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I Don't Know You Guys But Killing Her First Will Slove Half Of Mc's problem! . . . . .

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Why does the Perfect Match gang CONTINUE TO DISCUSS THEIR PLANS IN PUBLIC?!?!?! Why haven’t they learned their lesson yet?! Eros seems to be everywhere! Don’t freaking brainstorm on how to take them down in a restaurant where anyone can eavesdrop!

I know that calling Beckett cute is the romance option, and I really wanna romance him, but I actually really felt like calling him our friend was such a sweet option

Not “he’s coming bc he’s attractive” or because of a skill or bc they may as well.

Beckett Harrington is coming because he’s MC’s friend.

He’s one of them now

Fuckin Danielle :D

I love this “ CRUSH with MY NEMESIS “ type of thing  because it makes it more interesting so the fact that Rory and that skanky ass bitch are almost a thing is frustrating me ! I usually dont get all hyped up about HSS :dDD but damn this whole homecoming made me angry as hell :D what is he blind ? how could he go with her ? !  And my brother is also a dick with a face like that he should be even happy that girl even saw him clingy or not  coz honestly ? he aint shit :DDD look at him