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Jesus Christ is a real human rights advocate. When He said give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. He was making a statement of fairness, justification and human rights.

spoke of the "end times" of this world, as we know it. Doesn't it seem so ever closer?

isn't supersessionism; there's a diff between biblical Hebrews & (& old covenant vs the revisionist of ). Our ("The Books") doesn't record the old covenant as fulfilled UNTIL delivers a "new" covenant (not new, it's OT prophecy)

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“Attachment is an emotional state of clinging caused by the belief that without some thing or person, you cannot be happy. Attachments can only survive in the darkness of illusion.”

"I accept as my father...yet he has forsaken thee, he has abandoned thy" 🤔. Therein lies the hypnotic power of ...the ultimate (mis) 👿😈. Yet spirituality (universal), nature and its life giving energy surrounds you 🌏🌎🌍.

It's so sad that the goats in the churches are now calling True (Lordship) false doctrine. Let me be clear if , who is God the Son, isn't your He isn't your either and you will end up in Matthew 7:21-23.

of Jimmy Savile Lodge No. 616 are meeting at Masonic Hall to celebrate 's support for paedophiles and hatred of .

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Rochelle emphasized that only saved people should be allowed to interpret in church because “the belief system of the interpreter will impact their process.” The Spirit plays a key role in the process, as well, in that it attaches itself to saved interpreters who are “clean.” Even if an interpreter is not as skilled a signer as a professional unsaved person, the Spirit does work. As Rochelle said, “The Spirit iwll intercept, the Spirit will connect, the Spirit will be intoning.” An interpreter might miss something, but the Spirit will have both a linguistic and extralinguistic impact. When the Spirit attaches itself to the interpreter, two things can happen: the interpreter’s referential fidelity will become stronger, and/or the quality of the message will change and become transformed. In addition, the Spirit has the potential to create and insert meaning into interpreted messages, even if the message is poorly interpreted and/or deaf people are unable to understand either the interpreter or the message. This meaning can be both linguistic and/or affective. Rochelle excitedly told me that because of the workings of the Spirit, deaf people will be impacted even if they only understand a small part of the sermon on any given Sunday.
—  Michele Ilana Friedner, “Vessel of God/Access to God: American Sign Language Interpreting in American Evangelical Churches” (2018)

Have a blessed World Religion Day.

Prayer Requests

Brothers and sisters in Christ please pray for Alijah Nathaniel White a baby born with Leukemia.

Please pray for the souls of Carol Swisher, Mary Haga, and Alfred Newman. May they rest in peace.

And for Barbara York who is in Hospice.

Please and thank you.

God bless everyone. 


gonna put this up on here because 1. this is a really deep topic that’s often brought up to me, and 2. this guy has a knack for laying these sorts of things out rather quickly and clearly (and if you liked this definitely do check out his other stuff, it can seem a bit clickbaity or what have you but he knows his stuff)

[Carlyle] looks down upon man as one of his admirers has said, “ as if man were a mouse.” But we do not wish to look upon man in that light. We would look upon him as a brother, an equal, entitled to our love and sympathy. We would feel ourselves neither above him nor below him, but standing up by his side, with our feet on the same level with his. We would also love and respect the commonplace mass, not merely heroes and sages, prophets and priests.
—  Orestes Brownson
A way of being in the world

We had a baptism at my church today, and after the water on the head, the priest always says the same thing, part of which is this:

Give them an inquiring and discerning heart, the courage to will and to persevere, a spirit to know and to love you, and the gift of joy and wonder in all your works (BCP p308)

I think it’s a beautiful thing to wish someone as they move through the world. You can take out the God bits and it’s still lovely:

Give them an inquiring and discerning heart, the courage to will and to persevere, a spirit to know and to love, and the gift of joy and wonder in the universe

It’s what I wish for the children in my life, and the adults, too.

Dear American Christians

I’m having difficulty understanding where you’re coming from when it comes to what I read and hear on multiple news sources (and believe me, I go out of my way to read news from different sides of the political aisle).  Since when have we laid aside the exhortations to love our neighbors and pray for those who persecute us, instead focusing energy into trying to make politics align with Christian principals?  Since when did that (having a government that matches your beliefs) matter to the Gospel?  Why are we so afraid to not be comfortable anymore, and why are we so afraid of persecution, especially when it seems such an imaginary sort of persecution when contrasted with the actual persecution folks in other countries experience?  Who is being won over to the Gospel by what’s going on?  How can one look at the fruit of these movements and compare it with Galatians 5:22-23 and *not* question that maybe something is wrong here in the approach?

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  Against such things there is no law.”

Where are these things when it comes to the politics of a supposedly Christ-following movement?  This deeply distresses me as a fellow Christian living in this country.  A tree is to be known by the fruit it bears, and these are not the fruits that Christians in this country, by-and-large, are being known for.

Apologies for swerving from Star Wars fandom into real life issues, but the events in DC this weekend between the Black Hebrew group, the Covington High School kids, and veteran Nathan Phillips really gets to me.

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. 2And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. 3And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.
—  1 Corinthians 13:1-3, KJV
update blog 1/20/19

well, this month has been really good one. I failed Philosophy 101 in seminary and I have to retake it January 2020. I have learn my lesson because failure is not my identity. This class was very difficult to understand but I will do my own study on Philosophy in my own time. I really need to manage my type 1 diabetes because it was about 9.3 A1C and my goal is to get it down to 7. My goal is to get under 150. I just finish reading 4 books and finish 5 studies topics. I got 150 subscribers on youtube. My Christian walk is amazing and I thank God He is My Father. 

All their religious conceptions are outward and material. They say that God is of a bodily nature, and has a body in form like that of a man. Material, too, is their conception of eternal life. Ask to what place they are departing, or what hope they have,  and they answer — “To another land better than this.” Divine men of old told of a happy life for happy souls, to be passed in the “isles of the blest,” or in the Elysian plains of which Homer speaks. Plato taught that the soul was immortal, and expressly calls the place where it is sent “earth." …They expect to see God with the bodily eye, to hear His voice with their ears, and to touch Him with sensible hands…

If a race so craven and carnal can understand anything, let them give ear. Give up your outward vision and look upwards with your mind ; turn aside from the eye of the flesh and raise the eye of the soul : only so will you see God. And if you seek a guide, you must shun vagabonds and jugglers who recommend their phantoms ; you must not blaspheme as idols those who prove themselves to be gods, while you worship one who is not even an idol, but truly a dead man, and seek out a father like unto Him.

—  Celsus, 175 AD

Being caught with a Bible will most certainly get you arrested and imprisoned in North Korea. Being discovered as a Christian will mean interrogation, maybe torture and being sent to a labor camp - and most likely your entire family too.

Despite the persecution, it’s amazing that there are up to 400,000 secret believers in North Korea.

The conflict between Jews and Christians is a silly conflict;  it may fitly be compared to the proverbial fight about the shadow of an ass. The point at issue is of no weight: both believe in the predictions of the coming of a Saviour to mankind, — they only differ as to whether He has come or not.
—  Celsus