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Easter Fun Run tomorrow Q50 Community Church. Meeting at the John Knox Christian School, Winona.

Join us for our community Easter egg hunt tomorrow at 10AM at The Bryn Mawr Gazebo, 9 S. Bryn Mawr Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010. Join us for our Easter Service Sunday at 10AM at The Rock, 10 E. Eagle Road, Havertown, PA 19083.

This Friday is Good Friday, and Center Church is eager to celebrate this Easter season to the fullest! We would love to see you at our Good Friday Prayer and Worship Service, from 7 - 8:30pm. 2132 Ivy Road. Childcare will be provided.

We’re excited for the launch of Jacob's Well Community Church on Easter Sunday!

Today we packed some of the Easter eggs for our community egg hunt on April 20 with the Business Association! Plan to join us Saturday from 10am - noon!

Back from Easter break & thrilled to hear an outstanding preach this morning from Very excited to see the progress is making. A very good example of to fully fledged flourishing church with elders now appointed all in 4 years!

Stay the Course: Keeping a Church Evangelistically Focused after the Launch. Ready to explore a church plant? Get in touch with us!

Tomorrow, during both the 8:30am & 11am services at our sending church, Pastor Andy Davis will commission to bring God's renewal to Bell County and the World. Easter Sunday, Apr 21st at 10am at NBMS we officially launch!

This Sunday we’re talking about and the question on everyone’s lips 2000 years ago was “who is this Jesus?” People are still asking that question today!

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Celebrating the commissioning service for Point Harbor’s first church plant in Peru. El Sembrador Church is alive! #pointharbor #church #peru #missions #churchplant #espanol (at El Sembrador Iglesia, Andahuaylas, Peru)

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In Christ Alone
Ephesians 1:11-14

God’s promises
1. In him we have obtained an inheritance
“The Spirit is God’s guarantee that he will give us the inheritance he promised and that he has purchased us to be his own people. He did this so we would praise and glorify him.” Ephesians 1:14
2. In him you were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit.
“…And when you believed in Christ, he identified you as his own by giving you the Holy Spirit, whom he promised long ago.”
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭1:13‬ ‭

Seal: “To mark, confirm, or authenticate.”

* We are hidden in Christ
* Christ is in us
* We live in God
* We try/want to live in sin

That is not your nature, you have been declared righteous by there Father.

What makes you a saint is not good behavior, but, the spirit of Jesus Christ living inside of you.

There is no more condemnation in Christ.


I can’t even begin to describe what this church means to me. It took all I had to not cry during the service, bc I have missed this so much! Sunday morning was…special! #irishfriends #irelandismyhappyplace #galwaycitybaptistchurch #churchplant #worldventure (at Galway , Knocnacarra)

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Working with the creative team this month, the talent here is outstanding! So :-) !!! #mcborrough #church-planting #passion4planting #churchplant (at New Life Christian Church)

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Once Again

“Once again, I think upon your sacrifice, you became nothing, poured out till death. Many times, I wondered at your gift of life, and I’m in that place once again, I’m in that place once again. 

Once again, I look upon the cross where you died. I’m humbled by Your mercy and I’m broken inside. Once again I thank You, once again I pour out my life.”

Pioneering a church plant is so hard. And Lord, I’m honestly very tired, tired about the lack of willing servant hearts in the church, tired of warring and praying for God to raise His worship team and to bring in musicians. Tired that there is just this busyness among our church leaders that is so pandemic. Tired of being that one man guitarist and worship leader. I’m almost on duty every Friday and Sunday, either as a guitarist or a worship leader and I’m tired of last minute notices from the worship leaders. I’m tired of last minute worship practices. I’m tired of worship leaders not being able to make it the last minute and not having a backup worship leader with songs, then requesting for me, right before the service to be coming up with a repertoire. I long, O Lord, long so so so much, to have a full worship band for the church, with electric guitars, acoustic guitars, drummers, bassists, keyboardist. Talented musicians with the right posture and attitude for God, a heart of servitude.

