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fans! Don’t miss GOING TO THE CHAPEL writer and colorist at Tables U-8 and S-6! Demand for our con-exclusive cover are through the roof, so get them while supplies last!

If tacos aren’t your thing, we have quesadillas that are sure to pack a punch 😉

: The 40th Anuual isn't until Sunday, but set-up has begun... On race day, also watch for NO Parking Zones!

Now servicing Michigan City, IN UnionPier, New Buffalo, and nearby Michigan cities! fire strippers call or text us 773-234-7302

. Managing Partner speaks to potential winter interns & Summer Leadership participants on why Deloitte is the best place to jumpstart a career

Nothing says comfort food like hot breaded cheese. Our goat cheese croquettes don’t disappoint—herbed cheese is wrapped in delicate panko (bread crumbs) and fried crispy. 😍😍😍 - -

For the record, do not listen to any albums after “Chicago V”. That is all.

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My parents and I upgraded our phones, so I was playing with Memoji/Animoji.

Here’s a lil clip of “Funny Honey” from Chicago.


wwe- A little distraction from #TheBeast goes a long way. #RAW @paulheyman @dmcintyrewwe


My collaboration with goes up for its third vote as part of #mugmadness19 today. Head over to @saltstoneceramics page to see the mugs and vote in their stories. 🏀🏺
#marchmadness #saltstoneceramics #mugmadness19 #ceramics #clay #pottery #potteryfriends #collaboration #cone6 #cone666 #penguinfootpottery #madestlillstreet #chicago #chicagoart #handmade (at Saltstone Ceramics)

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Millionaire cannabis entrepreneur talks the methodology farming & marketing products 🍅 🤔 #cannabis #marijuana #industry #farmer #grower #investor #marketing #chicago #illinois (at Novel Coworking)

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March 20th, 2019

Lord help me. After getting off this blog, some really horrible trauma happened and I was relaxing at a residential treament center for 45 or more days. But now I’m back. I’ve decided each day to post some of my art and a quote of the day and how it may relate to anything going on right now.

Again, I’m not expecting interest, I’m just havin a time, join along if you’d like!


“I can do this, I thought. Then: even if I can’t, I HAVE to.”

Today I did PHP, I vacuumed, I did laundry, I did dishes and I saw my friends. I really didn’t want to. My depression is hitting so hard. I miss my friends but I know I’ve got so many good things coming.

Art done by gel pen!


Credit @abcworldnewstonight - SCARED OFF: Porch surveillance footage shows a group of children narrowly escaping a dog attack on their walk to school in Chicago, with a teenager running out and striking the stray with a broom to protect a cousin who was cornered. #chicago #illinois #porch #surveillance #dog #stray #kids #school #walk #cousin #broom #caughtoncamera #worldnewstonight

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Copy of Badluck Records @ Slippery Slope [Reptilian Night Takeover]
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Thursday March 21st we will taking over Reptilain Night at Slippery Slope. We’ll be bringing you our favorite new music along with some exclusive tracks by our Badluck artist and DJ’s. Come through and catch all the vibes.