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Either you run the day, or the day runs you... Which side are you on? What would you ?!

Either you run the day, or the day runs you... Which side are you on? What would you ?!

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We choose go to the moon!

We choose go to the moon in this decade and do the other things

Not because they are easy, but because they hard

Because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills

Because the challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win.

Jhon F. Kennedy 1962

Itu baru kata JFK yg tujuannya cuman pergi ke bulan doang. Tujuanku sejauh apa? Tujuanmu mu sampai mana?

“washbir fa innallaha laa yudhii'u ajral-muhsiniin, Dan bersabarlah, karena sesungguhnya Allah tidak menyia-nyiakan pahala orang yang berbuat kebaikan.”

QS. Hud 11: 115


A Hand and A Bird

You can leave your hand open and if the bird loves you, the bird will come back. Or you can try to keep the bird and slowly close your hand and the bird will get panicky and mad, and will want to leave.

You could be the bird, the hand, or both.

Water tank drawing machine matching mold engineering research

Author: Liao Qianghua; Xie Yonghong

Shenzhen Polytechnic

Abstract: Based on the study of the die -matching process used commonly by the wire -drawing machine with water tank, a new die-matching process was proposed. Based on the 0.85 mm inlet wire and 0.11 mm outlet wire, 23-pass wire-drawing machine with water tank, theoretical calculations were carried out for various die-matching processes. Through comparative analysis, it is confirmed that the proposed new die-matching process is superior to other die-matching processes in the three key die-matching indexes i.e. compression ratio at each pass, slip factor at each pass and safety factor on drawing load.

Key Words: Wire-drawing Machine, Die-matching Process

1. Research Background

Wire drawing machine is an extremely important processing equipment in the cable manufacturing industry, widely used in hardware processing, petrochemical, wire and cable and other industries. The water tank drawing machine is well cooled, and the broken wire rate is low, which can meet the production requirements of fine steel wire to the utmost extent. Most of the existing wire drawing machines draw the steel wire through a plurality of molds, and various parameters of the drawing process are determined according to various conditions and constraints during the matching to meet the industrial production. The diameter of each pass wire is the diameter of each die import and export. The die of each pass is selected according to the matching result. At the same time, the surface quality and required power of the tower wheel are also determined and optimized according to the matching result. Therefore, the die-casting process is wire drawing. And the basis of the water tank drawing machine design. In recent years, there have been various methods of matching at home and abroad. The commonly used mold matching methods in the industry include uniform sliding factor matching, compression ratio matching, sliding rate matching, low sliding factor matching, etc. It is relatively simple to use the sliding factor matching model, but the sliding factors are not corrected. Compression ratio matching is relatively comprehensive, but parameters such as slip factor and slip rate are not considered at the same time. Sliding rate matching and low sliding factor matching have less wear on the tower wheel, but the partial compression ratio is not considered, and the sliding factor of more passes is less than 1, which requires higher equipment and mold.

The matching model used in these matching modes has certain differences. The matching parameters involved are inconsistent and incomplete in various matching modes, and the formulas of the matching formula are numerous and confusing. There are basically no technical indicators to indicate the good or bad of the matching mode, and there are many problems. In addition, the pull-out safety factor has not been mentioned in the previous various models, and the safety factor can explain the problem of good matching, drawing and drawing stability, and generally the last pass of the wire. Fine, the safety factor is large, and it is not easy to break the wire.

Based on the existing matching modes, the author proposes a new molding process for the water tank drawing machine. Through analysis, three key indicators in the calculation of the model are obtained: the pass compression ratio, the pass slip factor and the pull force safety factor. For the 23-pass water tank drawing machine with 0.85 mm and 0.11 mm outlet, the theoretical calculations were carried out for each molding process, and the three key molding indexes were compared and analyzed to confirm the advantages of the new molding process.


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Je ne veux pas vivre dans le doute. Y'a rien a comprendre au bord du gouffre. Le temps va trancher entre nous. On a eu tort de s'accrocher, trop compliqué okay? Qu'es qui ne va pas entre nous? Tout ça va finir par me rendre fou. Je voulais tant me donner, je voulais tant me lancer.

Chance, Choise, Choose, to Change

Ketika kamu ingin melakukan sesuatu tetapi tidak bisa kamu lakukan. Lalu kamu bisa apa? Hanya diam, berfikir, memperjuangkannya, atau bahkan menyerah begitu saja? Jawabannya adalah semua itu bergantung pada keyakinan dan keberanian. Menggunakan peluang kecil dalam situasi dan kondisi yang tidak memungkinkan, atau tidak menggunakannya. Pilih dan putuskanlah, karena semua butuh kepastian. (25/12/17)