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中身をチラ見せ。ゴチャゴチャしててカッコ悪いね…。ということで、基板を作るよ!ラズパイ拡張基板!ファンやスピーカーの固定、DCDC、電源分配とかできるやつ! の出番

• en Perrera Los Barrios. (Cádiz) Si quieres adoptarlo escríbeles 📩

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emeraldninjaiv  asked:

Contrary to the title, Azcyrrimeowndifelixasimilian is the first (and probably only) of that name, at least in a literal sense. Figuratively, some of that name may or may not be parts of names former masters had (mun hasn’t decided yet; both the name and the title are entirely for the humor of mages [and dragons] having ridiculous names and titles).

Edit: I thought I had posted this, but I found it in my drafts for some reason.

“Azcyrrimeowndifelixasimilian” is a compound:

  • Azymondias¹ + Meow
  • Aziraphale + Cyrrigos + feles/felix/Felix
  • The -xas in Abraxas
  • Maximilian - Max²
  • Also the -ilian in Ingeloakastimizilian (aka Icingdeath)

¹ The mun hasn’t (yet) watched The Dragon Prince, but saw this on Wikipedia’s list of dragons in film and television; they already liked the name “Ozymandias.”

² Various sites listed “Max” as a common cat name in the US, UK, and Australia (not sure about Canada).

I got the idea from how fantasy mages and dragons often have stupidly long and often unpronounceable names. I suspect that the usual rationale for those are 1.) “Why not? Who’s going to argue with me?” and 2.) “You can’t use my truename against me if you can’t pronounce it!”

emeraldninjaiv  asked:

Not only was Meow not my first idea (or choice) for the new Iconic, it wasn’t going to be a Sorcerer in the first place. A friend of mine in undergrad gave me the idea for a polymorphed wizard relying on Spell Mastery; I remembered it and ran with it as an ascended familiar once I came across the current faceclaim picture on here.

It became the Iconic after I ran my initial concept (”equivocal Changeling”) by them and mentioned the cat in a wizard hat. They voted for the cat.