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When your President, I suggest you have a mandatory class about how Tariffs work in your school's. Geez, Americans are not this stupid are they?

🧧 新年快乐!🧧 Fin des défilés à Paris 🇫🇷, nous en profitons pour souhaiter un joyeux nouvel an chinois à nos amis et partenaires 🇨🇳

Hoy estaré a las 5:00 PM en el programa Dominicana es Vida, por los canales 31 y 33, hablando sobre la guerra comercial entre China y EEUU, no se lo pierdan!

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Middle East 200 Million Members Just Hit Ground Nobody’s Knows Understand Why Overseas Lost More Then Half Military Divisions! Hey Who is This Deals Talks All High Levels Others Big Talk Scared 😱

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Overseas Lost More Then Half Military Divisions! Hey Who is This Deals Talks All High Levels Others Big Talk Scared 😱 ⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦

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Click and view my exploits in . Fabulous experience, hopefully to be repeated.

(Yuan Xiao Jie 元宵节) is the first full-moon night of the Lunar Year, and marks the end of . People eat sweet dumpling balls (resembling the full moon) and celebrate with family and friends.

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Rift Between Trump and Europe Is Now Open and Angry ,Part 2

To show solidarity with Europe, more than 50 American lawmakers, both Republicans and Democrats — a record number — attended the Munich Security Conference. They came, said Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Democrat of New Hampshire, “to show Europeans that there is another branch of government which strongly supports NATO and the trans-Atlantic alliance.”

The most visible pushback against Washington came from Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany — who delivered an unusually passionate speech — and from her defense minister, Ursula von der Leyen. They spoke about the dangers of unilateral actions by major partners without discussing the consequences with allies.

They cited Mr. Trump’s recent announcements that American troops would leave northern Syria and Afghanistan, as well as the administration’s decision to suspend one of the last remaining arms-control agreements: the ban on land-based intermediate range missiles.

That decision affects European security, and there has been no alternative strategy, Ms. Merkel said. Abandoning the treaty, despite Russia’s violations, helps decouple Germany from the American nuclear umbrella…

The Syria pullout, she continued, could only help Russia and Iran. That view was echoed by the French foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, who called American policy in Syria “a mystery to me.”


Kış-2019 Tatbikatı; 9’uncu Kolordu Komutanlığı sevk ve idaresinde, 14’üncü Mekanize Piyade Tugay Komutanlığı tarafından, 04-22 Şubat 2019 tarihleri arasında, Şehit İs.Asb.Kd.Üçvş. İlhan HAMLI Atış ve Tatbikat Alanı/Kars’ta icra edilmektedir.

Tatbikatın maksadı; birleşik ve müşterek harekâtın icrası konusunda işbirliği ve koordinasyonu sağlamak, birliklerin derin kar ve şiddetli soğuklarda atış dâhil muharebe imkân ve kabiliyetlerini denemek, muharebe sahasını tüm boyutlarıyla canlandırarak ateş ve manevranın senkronizasyonunu geliştirmek, kış şartlarında arazide yerleşme, barınma, iaşe, ikmal ve bakım faaliyetlerinde eğitim seviyesini geliştirmek ve beka kabiliyetlerini arttırmak, komuta-kontrol sistemlerinin kış şartlarında işletilmesini sağlamaktır.

Tatbikata; Genelkurmay Başkanlığı ile Kara, Hava ve Deniz Kuvvetleri Komutanlıklarından birlik ve unsurlar katılmaktadır. Ayrıca tatbikata 15 dost ve müttefik ülkeden 251 personel iştirak etmektedir.

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With this pain inside of my chest it’s kinda hard for me to carry on.


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Zakaria is a naturalized American citizen.[63] He currently resides in New York City. Zakaria is a self-described secular and nonpracticing Muslim. He added: “My views on faith are complicated—somewhere between deism and agnosticism. I am completely secular in my outlook.