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Good morning! Only 335 to go!

Paintings from some of my favourite scenes in my favourite movie ‘A Christmas Story’ plan on doing a lot more of these!

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Do you love a great movie? What about a experience? Then check out the 3rd book in my Miss Claus series today! You won't regret it! Just be sure to have a nice hot cup of chocolate while you read. 😉

Don’t miss tonight on . It’s such a beautiful story. I’ve seen it multiple times already. Starring and Grant Show. This is a movie that will move you.

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I would have to go with my favorite movie A Christmas Story. I have always been fascinated by that time period.

336 days until ! If you could live in any Christmas movie universe for one full year, which movie would that be and why? Remember - you’d have to deal with the characters/town for that full year. Annnnd go!

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