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when I was playing architect. I always loved structure and systems... Creating a space. I love doing that with websites and apps. I love these drawing tables, one day maybe I can get one... even if I’m no architect... . . .

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Trans Childhood Confessions #06

When I was about 8, I had my first really short hair cut - my hairs pretty crazy in itself, it is very curly and thick. So it kind of didnt look like a style, it was everywhere and short, so I did get misgendered from my birth gender. I use to be assumed as a boy, and that did annoy me. My mum brought this up when I started to transition into a more masculine passing, and it was something I had to explain to her - she was confused as to why I was annoyed because now I seem to want to look masculine. It wasnt that I looked that way, it was that they were assigning me male, and obviously other people assigned me as female. Im not though, im non-binary, but didnt know it. I wish I had the kind of androgonous look that I had as a child


Can’t wait to finally play KH3! It’s been a long time coming. Bring out the kid in us, Sora, bring out the kid again 😊 #kingdomhearts3 #videogamer #gamerforlife #childhoodmemory #squareenix

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Égoïste, parfum de Chanel, 1990.

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A childhood memory

that would be great for a cartoon


As a kid, I maybe was a little bossy at times. I said what I means when something was unjust and nobody really did that, so… Let’s just say that I wasn’t the most popular kid. In my class it was clear to see who was the queen-bees; they were blonde, loud and maybe a little spoiled. It sometimes took a lot of hard work to get to the top of the class hierarchy, so most of the time I just played with the less popular. 

I wasn’t friendless as a kid, maybe I just didn’t care that much all the time. I had great friends. 

First there was Josephine, we’ve known each other since kindergarden. Then came Marie; we played theatre together, made weird animals out of socks and made up our own little universe. One time we actually spend what felt like half a year making teeny-tiny little things for my dollhouse - we didn’t even play with it. Then there was Anna-Victoria, which was actually quite an accident; All the kids were playing outside, running around. Then her and I just -BANG- smashed together, but instead of playing we just started to hug! 

The four of us became best friends. We called our selves The Four-leafed Clover: we were inseparable, growing together through teenage years, heartaches, stupid parents, puberty-confusion and all that. we were four completely different types; Josephine was the sweetest little goofball, always ready for sleighing, dress up or eating all the hidden candy. Marie maybe wanted to grow up faster than she wanted, sometimes putting on lipstick and walking around in 6 inch heels all secretly in her room… Anna-Victoria was just pure innocence as a kid, she was crazy silly but always a little cautious about the things she was scared of - for example people tickling her bellybutton - you did NOT do those kinds of thing to her.

Then high school ended and we all got spread out to different classes at the gymnasium. But even though we don’t see each other as much as we used to, it’s just like riding a bike with those three. always fun and games.

Easy and loving.


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“Look there she goes that girl is so peculiar
I wonder if she’s feeling well
With a dreamy, far-off look
And her nose stuck in a book
What a puzzle to the rest of us is Belle.”

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