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😗😫 😂 Wooyoung Hongjoong - kang On Box

I'm OFFICIALLY open for art commission! I can draw you or any request for a cheap price. Check my samples, details, styles and other info on this link:

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Alrighty soooo.... I managed to finish my chibi drawings ☺️☺️hope you find them adorable❤️❤️I’m gonna try to make them into keychains for Toronto Comicon... hopefully it arrives on time 🤞 🤞

Finished the sketch! I’ll try to do chibis for all the grand vey. Set up some stickers and other stuff on my redbubble! Check the link in my profile.

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Days of Urashimasakatasen

Urashimasakatasen no Nichijou


Originally posted by brightersoul2

Rating: 2/3

Categories: chibi, comedy, idol, original work, school, slice of life, transfer student

Urata has just transferred schools and plans on making a brilliant debut in order to become the most popular boy in class. Unfortunately he’s upstaged by three other transfer students who he ends up establishing a transfer student club with.

S1, 12 eps