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Tehran Capital city Of IRAN

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Covenant Hour of Prayer (), FRI., JULY 19TH, 2019, At Our Location - ,From 5.30am-6.30am ( Or From 6.30am-7.30am [CET] ) Is [Please Our May Vary In Other ]| You're Welcome | | |

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Reposting @simo_l_v: Voi pensate: i tempi sono cattivi, i tempi sono pesanti, i tempi sono difficili. Vivete bene e muterete i tempi. (A.A.) • • 🏛

Hyd Cyberabad & CRDA Tale of a two : How a vision makes a difference in creating wealth‼️ . Who is the loser ❓

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Google sister company wants to build smart city districts

Forget just providing internet access on city streets – Google’s sister firm Sidewalk Labs wants to create whole smart neighborhoods. Wall Street Journal sources hear that Sidewalk is about to propose to Alphabet that it should design whole city districts with technology in mind. It wants to revamp existing areas (likely in declining cities) with everything from higher-tech electrical grids to self-driving cars. It’s even hoping to get city regulation waivers so that it can experiment with elements as basic as street design.

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Douglas Coupland's V-Pole unifies wireless connectivity and EV charging in an LED streetlight

It’s still very much a concept, and not something being described as a business venture, but author / designer Douglas Coupland is hoping that his new “V-Pole” design will serve as something of a model for cities looking to build out their technology infrastructure. As you can see, it’s a rather nondescript (albeit brightly-colored) pole on the outside, but Coupland sees the inside being packed with an array of the latest technology, including Alcatel-Lucent lightRadios for wireless connectivity (both WiFi and cellular), an LED street light on top, and connections to nearby wireless charging stations for electric vehicles. As for the “V” in the name, that stands for Coupland’s home city of Vancouver, which he sees as a natural fit for the pole – something the city’s mayor apparently agrees with.

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One Millionth Tower documentary elevates the art of HTML5

Impressive demos of HTML5-based wizardry may be more common than ever now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still room to be impressed. One of latest to raise the bar is the One Millionth Tower documentary from the National Film Board of Canada’s Highrise project. The main feature itself runs just over six minutes if you choose to simply sit back and watch, but things get quite a bit more interesting if you dive in and explore the highrise neighborhood that’s the focus of the documentary, which is realized in WebGL-based 3D environment. Naturally, there’s also a behind-the-scenes look at how the documentary was made, and the NFB has even made the source code available for those that want to dig deeper. Head on past the break for the trailer, and hit the source link below to check out the full thing for yourself – we’d recommend switching your browser to full screen mode for the best experience.

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Clearwire's TDD-LTE rolling out in 'early 2013,' coming to NYC, SF, LA, Chicago, Seattle and more

Clearwire’s hardly throwing in the towel after that whole “WiMAX” thing; instead, the outfit has its sights firmly set on bringing TDD-LTE to the masses here in America, starting with an initial rollout in early 2013. A release put out today confirms that New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle will be among the 31 cities where the company will launch the aforesaid network, though there’s no breakdown on which of those metro markets will be forced to wait until “mid-2013” to get served. Speaking of, Clearwire’s making no bones about the fact that “high demand hot zones” will be the ones targeted initially, and in a bid to outshine those LTE networks already live, President and CEO Erik Prusch is suggesting that his firm’s 4G network “will show that not all LTE networks are created equal.” Bold words, sir.

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Cities are collaborating on rules for Uber and Airbnb

The sharing economy,and the companies that embody it, have often waded into a fight wherever they set up shop. That’s because local governments aren’t nimble enough to cope with such radically new ideas, and the companies themselves often struggle with compromise. In order to smooth things over, a coalition of 10 cities across the globe are collaborating on a framework that’ll provide these companies with ground rules to abide by. Bloomberg quotes New York official Wiley Norvell, who says that providing common rules will help both protect users and ensure that political voices are heard by famously regulation-averse startups.

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Arms of Rottenburg am Neckar, Germany

In use since 1282

Blazon: Per fess argent and gules

These arms are apparently an even-more-simplified version of the arms of the house of Hohenberg, which are barry of four argent and gules. The family originated in Austria; though I don’t have any solid evidence, it doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to connect their family arms to the national arms of gules a fess argent.

Ghost City

I look at the sky,

I breathe heavily.

The smell of the flowers during summer,

the blue sky

that gets darker.

I close my eyes and wonder

what’s happening out there?

What’s happening at home?

Imagining those red signs

right in front of me

with the smell of the rain

and my heart

full of life.

Oh, I’ve never wished

to be alive like this before.

But once I open my eyes

nothing is the same,

there are lots of monsters

and a lot of pain.