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🌳 Parks make city dwellers healthier and happier - but only if they can use them: via

Where should start in order to improve productivity (and , etc.)? Start mapping your system! Technology is available for that: , , connectivity, etc. More in report presented today @ .

NEW YORK City skyline. This is an impressive site. If you have not seen it you must go. We are looking at Manhattan island. Crazytrek loves to explore the world. thank you for following. .

Amazing! Desert Planters by Equinox: The Pathway 18 self watering hanging basket is extremely popular sub irrigated planter. The built in reservoir turns daily watering into weekly.

Ede Iljasz Vasquez : we still have to show private sector the interest of compact .

Cremation will "absorb" the increase in number of deaths by resident, however the demand for casket burial will remain relatively constant estimated at approximately 6,200 casket burials per yer- given cultures.

Day 2 at - getting ready to take stage, discussing his recent book , where he visited & towns across America who are rewriting rules for their success

In talking about and the relation of and . in practice. I will present rhe connection between tje and the of

urban form is key! Laura Tuck : compact cities can reduce GHG emissions by 50%.

is decreased over S. Bengal & more decreased over N. Bengal. Midnapore is hottest city of West Bengal, record 35.6°C. Maximum temperature is likely to increased.

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paris, france

“Arriving at each new city, the traveler finds again a past of his that he did not know he had: the foreignness of what you no longer are or no longer possess lies in wait for you in foreign, unpossessed places.”

                                                                         —Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities
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Worldbuilding Questions: Towns and Cities

After rambling on worldbuiliding, I did a little list of question (some kindly provided by @gaslightwestern), which I’m going to answer for myself now… Maybe it’ll help you as well, so I thought I’d share! 

General information

  • How large is it? (Number of inhabitants, but also in comparison to other places)
  • How important is the city for the country?
  • How is the ethnic mix in the city? Does it differ from the rest of the country?
  • Is the city of political importance (government seat)?
  • How’s the criminality rate in the city? Anything peaking in particular?
  • Who rules the city? Are the rulers accepted by the townspeople?
  • What’s it like to walk around in the day? At night?
  • What sights, sounds, and smells fill the air?


  • How old is the city?
  • What historical events are the townspeople proud of?
  • Are there any myths about the city’s foundation? Any “fathers” or “mothers” of the city?
  • Has it ever been destroyed and rebuild? Dramatically Besieged?
  • Are there important sons and daughters of the city? Who do they praise the most?
  • Which traditions do they follow?
  • Which buildings (or city quarters) are historical?


  • Are there any rivers, waterways or shorelines?
  • How easily can the city be accessed?
  • Is the city built on hills/mountains? Notable slopes throughout the city?
  • Are there any other cities nearby? How does the city interact with its surroundings?
  • How do the inhabitants get food and water?
  • How does nature influence the city? (Climate, tides, natural disasters, …)

Urban Structure

  • Is the city planned or has it grown naturally? Is there any political influence on how the city expands?
  • How is the city laid out?
  • Is there one (or several) city centers? Does it match the historic old town (if any)?
  • What are the houses like for the various classes?
  • Is there a sewer system? Garbage collection?
  • Are there parks? Is is a “green” city?
  • How do the inhabitants deal with their dead? Are there funeral sites?
  • Are they any “dangerous” parts of the city?
  • Are there distinguished city quarters for living (suburbia)?
  • How are the means of communication? (Pneumatic tube system? Official Mail service?)
  • How is media in the city? Are there local newspapers or radio stations?
  • How is the medical care system? Are there hospitals?
  • How is public transport organized?


  • What does an average person’s diet consist of?
  • Are there regional specialties?
  • Are there restaurants?


  • Are there any important industries settled in the city?
  • Is the city rich? How do they make money?
  • Which are the most important businesses / companies? Anything of national importance?
  • Is there agriculture?
  • What would the average inhabitant do for a living?


  • Is there military stationed in the city?
  • Is the city of strategic importance?
  • Are there city walls?


  • Is there public education? Are there any notable schools or academies situated in the city?


  • Are there any notable landmarks? (Be they natural or man-made)?
  • What would most likely be printed on a postcard send from here?


  • Is there any religious significance to the city? Is it on pilgrimage routes? 
  • Are there important religious buildings? 
  • Which religions are predominant? Does it differ from the rest of the country?
  • Are the inhabitants pious?
  • Are there important religious holidays? How are they celebrated?
  • How would the religious routine of a citizen look like?

Sports and Leisure

  • Are there stadiums of any kind?
  • Is there something like a local sports tradition?
  • What would a typical inhabitant do for a fun night out?
  • Are there important cultural buildings? Is there an opera or a theater?
  • How is prostitution handled in this city? Is there a red light district?