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… The Christmas Wedding (Harvest Ridge book 1.5- a novella) Book 1- Worth the Wait! KLRamsey5 Romance RomanceReaders RomanceBooks romancenovels Christmas contemporary

Seriously?!?! The in Fergus Falls, MN is already rolling out the gear, way before Labor Day, even bore school starts! WTF?!?!

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Berlin, Germany | December 2018



s are appreciated!)


With her pet reindeer Colby!

Carrie had a fairly good childhood, she often had fun exploring the North Pole, it was a winter wonderland, literally!

Carrie did often get bored because her father, Santa, was always busy! He was either running the elf workshops or monitoring children throughout the year. Her mother Mrs. Claus did the same.

She really did want to explore the world! Which is why she took a huge interest in demons and Krampus.

“The Little Drummer Boy” (Christmas carol) is actually a great model for fanfiction because:

  • It centers around in-canon characters and/or a believable oc
  • It magnifies the spirit of the original work and/or builds upon pre-existing themes which resonated with the (fic) author
  • It uses literary devices (ex: onomatopoeia, symbolism)
  • It makes its point without carrying on too long
  • Suggests at sentient and musically talented animals
  • It’s meaningful to both the (fic) author and to a wide audience of people who are already acquainted with the in-canon story
  • The protag is not too OP to fit in the canon universe in a believable and engaging way; protag has realistic limits and weaknesses alongside his/her talents

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