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توي خلصت فلم ما ادري كيف جلست ٤ سنوات ما فكرت اني اتفرجه ، عمل تاريخي تحفة فنية عظيمة . أخاف امدحك وما اوفيك حقك ، أعظم مخرج بتاريخ السينما 👑📽🎥

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Magicians' bitter rivalry spirals through spite & obsession- 's consummate Schrodinger's-hat enigma 09:00pm

"Combatiremos en las playas. Combatiremos en las zonas de desembarco. Jamás nos rendiremos. Jamás nos rendiremos"

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To those who have not heard Hans Zimmer’s work, I’ve provided a link to have a quick listen. This piece is my personal favourite from the albumn. 

The harmony between the soundtrack, acting and directing in Christopeher Nolan’s film Interstllar are all what make this piece truly special. 

I always love a film that pushes the boundaries of realism. When you listen to a number of soundtracks you can notice which ones were used to aid a scene (to not stand out) and which soundtracks were made to create big moments and story. Interstellar uses bold music to get some beautiful moments with the actors. It’s like the music takes control of the moment and when done correctly, it’s beautiful. In this piece you can hear when the music takes ‘control’ of the moment, and from then on I’m being taken to a place that is far more exciting than a realism scene. 

So what do I mean by taking control. 

When an actor’s movement and/or voice matches the intensity of the soundtrack. 

An example of these connections are in the moments leading to when Dr. Brand (Anne Hathway) realises that the ‘mountain’ is in fact an enormous wave. When the team first land on Miller’s planet, you can hear the tick of the beginning soundtrack as Cooper tells the team to, “hurry up.” The soundtrack evokes more pressure from the acting and the plot. With each realisation Dr Brand has, her facial expression become more tensed and worried. Again, the soundtrack enhances this feeling by building up- you’ll see with each new realisation there is a new bar of music. This harmony comes from the perfect rhythm between all aspects of the scene. 

In summary, I love the harmony in this scene and its soundtrack. Here’s a link to see what I’m talking about:

Tip: If acting in film ustilise the use of sound and make sure that both your movement and the music are building up to the same thing. It will make the plot more coherent and exciting at the same time.


#ChristopherNolan’s #TheDarkKnight was released 10 years ago. Here’s a look back at some of our favourite moments from the film and the incredible Oscar-winning performance by the late #HeathLedger. #atthemovies #cinema #oscar #batman #movies #hollywood #fbf #flashbackfriday #mood (at At The Movies Posters)

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, The game-changing film #2001ASpaceOdyssey by the incomparable #StanleyKubrick was recently restored by the amazing #ChristopherNolan and I was lucky enough to see him introduce and give a brief, personal speech about it at a screening held by @TheAcademy a few weeks back inside of the #SamuelGoldwynTheatre.  If you ever get a chance to see it on the #SilverScreen, do it.  This is the type of #film meant for the big screen.  Very few people make features like this nowadays – or even can.  Pure #cinema.  Pure #art.  P.S. They played LOTS of @DavidBowie before the screening began. 😍 #Kubrick  #ASpaceOdyssey  #TheAcademy  #DavidBowie #Bowie “#SpaceOddity” #BeverlyHills  #Hollywood #WestHollywood  #WeHo  #LosAngeles  #LA (at Samuel Goldwyn Theater)

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What do #TheDarkKnight, #Inception and #Memento have in common? The distinct trademarks of #ChristopherNolan’s directorial style, including IMAX cinematography, mind-bending visuals, and practical special effects. What’s your favourite Nolan film? #atthemovies #original #movieposter #filmposter #movie #cinema #hollywood #vintage #batman #gotham #director (at At The Movies Posters)

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I discovered the proper use of sound effects for an edit of our skate sesh last night. @neil_stradamus #sounds #plano #skateboarding #christophernolan #sesh #nightbois #legsharkdrpepper

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Alman Hava Kuvvetleri #luftwaffe ‘nin #Stuka saldırısı

Dunkirk (2017) / Christopher Nolan


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okay but can we talk about how nolan is focused so hard on keeping his “i’m fine everything is fine you will never take this smile away from me” face that it takes him a few seconds to catch onto the fact that it’s time to clap for the real winner