But even as I typed what I just typed, there was a voice in my head that asked, “Why? Why would you want a full band, with sound systems, with talented musicians an all? Why?” And I realised with all honesty, that it was because I wanted to “improve” my abilities and I wanted that rush of euphoria in playing in a band. I think that playing in a band will make me in the “cool” crowd. There, you see? The focus becomes on myself. How wretched are my thoughts. I don’t want a full band to glorify God and His church, no, I wanted a full band to glorify myself, to bring me pleasure. How sinful are my thoughts and motivations! Yesterday while worshipping at Wesley for CDOP, even as I watched the talented musicians play away at their instruments worshipping God with their voices, fingers and hands, I held this jealousy. Thoughts like, why are they so blessed with such talent and why are they blessed with such equipment, why are they so blessed to be able to serve God in a band such as this, why could they have such a worship community present for them but not me. I thought about wanting to be able to be part of the band too, to sing, so that they could hear how lovely my voice is, how wonderful I can harmonise. And there was all these jealous and self-seeking whispers that came into my mind and it made it hard to even focus on God during worship. I knew Jesus had to be at the center when we are worshipping for us to be able to have communion with the holy spirit, when Jesus is not the centre it becomes self-glorification at best. And that is what I am- shallow, self-glorifying, selfish, jealous. So extremely prideful. Thinking that the world should revolve around me, self-pitying myself, wallowing in my own self-righteousness. It’s interesting because, I’m always so self-aware and I know which thoughts of me are wrong and I’m heightened in my senses to these which should make it easier to reject such thoughts right? But no, you’re wrong, it’s so damn hard to. These thoughts almost creep into my self-consciouness spontaneously and flood my very being like cocaine. They flood my consciousness and overcome me. And I know with this shackle, that I won’t be able to be raised to be God’s warrior, to be God’s worship leader because I am not fit to, because my lips do not bring Him praise but bring me praise. So Lord, I ask, that you help your pitiful, wretched, prideful servant. That I long to rid myself of all these vain conceit and pride, all this self-glorifying thoughts, this desire for acknowledgement and popularity from the world. Lord help me, to only want to seek your approval, and let me break free from self-pity in Jesus name. Because I am made glorious and beautiful in your sight, with talents that can glorify you in my own capacity. That I do not have to compare myself to define my self-worth because my self-worth stems from you and you alone. Lord, help me to love you more than I love myself. Help me to surrender myself from my life on the throne so that you may reign in me. I ask all these, humbly in Your Name and Your will, that it be done in my life. Amen

Church Planting is Scary Stuff

Every now and then I get freaked out about church planting.  Yesterday, I got a text from our executive pastor.   He said he wants to meet this week and let me know our church’s final decision regarding their commitment toward church planting in Portland.  I should be so excited.  I’ve prayed for this for a long time.  However, I got really scared.

Here’s the cool thing - I got to have a little moment with God.  I started walking around my house, aware of all of the certainty I would be trading for uncertainty.  I asked myself, “why are you doing this again?”  If Jesus is not in the picture, I would not have an answer.  However, when Jesus is in the picture, I have my only answer.

I looked outside of our upstairs window and got real with God for a minute.  I said, “Jesus, the only reason I’m going to Portland is because I love you, and you are worth it.”  I think I would be attracted to Portland because of the need.  I think I could get excited about Portland because of the opportunity.  None of those things are strong enough to make me actually go.  In such a real way, it’s only my love of Jesus that will cause me to jump.

I kind of like that.  I would have never gotten to that place of reliance on my own.  It shows me something real is happening.  Jesus is not enough.  He’s more than enough.  He’s everything.  I’m mad at myself for every moment I’ve ever forgotten that.


Join Redeemer in God’s mission to reach Parkersburg and the MOV. 

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Alice from Bweya comments (by ekissaUganda) We met and filmed Alice after the first service in the chicken coop we were using for the church to meet in. Praise God.