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Why does every show feel the need to add a musical number at some point? Just, don’t.

FUN FACT My Sabrina wig is just a repurposed one from back when I did Liv Moore from iZombie πŸ–€ The first wig I cut and styled myself! Still so proud πŸ’—

quels genres d’autres sondages ou jeux aimeriez-vous voir sur le compte? dites nous en commentaires 😚 - A what kind of others surveys or games do you want to see on the account? tell us in the comments 😚 - A

SΓ©rieux, il va falloir qu'ils arrΓͺtent de nous mettre des diables aussi sexy dans les sΓ©ries. D'abord et maintenant ? C'est Γ  en devenir sataniste... 😈😚

ΠŸΠ΅Ρ€Π΅ΡΡΠ΄ΡŒ с ΠΈΠ³Π»Ρ‹ муТского одобрСния Π½Π° Π»ΠΈΡ†ΠΎ Π‘Π°Ρ‚Π°Π½Π΅ Π¨ΡƒΡ‚ΠΊΠ° для ΠΎΠ΄Π½ΠΎΠ³ΠΎ (мСня)

D'aprΓ¨s les rΓ©sultats des sondages les acteurs que vous voudriez voir voir en prioritΓ© sont Chance,Kiernan et Gavin! EspΓ©rons que le compte atteigne les 1000 followers pour avoir une chance de les rencontrer! πŸ‘€

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Just got a retirement package from a company called Morningstar. Can’t decide if that’s a good or a bad thing...😈 – at Greendale

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Dear writers of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina:

If anything, and I mean anything, happens to Nick in season 3, you’ll hear about it.


Come thru abs! Our latest #Idrisrival is a bit young but what a cutie! We may need to wait until @gavinleatherwood on @sabrinanetflix is a bit older to swoon properly. We chat about him in our latest ep (link in bio)
#IdrisElba #IdrisRival #GavinLeatherwood #podcast #ChillingAdventuresofSabrina

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#ChillingAdventuresOfSabrina #DarkLord (at Encarnación de Díaz)

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Just too damn hot?! #chillingadventuresofsabrina #kiernanshipka #caos #sabrina #netflix #firestarter (at Sydney, Australia)

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the chilling adventures of sabrina

okay i should be doing my homework right now, but the chilling adventures of sabrina is so flipping good. the amount of acceptance of trans and gay people is amazing. there are some bullying scenes, but it shows the reality, and it’s just ahhHHhhhhHhh it’s so freaking great.


Hi guys, my new video out now! Thanks for watching 😘💗 #CAOSsabrina