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That look when the cake grow! cocoa and fruits cake! You don't mind the smell! Close naquela rachadinha q o bolo dá qdo cresce bem! cacau e frutas cristalizadas c gotas de choco. E o cheiro disso?!

Disfruta del Expo de café y chocolate mas grande del Caribe. Te esperamos este 30 y 31 de Marzo en el .

Believe it or not, there are only 27 days left until you can tuck into one of these on Sunday... 😀

Want to try our hot cocoa?🍫☕️ Now is your chance...😀 Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on a single serving packet now through April 8! 💌 Use code TRYBARELIFE at checkout!

New blog post - 5 fun things from last week is up on the blog. Last week was about failed toddler music classes, reading about an Aussie's take on UK chocolate, finishing Russian Doll, and updating blog posts. How was your week?

‘I've always thought that bad weather has its compensations, most of them culinary.’ Enjoying on a cold day between writing sessions.

Vegan chocolate chip cookies. I played with the double chocolate recipe and am loving how these turned out. They taste amazing and you really wouldn't know that they're vegan. YUM!

Cherry+ chocolate is the classic food+love combo. If you’re going to do chocolate this year, do it with these darling chocolate-covered cherries.-->

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Rocky road ice cream (by lindaspeakeasy)


Com a Páscoa chegando, muitas ideias surgem para você poder usar nos seus produtos e se destacar em uma das épocas mais agitadas do ano! Mas, no meio de tanta correria e produção, já parou para pensar como você vai lucrar? E este lucro, seria justo? Poderia ser melhor? Aprenda com o nosso combo como agregar valor ao seu ovo de chocolate sem deixar de lucrar.