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Two weeks left to catch the circus. Don't miss these talented kids. – at Circus Flora

Huge thanks to for organising a great photography day out with @officialgiffordscircus. A fantastic show with some talented and energetic performers

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The campers had a snack of popcorn today. Afterwards, they completed a popcorn craft using sponge brushes and yellow paint mixed with shaving cream!

Part , part fine- experience and entirely original, El’ Circo is a truly experience that captivates from the moment you enter the elegantly refurbished former bank.

Silverdale Elementary was by another performance today! and you need to have this circus group perform in your school’s and districts! !

I got some watercolor brush pens to try out , did a set of oc headshots. Here's everyones most pitied Circus Elf!

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“Circus Here Today,” Montreal Gazette. June 11, 1919. Page 05.
Street Parade Billed to Start at 10.30 a.m.

John Robinson’s circus is due here today for a two days’ engagement, on the grounds at the corner of Ontario street and Delorimier avenue. The street parade will leave the show grounds at 10.30 o’clock this morning, and take the following route: Ontario to St. Lawrence boulevard to St. Catherine to Peel to Windsor to St. James to Victoria square, to Craig, to Delorimier avenue, and to the grounds.

The performance will commence at 2 and 8 p.m., both days, the doors to the menageries opening one hour earlier.

‘For some unknown reason,’ said the advance agent, last night, ‘the general public have us mixed up with some show or carnival, which made this territory some five or six years ago, and are not giving John Robinson due credit, for this attraction has not been in the Dominion of Canada in 21 years, and played in Montreal 30 years ago. We are in no way affiliated or connected with any Robinso Bros., or any similar name. This is the original John Robinson circus, owned and managed by a corporation, headed by the John Robinson estate.’


Touched a Lyra for the first time since last September. Reunited and it feels so good/ like I’ll be sore tomorrow 💪🏾 trying to invert = literal hauling of ass 🍑

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The Badlands and a Cool Bus 【Day 1 - June 18th】

I woke up, bright and early at 1 pm to see my alarm clock was broken, my phone hadn’t charged, and my apartment was on fire. I ran outside only to see that the situation everywhere else wasn’t much better.

The city was covered in chaos. Burning, bleeding, screaming chaos. Horrifying monsters were everywhere, like something out of an old sci-fi B movie. Except this was real. Terrifyingly real.

Huge tree-like spider monsters towered above me. I was almost crushed by one of their eight long wooden legs. My landlady threw Molotov cocktails at them, which didn’t seem to do much other than set a few buildings on fire. Including her own. She was too busy laughing maniacally to care about property damage.

Huge whales wove through the skyscrapers as if swimming through some unseen ocean. Shadows moved with sentience. A spider bit a little boy, causing him to drop and writhe in pain. That might’ve just been a normal spider.

They all came from the hundreds of tears in reality of varying sizes that dotted the city. When I looked through the rifts, I saw a foreign world beyond my comprehension. Looking at the world burned my eyes and made me uneasy. Something deep inside me knew this was not for humans to see.

A swarm of tiny bee-human hybrids enveloped a little boy. He screamed. When they finally flew away, he had been reduced to a pile of bones and clothing. The swarm moved on to their next victim. Me.

I was surrounded in an instant. When I ran, they’d follow me, buzzing and flying and crawling along my skin, but they didn’t sting me. After a few moments they left, leaving me unharmed. They left other adults and teenagers alive as well. They only wanted children.

When they surrounded a little girl who couldn’t have been older than seven, I had to help. Obviously. She was so small and scared. If I didn’t do something, those terrified blue eyes would haunt me for the rest of my life.

I took a piece of burning rubble and thrust it towards the swarm. Luckily, I didn’t burn the girl. The swarm flew away, leaving behind a crying girl curled up in the fetal position. She was relatively unharmed, all things considered.

Everyone was running to escape the doomed city. The girl and I ran with them. We were a team now.

A lady in a military uniform grabbed my arm and pointed to the girl. She asked if I was her brother and in a brilliant moment of self-preservation I said yes, even though we look absolutely nothing alike. She’s adopted, I guess.

She hurriedly took us to a military truck full of people. The only people over ten I saw were family members of the young children. Lying had just saved my life, apparently. We were told we were going to a safe place.

There wasn’t much to do except talk to my new sister. Her name is Ella, she has a sister, her favorite food is pasta, she loves dogs, Halloween is her favorite holiday, she knows how to swim, she can count to 100, and so on and so forth until my head explodes.

While she was talking, I found a notebook in my jacket pocket. This notebook. I’d bought it a year ago with plans to finally write a story. It was completely empty.

I’ve decided to document everything that happens. Writing this has made me feel… calmer. At the very least, my hands aren’t shaking anymore. Events tend to feel less real when they’re written down on paper.

Besides, I guarantee people would pay a ton of money to read a first-hand account of the apocalypse. And I do like money.

Ah, I’m so glad to finally be able to start publishing this! I started writing in November for NaNoWriMo and I’ve been editing it ever since. Technically, I ‘finished’ it a few months ago, I just waited to upload it on June 18th since that’s when the story canonically starts. But I’m not done editing it! I need to change… a lot. I’ll be able to keep up with my upload schedule since school just ended today so don’t worry.
I’ve poured my hear into this novel so enjoy this literary equivalent to a found footage film! I’d appreciate feedback of any kind. I crave validation. feed me


(thank you to my excellent beta editor, Connor love you)