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Que faire ce jeudi 20 juin à et dans la métropole lilloise ?

A la soirée de présentation de la saison 2019/2020 de , l'occasion de revoir . La Culture à doit être de qualité, accessible à tous et non réservée à une certaine élite et surtout doit pouvoir contenter toutes les attentes...

MERCI d'avoir partagé avec nous le de la présentation de la saison 19/20 ✨⭐️☀️✨⭐️☀️✨⭐️☀️✨⭐️☀️ La saison va être merveilleuse, Nous sommes ravis de la partager avec vous !

[CIRQUE] Sur la scène de , figure du contemporain, d’époustouflantes voltiges racontent un monde en suspension. Un spectacle vertigineux ! •••••10, 11 AVRIL•••••

Quand on vous dit qu'on est prêts ! PRESENTATION DE LA SAISON 19/20 c'est maintenant ! 👌👋

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Inauguration du festival de spectacle vivant à Niort Rencontre du 4e type : Cirque en scène, la Chaloupe, Centre social du parc, ligue de l enseignement. Nombreux spectacles jusqu’à dimanche. #niort#spectacles vivants

On se retrouve ce soir pour notre première représentation pour le Nous jouerons jusqu'au 22 juin! Pour obtenir vos billets, rendez-vous sur:

à venir au 140. RDV ici pour découvrir toute la saison 2019/20 : Vous allez trouver votre bonheur, c'est sûr!

[ M E R C I ! ] Sur l'ensemble de la saison 2018-19, vous étiez 85 476 spectateurs ! 😁
 Nous vous donnons rendez-vous d'ores et déjà la saison prochaine les 10 & 11 septembre à 20h !

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Un moment de rêve du mystère des souvenirs oubliés et de l’émotion “Notre rêve à tous c'est de vous surprendre” où Crescend’O vous attend.


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Boomerang fun @aerialfitness #aerialfitness #aerialsilks #cirque #aerialtricks #splits #straddle #xdrop #aerialist #boomerangoftheweek #boomerang #flip (at Aerial Fitness)

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I’m officially back

My knee is not normal, it might never be normal. But why let it hold up my life? So I’m back at training fully as of today and I’m just being mindful and careful with what I choose to do. And I’m moving with extra control. So I’m hoping to start posting aerial updates regularly again soon!!

In other life things, my thesis is almost ready for submission, just waiting on supervisors speeding up. And I started my new job two weeks ago - that’s me officially a statistical programmer ahahahaha. Jesus Christ.

Videos from dress rehearsal this past week. The performance is this Saturday 😬

(maybe I’ll post other clips from this rehearsal later too)

Song: In the Garden by Red Vox


Things I love about my straps class: 

Pikachu is often the answer. Need an audience that isn’t full of humans? Pikachu. Need to squeeze something to reset your brain? Pikachu. Want something cute in class? Pikachu.

Memes are a way of communicating. “Stronk” “dogge” and “kitteh” are common terms when describing things. Also, disco kitteh is a thing. 

Can’t dance? Neither can we! But we’re gonna do it anyways! And Pikachu loves your dance every time. 

Improvement is literally measured in millimeters and always celebrated.


@sunnymushroom17 roll down @aerialfitness #aerialfitness #aerialsilks #aerialtricks #aerialist #aerialistsofig #aerialnation #cirque #circus #circusartist (at Aerial Fitness)

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Even more updates

I had my MRI on Sunday and orthopaedic follow up this morning. They’ve said I need microfracture surgery on the knee and want to do it within 1-2 weeks from now. I have decided to refuse the surgery.

1) The orthopaedic consultant said the MRI result wasn’t in but they could access images and look and try to interpret it. They are concerned about what looks like a potential piece of broken cartilage.

2) Microfracture surgery helps to regenerate the cartilage but he said the downside of the surgery is that the new cartilage is a bit crappy, doesn’t last long and is nothing like the natural cartilage - but what can you do eh.

3) He also said himself that it will probably continue to improve on its own if I left it, the way it has done so far. The crunching might go away, or might not.

4) He immediately added me to the surgery list saying they would do keyhole to have a look (recovery period 2 weeks) and if they feel they need to, they will do microfractures (recovery period 2 months). So effectively I could go under thinking my recovery is 2 weeks and wake up to find it’s 2 months in a brace and crutches before physio starts…

5) So I consulted my NHS physio friend who also discussed with her senior colleagues. Consensus is that there’s no need to rush into exploratory surgery. Do physio and months down the line if nothing is working, revisit surgery. They all said ortho surgeons are scalpel-happy and are the only department to use surgery as a first resort, not a last. My Private physio friend agreed with this. She said strengthen the muscles above and below the knee. If the knee is not locking or collapsing, but simply making a painless crunching noise, then it’s just a noise.

6) I also separately spoke with the doctor who I share an office with. He agreed with the physio people and stated that orthopaedic surgery is always extremely experimental, they never know outcomes or benefits for sure and often just like to try things.

I am walking fine without crutches, there is no swelling and no pain. If it starts to ache a bit (usually the surrounding muscles) I just take some ibuprofen every few days and it helps. I’m doing light cardio (cross trainer and cycling) as well as weight lifting and planning to return to aerial mid June. There is no rush for this surgery, but orthopaedic people like to rush. So I will carry on as I am and revisit the situation in 4-6 months. If I’m broken they can do surgery.