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My () character Phoebe looks like Daenerys... W.I.P

Literally everything that goes on at the hospital screams drama I like to hc that mc gave him a goodnight kiss before they left

I decided to play The Sims tonight and made Phoebe Joan Gallows (my Sun-Att) and Beckett from . Phoebe's pregnant and this is her maternity outfit. Pfft.

This Saturday without instead we got book 2... another patience... anyway, welcome home Adrian... (^-^)♪ btw, should I not collect the tapestry? 🤔

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Person:*looks at my phone* Person:OH IS THAT EpISODE?! me:

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The power of 💎

Worth Any Risk, chapter 1

Description: Shortly after Ethan’s return to Edenbrook, he tries to pick up where he left off as if nothing happened. When MC becomes gravely ill, he is reminded that there some things worth any risk.

My MC is named Olivia House.

Trigger warnings: None that I can think of other than illness in the future.

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Now this was the highlight of my friday. My baby and his sister doing some badass teamwork. And I must say Beckett look so hot saying “get out of my face” and Katrina backing him up like “and dont come back” lol. This scene was the best imo. I love Fridays

My apologies for this daring uhm thing, but this is for Colt fans. If you find it offensive, kindly hide it or block me lol whatever works for you just please don’t take it down ‘cause i’ve worked my arse for it.

Many thanks to @pilitella who’s my master/mentor and for @mrs__raines (IG) for being my art advisor

Ctto of the reference and background i used which i both took from Google.