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Striped Cashmere Scarf

Create an look in your home with the introduction of these and Solitaire Tiles. They will transform any wall from a bland and uninteresting canvas into an impressive and defined piece of art... RT if your loving this unique interior!

SOLO EN @ENSUEÑOS, JUNTO A ¡No dejes escapar los modelos más a los precios más ! #50% de descuento, oferta de lanzamiento⏰ EL COLCHON DE ESTE 🏖️ Dos nuevos modelos, doble sensación para aquellos que buscan su confort

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NO 43⠀ ⠀ Wear your crop pants all year round, layer them with ankle boots, and for a little more fun, layer with coloured or pattern tights/socks , not just for warmth but added style....⠀ ⠀

Awesome night on Friday at with our friends .....what a treat and so ...

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Prompt list #1

Request a number and a character or multipul characters! 

  1. “You used to tell me everything. What changed?”
  2. “If only making friends could be this easy all the time.”
  3. “Keeping this a secret won’t help you in the long run.”
  4. “Well, to some people, you may come off as intimidating.”
  5. “Can’t you be more considerate? Your blood is all over my floor now!”
  6. “So, was it worth it?”
  7. “Well look who got a black eye, I wonder how that happened, wanna tell everyone that story?”
  8. “Can we pretend nothing happened here?”
  9. “I can’t hear you over that outfit.”
  10. “I love you, okay? I’m here for you.”
  11. “You do realize that I’ll throw something at you if you eat the last cookie, right?”
  12. “It’s okay. Everything’s going to be okay. Just breathe.”
  13. “I hate you. I really do.”
  14. “Hold on … I never told you that.”
  15. “You act tough but I know that it’s just a front. You’re a softie.”
  16. “Swear to me you’ll never leave.”
  17. “You’re not allowed to die. You can’t do that to me.”
  18. “I needed you.”
  19. “That feeling is called jealousy.”
  20. “S/He’s my best friend.” “We both know you want more than that.”