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Want a fast and easy (aka lazy) way to use up leftover from a cheese board or other snack? FRIED CHEESE CRISPS. Melt at high-ish heat in a fry pan til crisp. Nom-nom. This manchego is EVERYTHING. 🧀 AD

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finally launched my account on insta! if you like , pictures of pretty boards or just want to support this passion of mine, give ya girl a follow @boardsbylad 🧀

Happy night lovely Hungrys! Busy day so having a lazy evening & pizza, with on the side (mine is the sundried tomato one). Have a fabulous evening & stay hungry! ;) x

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Serious discussion

Salad with cheese or no cheese?

January 17th 2020

Natalie’s Pizza 1 slice cheese

Reheated in pizza oven

We stopped in here after the show.  It was 9pm.  They are open until 2AM.  They only had two slices of cheese and two slices of buffalo chicken. That was it. The place was empty. Both of those things should have been a sign. The pizza was very doughy, and kinda wet. The cheese was nondescript and the sauce was there, but I honestly have no memory of what it was like. But the bones crust was surprisingly good. The last bite I had had some char on the crust which was actually pretty good. I’m glad it was the last bite because it left me with a slightly satisfied final memory of an otherwise bad piece of pizza.