marriage with a complete stranger. In that time, the participating individuals and couples will:

At the end of the 6 month period, each pair will meet with a MAFS counselor and make a final decision: stay married with the person they’ve been married to, or annul the marriage. The couples who decide to stay married will have the wedding of their dreams paid for.

Married at First Sight is a new OC skeleton roleplay, based on strangers making a future together. Join the roleplay as we explore the characters creating a future, plan a wedding and more!

                 MAIN     MESSAGE    NAVIGATION    CHARACTERS   
I need a reputable shop to take my car to

Guys I need some help. I have a new(ish) car that I need to take to the shop. Issues are as follows:

Need a tune up

Engine has a light ticking sounds on start up

Detroit is full of potholes and now it sounds like something rubbing against metal when I make left turns.

Any help you all can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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                        Welcome to Bellum City
Chicago is at war. The Gods and Goddesses of the ancient world have decided to walk amongst the mortals once more. The city is ruled by two ruling parites, the Gods of Olympia and the gods of Egypt. The city is the battleground - who will win it all?

Bellum City is a mythological and crime/mob role play. It accepts OC’s as well as offers a range of premade characters


Welcome to Westwick!
Enjoy your stay.

Make sure to get to know Westwick. A city with its roots set a few minutes from west of Los Angeles. It works as major hub for tourism and culture and due to its proximity to the City of Angels, most citizens find in Westwick a place to live far from the chaotic traffic but still close enough to work in LA. Westwick holds an important tradition as a town focused on culture and commerce and attracts new artists every year, with bars, restaurants, cafes, galleries and great range of establishments for you to explore. Enjoy your stay, appreciate the lovely city, explore its architecture and the beautiful neighbourhoods within it.

                       Acceptances every Tuesday and Friday!

Westwick Roleplay is an original literate roleplay set in the fictional city of Westwick in Los Angeles County, California. Here we’ll mainly focus in character development and we aim to provide a great environment. Come join us!