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Insular Mummy Backpack Bag for stroller bab ...

MEDIA RELEASE: There are more than 2500 children from more than 30 countries including Australia, living in camps in North Eastern . Save the Children is calling for the international community to ensure the safety of all .

Kindle Book & Paperback Trauma To Triumph If I can...You can too! By purchasing Monica’s book you'll be supporting Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches Project, a residential ranch program for kids at potential (risk) and their families.

All eyes of the  Community are on  as one week from tonight, a crucial conversation will take place: How we change the lives of our through . You want to be there. You want to be part of it.

( You know you want to, get down there!) Once more into the pain barrier @guillaumefaugier! Make a difference to yourself and your community; @gillompt , @BeachBootcampgroup

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so i saw your fic about rey being scared about being pregnant and telling ben and let me say that WAS THE FUCKING GREATEST PREGNANT!REY FIC I'VE EVER READ HOLY FUCK so like i'm just a random anon BEGGING YOU to write a snippet of like idk horny pregnant rey and protectivedadtobe!ben and shit so like ya know a REYLO FAN STRUGGLING AFTER THAT FIC HOLY FUCKERS

This prompt has been in my inbox since forever, I’m so sorry anon. 

TW for pregnancy/pregnant sex 

NSFW under the cut!! 

(disclosure: author has never been pregnant, I’m trying my best here)

Pregnancy came with an abundance of caveats Rey hadn’t anticipated. She had expected the initial nausea, the eventual cravings, and of course, the weight gain. But, she hadn’t realized the extent of any of those things until they had been delivered promptly, and often grossly, at her feet. She coped like she always did, survivor that she was.

What she hadn’t expected in the slightest was an increase in her adult appetites at any point while a child was growing inside of her. Yet here she was, seven months along, and it was nearly unbearable.

Ben was no help. 

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People who ridicule families for having more than 4 children = 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

People who ridicule couples who don’t have or want any children = 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

People who ridicule individuals or couples that treat their pets like children = 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

People who perpetuate the “crazy cat lady” narrative by ridiculing single women w/ pets = 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

People who mind their damn business on these matters = 👍🥰😇🤩


Where is my mom please I’m hungry!!!!!!

Aww this baby couldn’t recognize her mum because she’s a twin 😊

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Inside the evaluation room, which is filled with toys, she sits and waits for the nice doctor, feeling the heavy ness the woman crying in the corner brings, a vibration fills the atmosphere with fear, a poisoning darkness, the woman doesn’t know she is dead, withered, helpless, out of luck and time: cold, frightened, but used to the darkness around her she sits still; the mirror in the wall, reflects, but does not reflect the woman crying in the corner, she sits still and waits for the nice doctor.

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ok so i've seen people riffing off the Gwil has 7 kids idea that I originally submitted so I thought i'd tell the original Hedgehog fam kids names: Clara Rhiannon (born in Brian May's spare bedroom), Cariad Rachel, Elgar Geraint and Thomas Owen (twins), Mair Ceinwen, David Brian and Tristram Alistair (also twins) - as the original idea started with a Y/N working on BoRhap I imagined theyre super preggo and Brian and Anita invite them over and ends up giving birth in their spare room



Rahaf having fun playing casting magic on Jason

Acknowledging the Grief and Rage

The rains put out the Camp Fire in California - deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history to date - that started November 8, 2018, killing 86 people, and destroying nearly 14,000 homes. Only months before, my community lived through the Carr Fire in Redding, the 7th largest and 7th most destructive fire in California history. Both of these fires have impacted me and many people in my life.

I think these two fires are the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I could rally, keep my head down, and feel like I was making some progress with community work or taking care of my family. But the stark physical reminders of those fires bring persistently remind me that our world isn’t balanced. Those fires are a manifestation of the condition of the human state of affairs. And it’s not looking so good right now.

I am struggling not to disengage and distract myself. I know I’ve done too much online window shopping, too much unnecessary eating. I am trying to take care of myself, but I am struggling. I want to make an announcement that isn’t what society says we should do. We should look on the bright side, right?  

I think it’s important for us to sing songs, create, dance, be together, and to heal. But I want to stop for a minute and acknowledge that a lot of what’s happening in the world is wrong. Many of us know this, but I want to acknowledge hurts. There have been devastating blows to our planet, our environment, to women, to healthcare, reproductive rights, people of color, Indigenous people, working class people, education - so many have taken a hit with the current U.S. administration. And I want to acknowledge the rage and grief I feel in response to these things.

When I started following the post-Trump stories of families being separated at the border wall, I cried for a week for those children and families at the border who are suffering - on display for the world to see and comment. I could not help but think how I would feel under the same circumstances. I cry every time I put myself in their shoes and think about being separated from my children and maybe never being reunited. Every day we witness some people empowered to demonize those at the border in more publicly grotesque and perverse ways, polluting the landscape in our minds.  I want to acknowledge what human civilization is doing to our planet and to each other.

I see the Carr and Camp Fires as the earth’s rage. If we humans don’t correct our current trajectory, we will be looking at more cataclysmic responses from the earth and more conflict between humans.

I really appreciate the kinds of interactions I’ve had with kids at work over the past few days. Yesterday a teenager I was supervising complimented my “90s vibe” (plaid, chucks, and a bad hairstyle ftw), then today I tried to keep a little girl occupied while her mom was working on something by drawing an animal for her. She was very enthusiastic about tigers and elephants and she got to keep a tiger sketch. Kids can be pretty lovely humans sometimes.

Buckin Donuts
  • Luke: [age 14, entering the kitchen] "It smells like Starbucks in here."
  • Me: [motioning to coffeemaker] "The only coffee I had left was some old Starbucks, so that's what I'm making until I can get to the store and buy our usual stuff."
  • Luke: "Wow. For a coffee snob like you, that's really desperate."
  • Me: "You don't even know. We only had a little Starbucks and a little Dunkin' Donuts, so I used them both."
  • Luke: "That sounds like trash. Is that even legal to mix those?"
  • Me: "I think it's legal, but it could be dangerous. They might end up exploding in my mug."
  • Luke: "Or, it's a new trend. Trash sells."
  • Me: "Buckin Donuts: the best of both worlds."
  • Luke: "The best of the worst, is still trash."