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Connecting to & for school in in in India :) We would love to have more for our work, care to lend a hand?

Here's the thing. We're not just another mattress company, we want to be a force for good in our community and across the country! How can you help out around you? . . .

This January we’ve been practicing continue for your lifetime). The month’s almost over. As the year progresses, get into the mindset of setting & achieving. & this trickles down to your What is a goal you intend to achieve today?

"The most influential moment as a parent is the moment your child(ren) see you as a human being" ... How to become your child's biggest Influence |

: of the same , each of whom is perfectly normal until they get together.” – Sam Levenson (📷: via IG)

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I know this will never happen, but

I can’t stop thinking how much the kids might love if all of us, me and my daughter, my daughters brothers and they’re mom and moms S/O, and they’re father and his S/O, and any other kids that we might have, coming together on Christmas Eve at one of our houses and basically having a huge sleep over. The kids would get to spend time together, we could make cookies and have hot cocoa, watch Christmas movies and wait for Santa. Then when the kids fall asleep, we could all have wine, and talk, and finish wrapping last minute gifts, maybe even have our own little secret Santa thing. That would be one of the ultimate coparenting foals for me, but I know that it will, unfortunately,never happen.



Why do people think that I want to be pregnant when I say “I want babies”?? I want them but I don’t want to carry one, I want to adopt kids and have a bigass family, with children of all age. And whenever I mention adoption, people tend to be shocked as if I were telling them that I’m gonna steal the babies from their families.

There are about 5M orphans around the world, coming from families that don’t exist anymore, that were abused and neglected, that have nowhere to go. Are we just gonna leave them to die alone? Fuck no.

“A 11 year-old is hard to handle” stfu so were you, did that mean that you had to be abandoned too because you were “hard to handle”? Also what are we talking about, plants!? You don’t “handle” people.

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Hi I'm not sure if my ask got through or not but I'm looking for a story where draco and hermione live together in an apartment with a daughter and D gives out to H for not wearing socks. They end up having another daughter together. It's set over multiple Christmases. Thanks!!


Precious Things by herbeautifullie - T, one-shot - It’s a pure feeling – so human that some days, he doesn’t understand it – and he struggles more and more to not suddenly reach over and touch her all on his own.

- Lisa


Lady Mary Astrid Jeanne Zita Ingeborg Josephine Christine Diana

Lady Mary Astrid’s seventh name was chosen to honor the grandmother she never met. Another ancestor was Diane de Cossé-Brissac who would later become The Princess of Ligne by marriage. Both Diana and Diane were nobility who later married Princes 

January 15, 2020 - Kids Will Eat Eventually

         Dear Care and Feeding,        

         I am a mom of two kids (9 months and 30 months). I am juggling so much between the two and trying hard every day to stay sane and understanding. One of the main issues that’s making life hard is that I still have to feed my toddler.     

         He would maybe take two bites on his own during his mealtime. Then he becomes frustrated and annoyed throughout the day due to hunger, so I end up feeding him myself. No matter what food I’m offering, he would still take a few bites or not touch it at all. Even when I feed him myself I have to distract him, play with him, or play Peppa Pig on my iPad for him to eat.        

         He’s a happy toddler with no motor issues and very active, but I need him to feed himself. What can I do to help him transition and hopefully fully feed himself and keep my sanity?        

         —Seeking Food for Thought       

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College lifestlye

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