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Playing with Angénieux Lenses at BandPro - Valentin Alt

Thought I’d carry this on. Rogue One: Gareth Edwards. Vader’s Enterance. This moment was amazing, and justified the cost of the ticket alone. Not for a very long time had I experienced dread but a weird sadistic joy in a movie. Fantastic.

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Film Stills #09


He’s experienced about as much pain and suffering as anyone I’ve encountered, give or take… And he still has Hell to look forward to.

Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as Detectives David Mills and William Somerset in Se7en

So we ate Spaghetti for dinner tonight and none of you guys will be able to guess how my father ate it…

He picked up a bunch of spaghetti with a fork as you do but then proceeded to slurp each individual noodle, one by one… We had triple concentrate sauce too so when I say he slurped it I mean he FUCKING slurped the shit out of it.

Who does that? Who does he think he is?


O branco puro de um dia de sol de inverno combina tão bem com o branco de noiva. Quem mais acha que os casamentos de inverno são uma ótima idéia? 💍❄️⚪️😊
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