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- You can anything if you to do it but think about you, where you are and what you notice in yourself? What do you do, ever before but actually reflected your habits?

Bringing down the Federal Reserve. are here to stay. aren't going away. is a new technology that's going to help give the power back to the people. The 3 Cs

It's Tuesday and I us😍 Inkulu noMafungashe kaBadela👫🏾 Thank You God for this wonderful, lovely, caring and protective brother of mine🙏🏾 I love you a lot♥️

Une petite guidance pour ceux et celles qui le veulent. Quelle carte choisissez-vous ? Réponse un peu plus tard dans la journée 😊

SETTNG BOUNDARIES At the end of the day, it really is your choice what you choose to tolerate in your life. It's your life, your decisions, decide what you want to do.

It's a boring let's fight to the death.🤔🥛🍽☠ You can only have one. Forever. As usual, there us only once correct answer.

Thee Bag Lady needs your help choosing which handbag will be in the next giveaway, coming in November! Please click the link below, then choose the one you like best.

Who's the best between thouse two Rappers if you like A-reece comment with his Fst song or if you like nasty c comment with his fist song two life if music choose the best rapper here 👌 day choose whos the best 💪niggaz 👊👊 Aweh am Eazy-E ☝☝☝☝Ayo moja moja now

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Hector or Veronica?

Rolled 420+ orbs today and I got Brave Celica and Ephraim.

Now, who do I choose for my free 5*?

Brave Veronica or Brave Hector?

I really like Veronica’s staff but I feel like it might be redundant given that I already have a full Hone/Fortify Cavalry team.

Meanwhile, Hector looks insane but I don’t really like armour movement and I don’t know if having Fallen Hardin would make him redundant or not…

Please give me your input!

Headcanons about Req’s past lover:

They met each other at a party.

The other find interest in Req and was very forward in asking them out. (He was part of the Science department btw)

He is a lot outgoing and affectionate than Req is, but isn’t physical unless Req wants it, he cares a lot about their personal space.

He is totally alright with telling Req how he feels about him,  mostly how he really likes them and soon that likes turns into love. 

The relationship last till the war broke out.

Lover was an Autobot unlike Req. 

They ended up meet each other in the battle field after they changed from being a Scientist to a solider. 

There first meeting was the day Req killed them. 

I just wanted Ephraim too. Now I have no orbs and that green mage broke my rate of 4.25% yay….. I just hate your face. I don’t know why, but something about it bothers me. Mrgrgr I should’ve picked Ephraim, I probably would’ve pulled Hector because he seems to come home a bit more than Ephraim does.

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what did aj do that people hate him so much? he's just a kid!

he killed a character that a good amount of the fandom was obsessing over and already shipping with clem before the game was even released. He ended up being a minor antagonist to start off the plot and those fans are mad and either hate aj or call it bad writing lol